What Is Rapid Rehousing?

rapid rehousing

What Is Rapid Rehousing?

In this resource guide, you will learn about a long-term housing program called Rapid Rehousing.

If you are facing homeless this housing program could help you with a number of supportive services like rental assistance, help with moving costs, and more.

Continue reading to learn more about how the Rapid Rehousing program connects low-income families to long-term housing services.

What Is The Rapid Rehousing Program?

The rapid rehousing program is a housing program that helps homeless individuals get connected to long-term housing programs so they can live a self-sufficient life. This program is a relatively new program, and it has been shown to be successful in helping homeless individuals find permanent housing.

What Is The Goal Of This Long-Term Housing Program?

The main goal of rapid rehousing is to quickly re-house people who are homeless.

The program offers short-term financial assistance and case management for a period of three months. Once a person is re-housed, they need to find employment or find permanent housing within a week. They may need to find a job or get a second job. If they aren’t able to find housing, they’ll have trouble paying their rent.

Who Qualifies For RRH?

The program is designed for people who are facing homelessness. Individuals who are staying at homeless shelters are typically connected to the Rapid Rehousing program.

In most cases (emphasis on most cases), you cannot contact a homeless shelter near you and ask to be connected to the RRH. Residents who are currently at a homeless shelter, working with case managers, and participating in shelter programs are ideal candidates to receive help from the Rapid Rehousing program.

How Does This Housing Program Work?

A case manager is assigned to each Rapid Rehousing client. Case managers help clients to understand apartment lease agreements and the rules of the apartment they will be living in.

They will also serve as a mediator/liaison if needed between the tenant and landlord. Case managers also provide resources to assist with additional requirements such as connecting people to jobs, mental health services, legal assistance, and more.

How Does RRH Help Homeless Families?

Rapid rehousing provides homeless families with immediate and short-term housing assistance, which can include:

  • Up to 12 months of rental assistance to help you get on your feet.
  • Help to pay the cost of moving expenses.
  • Assistance with the move-in deposit fee.
  • Rent and utility assistance for up to 6 months.
  • Case management to ensure you are able to remain self-sufficient.

Each RRH program has different components so the specific assistance that you receive will differ depending on the homeless shelter that you are working with.

How To Apply For Rapid Rehousing

To apply for rapid rehousing, you can reach out to your local homeless shelter or social services agency. They will be able to help connect you with the Rapid Rehousing program in your area.

You can find a national listing of shelters at Homeless Shelters Directory. If you are in Houston, we created our own listing of homeless shelters along with the supportive services that each offers.

Rapid Rehousing In Houston

The Coalition for the Homeless is a good starting point to learn more about housing programs like this one in Houston. They also offer many supportive services for anyone facing homelessness in Houston, TX.

If you are interested in speaking to an organization about Rapid Rehousing, the following list provides homeless services like those mentioned in this article:


Rapid Rehousing is a program that helps homeless people with long-term solutions so they can live an independent life. It’s important to note that Rapid Rehousing is designed as an exit strategy from homelessness and is not meant to be a long-term solution. The program will help with rent assistance for a limited amount of time. The goal is to have the client become more self-sufficient that way they can take care of themself and family members.

If you or someone you know is facing homelessness, reach out to your local homeless shelter to learn more about this housing program and how it can help you find permanent housing.

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8 thoughts on “What Is Rapid Rehousing?

  1. Patricia portee Reply

    I’ve been waiting on my rapid rehousing 5months. Nobody has contacted me. And I leave messages and nobody returns my call. I’m in a bad situation. And I need out. Phone # is 281 717 0678.. my name is Patricia Portee.

    • Nick Bryant Post authorReply

      Hi Patricia, what shelter or non profit did you apply for Rapid Rehousing through? There is no specific Rapid Rehousing website or program that you apply for these benefits through. The funds for this program are given to shelters and housing authorities. Thats why I ask what agency you apply for benefits through.

      If you cant reach them by phone, visit their website and email someone. The program sometimes has long waitlists which they can’t control, but they can at least give you an update on your status. Sorry you are having trouble reaching them.

  2. Patricia portee Reply

    I’m in a battered women shelter. Have been since 12/21… They told me I was approved for rapid rehousing but I haven’t heard from them. Not have they returned any of my calls.please can someone tell me something.

    • Nick Bryant Post authorReply

      If you are in a shelter, talk to a case manager to learn when you might receive housing assistance. Also ask if there are any additional documents you need to provide or if there is anything you can do to speed up the process. It is the case manager’s job to get you set up, but also understand they are probably swamped with clients and daily tasks. Offering to do anything in your control may help you to get your rapid rehousing benefits sooner.

  3. Syluss Reply

    How long do I have to wait if I’m on the street for rapid Re-Housing I live behind a store on F.M 1960

  4. Duel Delilah Walker Reply

    rapid rehousing is a joke!!!!! I was a client of rapid rehousing. The whole purpose of rapid rehousing is to provide transitional housing and work with the client to obtain permanent housing. I was never given any referrals to obtain permanent housing or any help whatsoever. They suddenly told me they ran out of money and I would have to move out with no resources or help to obtain permanent housing. I am back on the street getting raped, strangled, smothered, financially abused, etic,

    This program needs some oversight and explanation as to where this money is going. I think a lot of people involved with Rapid Rehousing are lining their pockets with Federal funds to the blatant disregard for human life and taking advantage of the recent pandemic.

    I am 63-years old and disabled and I do not smoke, drink, or do drugs. I was caught up in Rapid Rehousing supposedly “do good” program and was thoroughly disappointed in this program.
    They are putting a band-jaid on a gapping wound.

    Where is the money going???????

    • Nick Bryant Post authorReply

      Hi Delilah,

      I am so sorry to hear about your negative experience with the rapid rehousing program. It is incredibly frustrating and disheartening when programs that are supposed to help people in need fall short. It sounds like you were not provided with the support and resources that you were promised and it has resulted in a difficult and dangerous situation for you.

      It is important to note that not all rapid rehousing programs are run the same and some may have more resources than others. However, it is clear that the program you were a part of did not meet your needs and did not provide the assistance it promised.

      I understand that you are feeling upset, frustrated and disappointed with the program and the situation. I hope that you can find a safe and stable place to live, and that you can connect with other resources that may be able to help you.

      It’s important to hold program accountable, and it may be helpful for you to reach out to your state’s attorney general’s office because they investigate business and nonprofits in your state.

      Please know that you are not alone in this and there are people who care and want to help. If you need more housing resources checkout a website called Affordable Housing Online. They post open waitlists for housing on a daily basis so they may be able to help you.

      If you are willing to move into another smaller city or town this article about getting housing faster may also help.


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