When Will Extra Food Stamps Stop In Texas? (March 2023)

Texas Extra food stamps end March 2023

When Will Extra Food Stamps Stop In Texas? (March 2023)

In this article, you will learn when the extra food stamps program will end in Texas.

If you have recently checked the Your Texas Benefits website, you may have noticed an announcement stating that the extra food stamps or emergency allotments would be coming to an end soon.

I’m Nick Bryant, a case manager of 12+ years who has followed the Texas extra food stamps issue closely over the past year.

If you are currently receiving extra food stamps you will want to continue reading to learn more about when extra SNAP benefits will end. This will allow you to make preparations when your SNAP benefits are eventually decreased. In addition, you will also find a few alternatives to potentially replace the benefits you are losing when extra food stamps end.

Texas Extra Food Stamps To End In March 2023

According to the Your Texas Benefits website, the extra food stamps program will come to an end on March 2023.

The Your Texas Benefits message specifically stated:

“Due to federal guidelines, temporary SNAP increases from the public health emergency will end in March and recipients will no longer receive additional benefits. For more information, click HERE.”

On the Texas Health and Human Services website, they had a similar message stating:

“Starting in March 2023, SNAP recipients will see a decrease in the amount of their household’s SNAP benefits. Recipients have been receiving additional SNAP benefits each month during the public health emergency. Due to federal guidelines, recipients will no longer receive additional benefits.”

This means that any SNAP households who received extra food stamps as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic will no longer be receiving the additional amounts. Your food stamps will not be canceled entirely, just the extra food stamps that you have been receiving over the course of the past 3 years.

Why Are Extra Food Stamps Being Stopped?

This is due to the federal public health emergency declaration not being extended. The declaration ended on January 7th. It was not extended on this date.

The US Health and Human Services Department has said for months that they would at least give a 60-day notice regarding the ending of the federal public health emergency. The federal public health emergency declaration is directly tied to extra food stamps. This means that states cannot issue extra food stamps without there being a federal public health emergency in place.

How Much Will My Food Stamps Decrease?

Not everyone receives the same amount of emergency allotment benefits but most households were receiving at least $95 in extra food stamps each month. Your extra food stamps could be more or less, but this is what many people were receiving in extra SNAP benefits in Texas.

How Can I Find Out What My Monthly SNAP Benefit Will Be?

To determine your monthly benefit amount minus the SNAP emergency allotment, simply log into YourTexasBenefits.com or open up the mobile app and navigate to Case Details.

Alternatively, you can automatically receive this information by calling 2-1-1 (Option 2); no speaking with an agent is required. Please note that the figure provided on either of these portals will not include any potential benefits from a SNAP emergency allotment.

How Can You Make Up The $95 You Are Losing?

One way to approach this issue is to think about how can you make up the $95 that you are losing in extra food stamp benefits. Losing the emergency allotment benefits can be a big blow to your household but if you try to think of ways that you can make up for that $95( or more) this can help you to overcome this issue.

You want to think about alternative food assistance programs and other ways that you can save money on the cost of food. In our guide titled 16 ways to save on food (once extra food stamps stop) we go through various options that you may have.

Some of those alternatives include:

  • WIC
  • The Ugly Food Movement
  • Checking Tik Tok for creative ways to save or grow your own food
  • And 13 other strategies

If you have any creative things that you are doing to save on food, let us know in the comments and we will share your information with our readers.


Texas will end its extra food stamps program in March 2023. If you are currently receiving extra benefits, your household will experience a decrease in the amount of total SNAP benefits that you receive. You will however receive emergency allotment benefits for January and February 2023.

Most people will see a decrease of around $95.

Some more, some less.

To make up for this difference, it is important to look into alternative food assistance programs as well as other creative ways to save on food costs. You can find 16 ways to save on food here.

Losing any amount of benefits is tough. I have worked for years in community resources, so if you need different options for getting more food assistance each month, simply leave a comment and I will be happy to help you.

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