What Is The Difference Between The Texas 211 and Houston 311 Information Numbers?

Texas 211 vs Houston 311

Texas 211 vs. Houston 311…Who Do You Call For Help?

“What is the difference between Texas 211 and Houston 311?”

This is a question that many people who have questions about government services have. While both are information lines that can provide you with community resources in Texas, they provide different sources of information.

In this article, we will discuss what Texas 211 and Houston 311 are and how they can be used by residents of the state of Texas.

What Is 211 Texas?

211 Texas is an organization that helps to provide community resources to people who live in the state of Texas. This information phone number is managed by the United Way and is available to people 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Calling this number will connect you to an operator who can help you to apply for benefit programs with Texas Health and Human Services like WIC, SNAP, Medicaid, CHIP, and more.

What Is Houston 311?

This is a Houston information number that connects you to City of Houston workers. These workers can answer questions about services that the City of Houston offers. This includes information related to reporting water leaks, trash pick up, noise complaints, and more.

Texas 211 vs Houston 311. What Is The Difference?

The difference between these two numbers is that 211 is a number that helps you to apply for state benefits, while 311 is a number that you can call to learn about City of Houston services or make complaints.

In addition, 211 is managed by the United Way, while 311 is managed by the City of Houston.

The Types Of Problems That 211 and 311 Can Help You With

The table below will help you to understand who to call out of 211 and 311 if you have a problem.

Things To Call 211 Texas  About Things To Call 311 Houston About
Assist you with applying for WIC in Texas Report a water meter leak in Houston 
Help you apply for either Texas Medicaid or CHIP health insurance Make a complaint about the noise your neighbors are making
Call to apply for the Healthy Texas Women’s Program If you have issues with your City of Houston trash, contact 311 Houston
211 can help you apply for either food stamps in Texas or TANF (also known as Welfare)  Questions regarding heavy trash pick up in your Houston neighborhood should be addressed to 311
Medicaid Transportation questions and scheduling questions can be answered at 211 Texas If your City of Houston water bill is unusually high, 311 may be able to answer why?
You can receive referrals to local resources like local rent/utility assistance, housing, homeless shelters, mental health, substance abuse, dental and other services in your area by dialing 211.  Dead animals in Houston streets can be reported to 311

Essentially if you have questions about state benefit programs, you will need to contact 211. If your question is about a City of Houston service, then 311 Houston is the best number to call

What Are The Websites For 211 Texas And 311 Houston?

Both 211 and 311 have websites that may be used to look up information. Because wait times on the phone may be lengthy, it might be simpler to find the answers you want online.

If you would like to look for state benefit resources online you can visit 211Texas.org. You can look for community resources like food, healthcare, housing, and more via your zip code.

211 Texas Website

To learn more about 311, you can visit the website Houstontx.gov/311. On this website, you can learn about city services, make a complaint, and see the status of any issues that you reported in the past.

Houston 311


What Are The Alternative Numbers For 211 Texas And 311 Houston?

You can reach 211 Texas by dialing 877.541.7905. This is the alternative to calling 211.

If you are outside of the City of Houston, you can call 713.837.0311 to reach a 311 Houston operator. The phone number 713.837.0311 is the nonemergent number for City of Houston services.


To an average person, the numbers 211 and 311 appear to be the same. While it’s understandable how someone could get them mixed up, it’s critical to understand that they aren’t the same.

The difference between these two numbers is that:

  • 211 is a number that helps you to apply for state benefits.
  • 311 is a number that you can call to learn about City of Houston services or make complaints in Houston.

If you have more questions about the services offered at either of these numbers you can comment below or simply call each number or visit their websites.

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