Birth Certificate Houston: How To Obtain Your Birth Certificate From Houston Vital Records

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Birth Certificate Houston: How To Obtain Your Birth Certificate From Houston Vital Records

In this article, I will show you how to obtain your birth certificate in Houston.

The birth certificate is an important legal document that is used for everything from proving birth/citizenship, obtaining a Texas ID, getting your a social security number, a passport, enrolling in school, landing a job, and many other purposes.

Without this document it becomes difficult to accomplish many tasks in life.

I’m Nick with, where we help citizens understand the process of obtaining important government documents like a Houston birth certificate.

Today, you will learn about the process of obtaining a birth certificate in Houston. Let’s start with the local agency you will need to contact to get your birth certificate.

Houston Health Department Vital Statistics (Houston Birth Certificate Office)

To obtain a birth certificate in Houston you will need to contact City of Houston Health Department’s Vital Statistics. The Houston birth certificate office is located near NRG stadium 8000 North Stadium Drive, Houston, TX 77054. The hours of operation are Monday through Thursday 8am to 3 pm and on Fridays from 8 am to 2 pm.

Editor’s Note: This birth certificate office only offers birth and death certificates that occurred in Houston city limits. If you were born in Harris County, you would need to contact the Harris County Clerk

In addition, to offering birth certificates in Houston, the health department can also provide you with Houston death certificates as long as the death occurred in Houston city limits.

The Houston birth certificate office has birth records dating back to 1882. The Houston death records go back to 1874.

How Much Does A Houston Birth Certificate Cost?

The cost is $23 for a birth certificate.

Here is the complete list of costs for Houston birth certificates and death certificates:

  • Birth certificates: $23
  • Birth fact: $23
  • Death certificate: $21
  • Extra copy of a death certificate: $4

Payments that are accepted include cash and credit card. They do not accept checks.

Download Houston Birth Certificate Application

You can download you birth certificate here.

When completing the application be sure to follow all the instructions listed, complete each part of the application, include your demographic information, and select the type of certificate that you need.

How To Order A Birth Certificate In Houston

To order a Houston birth certificate you will need to contact the Houston Health Department Vital Records office and order your birth certificate online or make an appointment.

ID Needed To Obtain Your Birth Certificate

In order to obtain your Houston birth certificate, you will need to prove your identity. You can do this in a number of ways.

  1. Provide just one Primary Acceptable ID
  2. Offer two different Secondary Acceptable IDs
  3. Give one Secondary ID and 2 Supporting Documents

Below you will find examples of Primary Acceptable IDs, Secondary Acceptable IDs, and Supporting Documents.

Primary Acceptable IDs

If you can produce just one of the primary acceptable IDs listed below this will allow you to obtain a birth certificate in Houston.

  • US Government-issued driver’s license and ID card
  • US Government employment badge/card or private company employment badge/card
  • United States Passport
  • Passports with advance parole designation stamp
  • Department of Homeland Security, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) issued:
    • Employment Authorization Document (EAD);
    • Permanent Resident Card (green card);
    • Travel Documents:
      • Re-entry Permit
      • Refugee Travel Permit; or
      • Advance Parole;
    • SENTRI Card; or
    • U.S. Citizen Identification Card
  • United States Department of State issued: Border Crossing Card (B1 for business or pleasure or B2 medical purposes); or Visa
  • Offender Identification card issued by the Dept. of Criminal Justice correctional facility or institution. Prison Identification
  • Concealed Handgun License

Secondary Acceptable ID’s

If you lack a primary acceptable ID, your next option providing the Houston birth certificate office with 2 of the secondary acceptable ID’s listed below.

  • Foreign country Government-issued driver’s license or ID card
  • Foreign country Current student identification or US Current student ID
  • Any primary identification that is expired.
  • Signed Social Security card, or Numident
  • DD Form 214 Certificate of Release
  • Medicaid or Medicare card
  • Veterans Affairs card
  • Medical insurance card
  • Honduras Identification card or El Salvadoran or Honduran Consular certification document
  • Certified birth certificate from the Department of State (FS-240, DS-1350 or FS-545).
  • Foreign birth certificate or current Foreign Passport
  • Private Company Employment Identification card
  • Form I-94 accompanied by the applicant’s Visa or Passport
  • Mexican voter registration card
  • Current foreign identification with identifiable photo of applicant.
  • Foreign Passport accompanied by a Visa issued by The United States Department of State
  • Foreign Passport in accordance with the United 

Supporting Documents

Your last option for acceptable ID cards involves the supporting documents below. You will have to provide at least one of the Secondary Acceptable ID above in addition to 2 of the Supporting Documents on this list.

  • A recent utility bill (Must be current, show the same address and name of the requestor)or cell phone bill or contact
  • Current pay stub (must show requestors name, company name and current address)
  • Bank account statement (must be a current statement showing requestors name and address)
  • Public assistance applications and letters (must be current and show requestors name and address)
  • Police report of stolen identification (must show requestors name, address and date filed)
  • Official school transcript (must be certified by official seal) or Library card
  • Voters registration card (must be current and show your current address and name of requestor)
  • Automobile insurance card (must show requestors name and be current and valid) or registration
  • Automobile title (must show requestors name)
  • Original home owners, current life or auto insurance policy
  • Current hospital admission records, immunization records, medical bills
  • Current lease agreement with name, address and signature
  • 13. Current tax return with name/address/signature or tax records
  • Marriage license or divorce degree – original or certified copy
  • Current official probation or parole documents
  • Social Security Letter, Marriage license or Divorce decree
  • Promissory notes, Loan contracts or installment payment contract
  • Certified birth certificate from a state other than Texas, District of Columbia or other country
  • Court order or Property titles or liens
  • Fishing or hunting license
  • Religious records w/signature of religious official
  • Recent Rent receipt with address and name
  • Dept. Homeland Security Notices or correspondence

If you have questions about the IDs that the Houston Health Department will accept for a birth certificate, refer to their official list or call them at 713.837.0311

How To Obtain A Birth Certificate If You Were Born In Harris County

You will need to contact the Harris County Clerk to obtain birth certificate if you were born in Harris County.

This excludes the city’s of Baytown, La Porte, South Houston, Jacinto City, and Justice of Peace Precincts 3 & 4. You will need to contact those health departments to obtain your birth certificate. The same applies when trying to obtain a Harris County death certificate.

How To Order A Birth Certificate If You Were Born In Texas

Visit to obtain your birth certificate if you were born in another city in Texas. The Texas Health and Human Services Commission manages this website and will help you start the process of obtaining a birth or Texas death certificate.

Operation ID: Providing Help To Those Needing To Obtain An ID Or Birth Certificate In Houston

Operation ID is a local non-profit that helps low-income residents obtain either an ID or birth certificate. They will help you to get a Texas ID or birth certificate or out of state documents.

They are experts at navigating vital records departments in other states, therefore consider contacting them if you are encountering barriers in obtaining your government documents.

You can contact Operation ID at 281.833.3500 or visit the Main Street Ministries Houston website


When trying to obtain your birth certificate it can be difficult to determine who to contact to start this process. Essentially you should start with the city health department that you were born in.

Even if you choose the wrong health department the workers in these places can easily direct you to the right place. It’s quite common for people have questions when searching for government documents like these.

In the case of this article, you were born in Houston city limits, then the City of Houston Health Department is the agency that you want to contact. They can help you obtain your birth certificates and death records.

If you have questions about obtaining a birth certificate in Houston, then you can contact the Houston Health Department at 713.837.0311, visit the birth certificate office at 8000 North Stadium Drive, Houston, TX 77054, or visit the Vital Statistics website.

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