Target Hunger Houston: Free Food Programs For Low Income Families

Target Hunger

Target Hunger Houston: Free Food Programs For Low-Income Families

In this resource, I will share with you a nonprofit that helps low-income families and senior citizens in North Houston to find food resources. 

What is Target Hunger?

Target Hunger is a Houston nonprofit that offers a number of supportive services related to food assistance. 

What Type of Services are offered here?

Target Hunger’s primary goal is to help alleviate hunger, identify and address food shortage at root causes using a number of different programs, providing additional, healthy food to individuals who experience immense difficulty feeding themselves or their families.

Staying on the frontlines of combating hunger on a daily basis, Target Hunger uses its food distribution program with six food pantries, an extensive delivery program for seniors, mobile distributions, learning programs for food, emergency food services, and a Community Garden.

Food Pantries

Target Hunger runs numerous Food Pantries supporting families and individuals in a few zip code zones that require food aid. Users of the Food Pantry obtain a per-month delivery of affordable groceries, which contains fresh fruits, vegetables, protein foods, and shelf-friendly, storable products.

Educational Fairs

From March to November annually, Target Hunger sponsors as many as 50 Food Fairs at different spots in Houston. Along with receiving seasonally appropriate food, recipients benefit substantially from education services that aware them of valuable services through collaboration with charitable groups.

Mobile Pantry, Emergency and Disaster service

Mobile Pantry is a service for those who have logistical or mobility issues. Target Hunger provides special humanitarian services during natural calamities, disasters, etc.

Home Meal Deliveries for Seniors In Houston

Target Hunger covers almost 20 different routes to aid senior citizens around northeast Houston.

Who qualifies for services?

Target Hunger provides services to people in the northeastern area of Houston every month. All these events are drive-thru only and don’t service walk-ups. Here are the zip codes allowed:

  • 77011
  • 77016
  • 77020
  • 77026
  • 77028
  • 77029
  • 77078

Another requirement is that all Target Hunger clients have to fulfill the TEFAP (The Emergency Food Assistance Program) rules.

The food is provided on a first-come, first-served basis and is given as one distribution for every household in a single event that happens multiple times every month.

How To Apply For Help From Target Hunger

If you’re interested in seeking assistance from Target Hunger and fulfill their criteria, you can check their website or call their contact number 832-767-1677 for the dates, addresses, and locations of all their events for each month. 

They do not require any documentation, pre-registrations, or form filling of any kind in order to distribute food from their pantries to their clients. Apart from that, it’s important to know that only one distribution is allowed per family and you can attend multiple events each month depending on your requirements.


If you live in the service area mentioned above and need food assistance consider contacting Target Hunger for help. 

You can reach them by visiting the Target Hunger website, visiting their location at 1260 Shotwell St, Houston, TX 77020, or calling them at 832.767.1677

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