42 San Antonio Clinics That Provide Medical Treatment To The Uninsured

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In this article I will provide you with a list of low cost San Antonio clinics that treat the uninsured.

Contrary to what many believe you can receive medical care even if you are uninsured or have limited income. 

Before providing you with that listing lets discuss a term called FQHC to give you a better idea about how these San Antonio clinics work. 

What Are San Antonio FQHCs and How Do They Work? 

First off FQHC stands for Federally Qualified Health Centers. The purpose of an FQHC is to provide health care services to underserved areas in the community.  To receive treatment at a FQHC you do not need to be working or have health insurance. Because of this, FQHCs are ideal for anyone who is uninsured in San Antonio and needs medical care

Are FQHC Clinics Free? 

Many people refer to FQHCs as the “free clinics in San Antonio” however that is not entirely accurate. 

While you do not need a job or insurance, these clinics are not necessarily free. These low cost San Antonio clinics operate on what is called a “sliding scale”. This simply means they will bill you according to your ability to pay. The lower your income is, the lower the scale will slide in regards to what your medical bill.

The bottom line is if you are uninsured in San Antonio, underinsured, or recently lost your job these are all good options for treatment. 

What Services Are Provided At San Antonio FQHCs?

You can find the following resources at the San Antonio clinics listed in this article: 

Note: FQHC clinics are fully capable of providing preventive and routine care, however, most are not equipped to perform any complicated medical procedures. A better option for something like a surgery would be applying for San Antonio’s Carelink insurance plan

San Antonio Clinics That Treat The Uninured 

In this section you will find a listing of 42 different clinics that treat the uninsured, however, the San Antonio VA clinics listed only treat veterans. 

CentroMed Clinics in San Antonio

Centro Med is a low cost San Antonio clinic that offers medical care to both adults and children. 

This clinic offers 14 different offices located in San Antonio, Converse, and New Braunfels. Those clinics are:

  • CentroMed Southside Medical (CentroMed Commercial) – 3750 Commercial Ave, San Antonio, TX 78221 – 210.922.7000 – Medical and dental services here
  • CentroMed Maria Castro Flores Clinic – 7315 South Loop 1604 West Somerset, TX 78069 – 210.922.7000- Medical and dental services here
  • CentroMed Palo Alto Clinic – 9011 Poteet Jourdanton Freeway, San Antonio, TX 78224 – 210.922.7000 – Medicaland dental services here
  • CentroMed South Park Medical – 6315 South Zaramora San Antonio, TX 78211 – 210.922.7000
  • CentroMed Santa Rosa Pavillion Clinic – 315 North San Saba Suite 103, San Antonio, TX 78207 – 210.922.7000
  • CentroMed Sarah E. Davidson Clinic – 1 Haven for Hope Way Building 1, Suite 300, San Antonio, TX 78207 – 210.922.7000
  • CentroMed Noemi Galvan Eling Clinic – 5542 Walzem Road, San Antonio, TX 78218 – 210.922.7000 
  • CentroMed Family First Clinic – 9135 Schaefer Road, Suite 4, Converse, TX 78109 – 210.922.7000
  • Centro Pediatric Clinic – 1034 West County Line Road, New Braunfels, TX 78130 – 830.608.5700
  • CentroMed Family Medicine – 226 North Union Avenue, New Braunfels, TX 78130 – 830.608.5700
  • CentroMed SA Pediatrics M&S Tower Medical Building – 730 North Main Suite 224, San Antonio, TX 78205 – 210.223.3543
  • CentroMed SA Pediatrics Medical Center SW Building – 7333 Barlite Blvd, Suite 380, San Antonio, TX 78224 – 210.223.3543
  • CentroMed SA Pediatrics Sorrento Plaza – 9793 Culebra Suite 105 & 106, San Antonio, TX 78250 -210.223.3543
  • CentroMed SA Pediatrics Huebner Professional Plaza – Condo Unit 1 (Huebner Hills) 20627 Huebner Road, Suite 101, San Antonio, TX 78258 – 210.223.3543

The following services are provided at these clinics: 

  • Primary Care
  • Pediatrics
  • Walk-In Appointments
  • Pharmacy
  • Dental – Cleanings, sealants, fillings, preventative care, etc
  • Behavioral Health – Counseling, substance abuse 
  • WIC
  • Healthcare for the homeless

To schedule an appointment for medical, denta,l or WIC you can call 210.922.7000 or visit the CentroMed website for more information. 

CommuniCare Clinics in San Antonio

CommuniCare is a San Antonio FQHC that offers medical care to adults and children. 

Below you will find the 12 CommuniCare clinics located in San Antonio: 

  • BLVD Dental – 5138 UTSA Blvd, Suite 116, San Antonio, TX 78249 – 210.233.7000
  • East Campus – 3066 East Commerce, San Antonio, TX 78220 – 210.233.7000
  • Hill Country Village Campus – 14811 San Pedro Avenue, San Antonio, TX 78232
  • Las Palmas Campus – 803 Castroville Rd, Suite 416, San Antonio, TX 78237 – 210.233.7150
  • Leon Springs Campus – 21195 IH 10 #2101, San Antonio, TX 78257 – 210.233.7000
  • Luckey Ranch Campus – 11930 US HWY 90, #110, San Antonio, TX 78252 – 210.233.7000
  • Medical Center Campus – 7220 Louis Pasteur Drive #140, San Antonio, TX 78220
  • Metropolitan Women’s Campus – 1200 Brooklyn Ave, Suite 300, San Antonio, TX 78212 – 210.233.7000
  • Northwest Campus – 8210 Callaghan, San Antonio, TX 78230 – 210.233.7000
  • Potranco Campus – 10002 Westover Bluff, San Antonio, TX 78251
  • Shavano Park Campus – 3619 Paesanos Pkwy, Suite 212, San Antonio, TX 78231 – 210.233.7126
  • West Campus – 1102 Barclay Street, San Antonio, TX 78207 – 210.233.7000

CommuniCare offers the following services to the low income and uninsured in San Antonio: 

  • Family medicine for adults and children
  • Dental
  • Behavioral health
  • Cardiology
  • Women’s health
  • Senior care
  • WIC program
  • Vision care
  • Rheumatology
  • Metabolic care
  • Hepatitis care

To schedule an appointment call them at 210.233.7000 or visit the CommuniCare website

South Texas Rural Health Clinics

South Texas Rural Health Services is a network of clinics located in the rural areas surrounding San Antonio.

There are 9 clinics in the south Texas Rural Health network. You can find those rural San Antonio clinics below: 

  • Hondo Medical Clinic – 2912 Avenue E, Hondo, TX 78861 – 830.426.5288 – Provides medical and mental health services in Hondo TX
  • Pearsall Medical and Dental Clinic – 150 Medical Dr, Pearsall, TX 78061 – 830.334.2087
  • Carrizo Springs Medical and Dental Clinic – 902 S. 5th St, Carrizo Springs, TX 78834 – 830.876.5263 – Also provides mental health services and substance abuse counseling in Carrizo Springs TX
  • Big Wells Medical Clinic – 1502 Grand Ave, Big Wells, TX 78830 – 830.457.9322
  • Dilley Medical Clinic – 606 W. Leona, Dilley, TX 78017 – 830.965.1797 – Also provides mental health services and substance abuse counseling in Dilley TX
  • Devine Medical and Dental Clinic – 1010 W. Hondo Ave, Devine, TX 78016 – 830.663.5450 – Also provides mental health services and substance abuse counseling in Devine TX
  • Encinal Medical Clinic – 100 S. Main, Encinal, TX 78019 – 956.948.7230 
  • Eagle Pass Behavioral Health – 2250 N. Veterans Blvd, Eagle Pass, TX 78852 – Also provides mental health and substance abuse counseling
  • Uvalde Behavioral Health – 1815 Garner Field Rd, Uvalde, TX 78801 – 830.591.1822 – Also provides mental health and substance abuse counseling in Uvalde TX

If you live outside of San Antonio you can receive the following services at these rural Texas clinics. Services are offered based on “sliding scale” fees meaning they will bill you based on the income you receive. 

  • Primary care 
  • Pediatrics
  • Dental services – cleanings, fillings, root canals, crowns, bridges, dentures
  • Substance abuse
  • Mental health services
  • Patient Assistance Programs
  • Breast & Cervical Cancer screenings

To schedule an appointment you can call 830.879.3047 or visit the South Texas Rural Health Services website

San Antonio Veterans Clinics

If you are a veteran in San Antonio you can be seen at one of the following VA Clinics in Bexar County

  • Audie L. Murphy VA Hospital – 7400 Merton Minter Blvd, San Antonio, TX 78229 – 210.617.5300
  • Balcones Heights VA Outpatient Clinic – 4522 Fredericksburg Rd, Suites A-10 and A-88, San Antonio, TX 78201 – 210.732.1802
  • Frank Tejeda Clinic San Antonio – 5788 Eckhert Rd, San Antonio, TX 78240 – 210.699.2100
  • Pecan Valley Community Based Outpatient Clinic – 4243 E. Southcross Suite 204, San Antonio, TX 78222 – 210.337.4316
  • Shavano Park Outpatient Clinic – 4350 Lockhill-Selma Rd, Suite 200, San Antonio, TX 78249 – 210.949.3773
  • South Bexar/San Antonio Clinic – 4610 E. Southcross Blvd, Suite 100, San Antonio, TX 78222 – 210.648.1491
  • SW Military Community Based Outpatient Clinic – 1714 SW Military Dr, Suite 101, San Antonio, TX 78221 – 210.923.0777

For more information about the South Texas Veterans Health Care System (STVHCS) you can call them at 210.949.3994 or visit the STVHCS website.


If you recently lost your job or you are someone who is uninsured in Bexar County definitely consider some of the clinics that we have listed above. These clinics operate based on a “sliding scale” therefore they can assist you with preventive and routine medical care. 

Should you need more options for low cost medical clinics in San Antonio see our article titled How To Apply For Carelink Insurance. Carelink is an insurance plan under the University Health System that has a huge network of medical providers in the Bexar County area. 


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