How To Find Utility Assistance In Baytown

utility assistance baytown

How To Find Utility Assistance In Baytown

Utility Assistance is help (in the form of money) from government or non-profit agencies to cover the cost of your utility bills. 

When searching for help paying bills it’s best to look toward local agencies. In this case its organizations that provide utility assistance in Baytown. 

If you know will be short on the money needed for a light bill this month or already have a disconnection notice this guide can help you. Below you will find agencies that can assist you with light bill payments that are located in Baytown. 

In this article I will show you how to find utility assistance in Baytown. 

In addition to discussing the agencies that help those in Baytown with utility assistance we’ll address the following topics: 

  • Who this article can help
  • Which zip codes are potentially eligible
  • Agencies that also help with basic needs like food and rent assistance in Baytown
  • Tips on obtaining utility assistance 
  • Alternatives in the event you cannot find utility assistance

Let’s get started. 

Who This Article Can Help Find Utility Assistance 

Anyone living in Baytown, McNair, Highlands, Chambers County or the zip codes can potentially find agencies to help with bills. 

In addition you will find utility assistance in 77520, 77521, 77522, and 77523 zip codes as well. 

Tips On Obtaining Utility Assistance 

To increase the chances of obtaining utility assistance keep these things in mind: 

  1. Search for utility assistance in your zip code or city first. 
  2. Show evidence indicating why you lack the money to pay your own utility bill. Were you recently laid off? Did you have a huge hospital bill? You pay for a car repair? Whatever your reason is show proof of this “setback” if you have it. It’s not necessarily required however if you do have it, then show it. 
  3. Start calling 15 minutes before the agency opens. Many agencies provide utility assistance on a first come basis. This means that an agency may only accept a limited number of people each day. Call early to ensure that you are apart of that limited number. 
  4. Call multiple days in a row if you are denied. There are lots of people calling to request help with bills. Because of this you need to be persistent and not stop if you are denied once. 
  5. Ask questions. If you are denied assistance ask the organization if they know of other agencies who can help? Ask them what are the best times / days to call? Many times the workers won’t offer this information up unless you ask them. 

Utility Assistance In Baytown

In the following sections I will share agencies that can help you with utility assistance. The first set of agencies specifically help those in the Baytown area.

If you cannot find help with these local agencies then you want to see our section on alternatives for utility assistance.

Agencies Who Offer Utility Assistance In Baytown

When searching for utility assistance your first options should be any agencies that help your zip code or city you live in. 

Many times these agencies receive government funds which are used to only help citizens in their community. This limits the number of citizens who can receive those funds to only the people in that live in the area; hence raising the likelihood of you getting utility assistance. 

Below are a few agencies who provide utility assistance to those in Baytown, so definitely start with these first. 

Baytown Resources & Assistance Center

The Baytown Resource & Assistance Center provides residents of Baytown, Highlands, McNair and Chambers County with utility assistance.

In addition to offering utility assistance in Baytown, they also help with prescription assistance, school clothes, transportation assistance, and case management. 

For more information on utility assistance contact the Baytown Resource & Assistance Center at 281.424.5752, visit their website or go to their office at 5309 Decker Drive. 

City of Baytown

The City of Baytown is willing to work with you if you are unable to pay your utility bill. 

To qualify for this assistance you must contact them before your utilities are disconnected to apply for help. 

For more information about this utility assistance option contact the City of Baytown at 281.420.6515, visit their website or stop by their office at 2505 Market Street. 

Harris County Community Services – McNair Satellite Office

Another option for rent and utility assistance in Baytown is the Harris County Community Services.

They have a satellite office at the JD Walker Community Center. This center can potentially provide utility assistance to those in McNair, Baytown and surrounding areas. 

For more information call them at 713.696.7900, 281.426.3551, visit their website, or stop by the community center located at 7613 Wade Rd. 

Love Network of Baytown (Faith Presbyterian Church 

Love Network is a local non-profit therefore they may be able to direct you to utility assistance in Baytown. 

They provide services like meals on wheels, prescription assistance, diapers and more. 

For more information regarding any help they can offer call them at 281.422.2938, visit their website or stop by their office at 3900 North Main.

United Way of Greater Baytown

United Way specializes in community resources. If you are unable to find assistance with the agencies above call United Way to see if they have contacts for other Baytown organizations who can offer help paying bills. 

You can contact United Way of Baytown by calling them at 281.424.5922, visiting their website, or stopping by their office at 5309 Decker Drive. 


Harris County Utility Assistance Options

As I have stated multiple times in this article; your best chance at finding utility assistance is staring with the agencies who specifically help your zip code. Unfortunately there are times where you won’t find that assistance in your zip code. 

If you cannot find an agency that helps your area your next option is contacting an agency who assists all of Harris County. While it is more difficult to obtain utility assistance with these agencies (more people calling for help) it is an option for you. 

City Fellowship Church Christian Rescue Mission

This agency provides rent, utility and food assistance to those in Harris County. 

Contact them at 713.659.7750 or visit their office at 3220 Hadley for more information. 

City Wide Club

The City Wide Club offers utility assistance to those in Harris County.

Other services offered include rent, food, employment, and housing assistance. They also host one of the largest Thanksgiving Day meals in the city. 

For more information call them at 713.752.2582 or visit their website

Gulf Coast Community Services

Gulf Coast will help you with utility, rent, food, clothing, bus passes and other resources. 

To apply you will have to call them at 713.393.4700, visit their website or their office at 9320 Kirby Drive. 

Harris County Community Services Department

Harris County Community Services in another option that can potentially help you with utility assistance in Baytown. 

They also assist with rent assistance,veterans services and funeral costs. 

To see if you qualify, call them at 713.696.7900, visit their website or go to their office at 9418 Jensen Drive. 

Wesley Community Center

Wesley Community Center connects clients to utility assistance, job training and food stamps

For more information about their services call them at 713.223.8131, visit their website or their office at 1410 Lee Street. 

United Way 

The last option for utility assistance in Baytown is the United Way. They are a helpline that provides referrals to community resources like help paying light bills. Although we’ve already provided you with lots of resources United Way may have even more options. 

Call United Way’s helpline at 211 for more information on utility assistance or other Baytown resources. 

Cheapest Baytown Light Companies 

In the event that you cannot find utility assistance and need a new light company in Baytown you have two options.

Traditional Electric Plans In Baytown

The first option is selecting a traditional electricity plan. Traditional plans require you to place a deposit in order to receive utilities.

If you don’t have a problem paying a deposit Choose Energy can provide you with a number of competitive electric plans. To find a plan you simply type your zip code and Choose will sort through the cheapest light companies in Baytown.

No Deposit Electric Plans In Baytown

A no deposit electric plan (aka Prepaid Plan) is exactly as it sounds. In these plans you do not pay a deposit for utility services. Instead of a $250 deposit, you’ll preload money (low as $40) to your electricity account. 

Once you’ve used your $40 worth of electricity you’ll need to load more money on your account. 

No deposit electricity plans could be beneficial for anyone in these situations: 

  • Anyone who cannot afford a deposit 
  • If you have bad credit. The worse your credit the more expensive your deposit

To type your zip code into the search above and look for “prepaid” plans. These plans require no deposit from you. 

For more information on these plans see our guide titled No Deposit Electricity Plans In Houston


Make no mistake obtaining utility assistance is like a part-time job

You may have to call multiple days in a row, show up at their location and then hope you have all the required documents. 

It’s not far fetched to say that you can probably make the money needed for utilities  faster by working a 2nd job in fast food than the time it would take for you to get assistance from a non-profit. The demand on these organizations is that great. 

Despite that, if working is not an option for you right now then definitely try contacting the agencies on this list. 

Remember start with the local agencies first because they have funds reserved for Baytown residents. If those don’t pan out then move to the non-profit who help all of Harris County with utility assistance. 

For even more rent and utility options see our guide on Finding Rent + Utility Assistance in Houston


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