Ben Taub Medical Records: How To Request Your Hospital Records

Ben Taub medical records

How To Request Your Harris Health Medical Records (Ben Taub, LBJ, Ect)

In this guide, I will show you how to request your Ben Taub medical records. The instructions in this article will also help you to get your medical records from other Harris Health clinics and hospitals.

It’s important to know that you have a right to request your medical records from Harris Health. You can request them by submitting a form to the Harris Health System.

Editor’s Note: Although this article is titled How To Request Your Ben Taub healthcare records, you can use this same information to get healthcare records from almost any Harris Health clinic. Specialty clinics like radiology may however request that you call them for your records.

Who Has Your Ben Taub Medical Records?

The Harris Health System manages Ben Taub hospital and the healthcare records for anyone who is hospitalized here. Harris Health can also provide you with medical records if you stay at LBJ hospital or any of the other Gold Card clinics like Vallbona Health Center, or even a Harris Health walk-in clinic.

What Is In Your Medical Records?

Your medical records contain things like your medical history including test results, diagnoses, treatments provided, and more.

Your medical records can be used for many purposes. For example, you may need them for school, work, or insurance purposes.

How To Request Your Ben Taub Medical Records

There are several ways to request your Ben Taub medical records. This includes:

  • Call Ben Taub at 713.873.2180 to get your medical records.
  • Fax Harris Health to obtain your Gold Card medical records.
  • Email them for your hospital records.
  • Mail your medical record form to Harris Health at the address in this link.
  • Visit the hospital at 1504 Ben Taub Loop and visit their health records department.

No matter which option you choose you will need to complete a medical records form.

You can learn more about the exact phone number, fax number, and email to get your hospital records by visiting their Medical Records page.

What Is The Ben Taub Hospital Medical Records Phone Number?

The number to Ben Taub medical records is 713.873.2180. You can call this number to get your hospital records. You can also use this same number to request healthcare records from any of the other Harris Health clinics also.

What Is The Ben Taub Medical Records Fax Number?

You can find the fax number by visiting the Harris Health Medical Records page.

Harris Health Medical Records Request Form

You can obtain a medical records request form by visiting the Harris Health Medical Records page.

The authorization form will require that you provide information like your name, medical record number, hospital or clinics where you want to get your records, and other key pieces of information.

Below is an example of what the medical records authorization form looks like.

request Ben Taub Medical Records
This is the form that you will complete to request your hospital records from Harris Health System.


It’s important to know that you have a right to request your Ben Taub hospital records.

Harris Health offers a number of different ways to obtain your healthcare request like emailing, faxing, or calling their medical records number at 713.873.2180. You can also call this same number to get medical records if you were hospitalized at LBJ hospital, Quentin Mease hospital, or you went to another Harris Health clinic.

For more information about how to request medical records from Ben Taub hospital, you can visit their Medical Records page.

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