What is the LBJ Hospital Phone Number?

LBJ hospital phone number

What is the LBJ Hospital Phone Number?

In this article, I’ll give you the phone number of LBJ hospital located in Houston, TX. You can call this number to inquire about the status of a loved one who was in the hospital, or connect to your local Harris Health pharmacy, or contact someone in the department of billing.

What Is The Harris Health System?

Harris Health System is a large network of clinics and hospitals that serve those with low incomes, uninsured homeless, and unemployed people who reside in Harris County.

Harris Health is also the company that runs LBJ (and Ben Taub) hospital.

In addition, they offer a trauma hospital, and a trauma center, the Harris Health System also has health centers, clinics that are open on the same day special clinics, as well as local hospitals.

Editor’s Note: discover details about every Gold Card clinic in Houston and other cities by reading our guide entitled 37 Harris Health Clinics which offer Care To The Uninsured.

What Is The LBJ Phone Number?

The LBJ phone number is 713.566.5100. This number can be used to connect to the hospital’s switchboard. This will help you find the right department or individual.

The LBJ number can also be used for general inquiries regarding the hospital, including the hours of operation, directions, and parking.

If you’re required to talk with a nurse or doctor at LBJ ensure that you keep their names and room number available. This information is available on your hospital identification card, or within your medical chart.

What Is The LBJ Hospital Address?

If you’re interested in knowing the location of where LBJ hospital is in Houston, the address is 5656 Kelley Street, Houston, TX 77026. The hospital is located in north Houston close to the 610 Loop.

If you need to go to the hospital, the cost of parking at the LBJ Emergency Center will range anywhere between $5 and $15 based on the length of time you’re staying. The cost is $20 for lost tickets and that’s the highest amount that you will be charged to park at LBJ hospital.

How To Get Hospital Coverage At LBJ If You Are Uninsured?

If you require hospital coverage but you’re not insured You can make an application for Harris Health System Gold Card. This Houston insurance plan for indigent health can help you cover a portion of the hospital bill in the event that you are admitted to an LBJ hospital.

Our guide entitled How to Apply for Harris Health Gold Card will guide you step by a guide through the application process for this insurance.

If you’re interested in learning what medical care Harris Health offers, visit Harris Health’s Services Overview page to learn more about the services they offer.


You can reach an individual who is hospitalized by calling the LBJ hospital phone number at 713.566.5100.

If you own you have a Gold Card and need to change your mind or set up an appointment with the Harris Health clinic, you can contact 713.526.4243.

For more information on applying to be eligible for Gold Card, how to apply for the Gold Card, documents needed to be submitted, or clinics in your local area, visit Harris Health System’s website. Harris Health System website.

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