Operation ID: Houston ID Assistance For The Low Income and Homeless

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Operation ID: Houston ID Assistance For The Low Income and Homeless

In this guide, I will tell you about a Houston organization call Operation ID that can provide you with identification assistance.

If you or a client needs help getting a free photo ID in Houston, this organization will pay for the cost of an identification card. This service can be huge for someone who is missing an ID because this opens up a new world of possibilities like the chance to apply for a job, rent an apartment or achieve some other goal. 

I’m Nick Bryant, founder of HoustonCaseManagers.com where we help medical professionals and clients connect to basic needs like a new or replacement photo ID. 

Today I will tell you about a popular Houston program called Operation ID that can help you obtain an identification card. 

What Is Houston’s Operation ID? 

Operation ID is a Houston program that helps low-income individuals obtain a replacement photo ID. In addition, offering help to get a free ID for the homeless in Houston Texas, this program can also assist you with getting a free birth certificate.

This program is managed by Main Street Ministries which is located in the Houston Museum District at 5100 Travis St, Houston, TX 77002. 

Editor’s Note: Some also refer to this program as Project ID. Houston citizens who are experiencing homelessness can use this resource as a way to receive help getting an ID. 

Help Obtaining A Birth Certificate Or ID Card In Houston

The main purpose of the Operation ID program is to help you obtain your identification card or birth certificate. This program helps you what that go by providing helpful services like: 

  • Assistance gathering necessary documents
  • Completing forms
  • Paying the cost of a new or replacement photo ID
  • Helps to get out of state birth certificates 

Eligibility For The Houston Operation ID Program

The Operation ID program in Houston typically works with individuals who are considered low-income, homeless, or a client he was referred from a partner organization.

What Documents Are Needed? 

Operation ID can help you obtain supporting documents if you do not have them, however, the process is smoother when you can produce necessary paperwork like:

  • Birth certificate
  • Social security information
  • Medical records
  • Voter’s registration card

Again Operation ID can help you to track down nice secondary identification documents, but if you have them definitely bring them because this will allow them to get your ID faster.

How To Make An Appointment With The Operation ID Program

A referral from your case manager is sent directly to Main Street Ministries. MSM staff will contact you and your case manager to schedule an appointment.

Other Main Street Ministries Programs 

In addition to the Operation ID, Main Street Ministries offers the following programs to help low-income or homeless individuals in Houston. 

Getting Ahead Program

This is a 5-month program that helps you to make a positive change in your life. If you have a goal of becoming self-sufficient, this program can provide you with the tools needed to overcome any setbacks that you have had in life.  

Family Hope

Once you graduate from the Getting Ahead Program, you can transition to the Family Hope program. In the Family Hope program, you will continue working on the tasks, goals, and skills, needed to achieve self-sufficiency. 

Main Street Ministries Community Garden

Here you can volunteer to care for vegetables, fruits, and flowers. 

Compass (Homeless ID Assistance Houston) 

Homeless individuals in Houston can also find help obtaining an ID by visiting Compass. 

Compass is a Houston homeless service center that offers assistance like:

  • Help to pay for an ID or birth certificate
  • Free Metro bus passes
  • Employment assistance for the homeless in Houston
  • Case management
  • Harris Health Gold Cards for the homeless
  • Much more

To learn more about this Houston homeless service center you can call them at 713.229.8319, visit their downtown location at 1212 Prairie St, Houston, TX 77002, or visit the Compass website

How To Get An ID/Birth Certificate When You Have No Documents

The first thing that you can do is to contact a shelter or a non-profit that works with the homeless population. These organizations will need to vouch for you and state that you are homeless and lack the standard documents needed to obtain your ID or birth certificate.  They can provide you with a company letterhead, that supports your identity. 

It can be a frustrating cycle for homeless individuals because to get an ID, you have to have an ID to prove your identity. I spoke with a worker at the Harris County Clerk’s Office who provided the following list of documents that could potentially be used to prove the identity of someone who is homeless. 

  • A letterhead from a shelter, non-profit, or government agency stating that you are homeless. 
  • If you were incarcerated, show a jail ID or any other documents you may have related to your incarceration. 
  • Paperwork from your pharmacy. If you have medicine bottles with you name on them, this could potentially be used to prove your identity. 
  • If you go to a community clinic, this can also be used as a form of ID. 
  • Any citations from a city or county court can help you to prove you are who you say you are. 
  • A birth certificate from a child with your name on it could work. 

When you have no documents at all, you just need to get creative. Try to think about documented interactions with hospitals, clinics, libraries, the jail system, county courts, or the military that can be used to prove your identity. 

The easiest way to obtain an ID if you have no documents at all will be to visit a homeless shelter. This is something that the staff at any homeless shelter will be trained to do. 

How To Get A Hot ID Card In Houston? 

You can get a Hot ID card by contacting the Houston Police Department’s Homeless Outreach Team. The Hot ID card can be used by homeless individuals in Houston to verify their identity

To learn more about this homeless ID card or other similar services you can contact the Mental Health Division at 832.394.4200 or visit the Homeless Outreach Team (HOT) webpage

Houston Homeless Help Card

For even more homeless services in Houston, you can refer to the homeless help card.  This resource was created by the Coalition for the Homeless and offers links to clothing programs, free meals in Houston, mental health, primary care doctors and more. 


If you need help obtaining or paying for an identification card in Houston, you will need to have your case manager refer you to Operation ID. Someone from the Main Street Ministries staff will then contact you and your case manager to schedule an appointment. 

For more questions about help getting your birth certificate or ID, then contact Operation ID at 281.833.3500.  You can also visit the Main Street Ministries website or email them at info@msmhouston.org. 

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21 thoughts on “Operation ID: Houston ID Assistance For The Low Income and Homeless

  1. Malerie Dobbs Reply

    My boyfriend has lived in Houston for over a year now and he has had a hard time getting a texas ID and his birth certificate. He tried to go through vital records but they said he doesn’t have correct information to help him. He birth certificate will be out of state. Please let me know what he needs to do to get these documents. His name is Jonathan Perry.

    • Nick Bryant Post authorReply

      Hi Malerie, hope all is well on your end.

      I thought Houston’s vital records could help with out-of-state birth certificates as well. It seems like you already tried going through them so here are two other options:

      1. Contact Operation ID and see if they can give you guidance over the phone. To receive help you typically have to show up at their location on Tuesdays or Thursdays very early, like 6:45 am because its first come, first serve. Not sure what the hours are due to COVID though. Prior to COVID Operation ID provided services like these. I knew of a guy who got his Michigan birth certificate with their help. They either have contacts at vital records office in all 50 states or they are just good at navigating the vital records process in any state. Call them to see if they can provide you with any guidance or maybe explain the barrier that is preventing your BF from getting the documents he needs.

      2. Check out this article I found about replacing your vital records. It’s from USA.gov, so this is legit information. If yall haven’t contacted the vital records department in your BFs home state, do so because that article suggests that’s where you start the process.

        • Nick Bryant Post authorReply

          Hi Joshua, I can definitely give you options on where to look for housing. Section 8 and even public housing are really difficult to get in Houston due to the number of people on the waitlist and trying to get on the list.

          If you want to move up a housing waitlist in the fastest possible time, it’s probalby best to look outside of Houston to smaller cities or towns. The smaller the population the shorter the housing waitlist.

          I have an article titled Why You Should Apply For Housing Outside Of Houston that explains this and provides some smaller housing authorities that you can probably move up the waitlist alot faster than here.

          Let me know what type of housing you are interested in and I’ll provide you with some feedback.


          • Rodrigo

            I need help getting all my documents back that I’ve lost. I don’t have no kind of id birth certificate or social. I need help on information on how to even start going about getting everything back to find a job. If you could please assist me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it.

          • Nick Bryant Post author

            Hi Rodrigo there is an organization in Houston that can help you get your ID, birth certificate and Social Security card. They do not pay for these documents but they are very good at helping you to navigate the process to get those documents especially if you don’t know where to start. That organization is called Texas ID connect and I believe they are open on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Call them and they should be able to help you get your ID and birth certificate in Houston.

  2. Nora Reply

    I have a senior who is trying to obtain his birth certificate in order to get his is. I’ve called Op ID on each number listed but it is saying disconnected. Can you help. Thanks in advance

    • Nick Bryant Post authorReply

      Sure thing Nora, I will look into it tomorrow morning. Prior to the pandemic they opened on Tuesday and Thursdays so I’ll call them.

      • Nick Bryant Post authorReply

        Hi Nora, so I checked their Operation ID website and Google and you’re right the 281.833.3500 number and 281.833.3508 numbers are both disconnected.

        The only other options for contacting Main Street Ministries, Operation ID Program are

        * Email at admin@msmhouston.org
        * Facebook messenger https://www.facebook.com/mainstreetministrieshouston

        On Google, their website and Houston Operation ID Facebook page that disconnected number is listed.

        Also here are a few articles on obtaining birth certificates in the Houston area:

        * How To Obtain A Harris County Birth Certificate
        * How To Obtain A Houston Birth Certificate

        These options won’t include financial assistance to pay for the birth certificates, but if they have an income birth certificates for both Harris County and City of Houston cost $23.

        • Kyneth Atwater Reply


          Good morning,
          I graduated from Michigan State University I’m a psychologist and I had a traumatic brain injury.I need some help so I can get my life back on track you think,you can help me get homeless letter. can I get some referral for low income housing or apartments and also. I need to get some groups or friends on my side to go through the struggle of people that are dealing with their issues with drugs,I don’t do that! I used to but I am in recovery.

          Please give me a call my preferred name is Neil

          • Nick Bryant Post author

            Hi Neil, if you have a history of homeless consider trying to apply for Houston Permanent Supportive Housing programs.

            Getting into long term housing is easiest when you go to a homeless shelter. Going to a homeless shelter is not ideal but you are almost guaranteed to get housing faster being at a shelter as opposed to applying direclty w the housing authority. Places like Star of Hope and Salvation Army are some of the main homeless shelters that can get you connected to a permanet supportive housing program. Regarding a homeless letter those two places can provide them. Lord of the Streets is another place that offers homeless letters and referasl to places like Operation ID.

            Coordinated Access (or The Way Home) is the main program that connects people to permanent housing. Agencies and homeless shelters that can help you get connected to Coordinated Access in Houston include:

            Harris County Social Services
            Salvation Army
            SEARCH Homeless
            Memorial Assistance Ministries

            Below is a link to 16 ways to find affordable housing in Houston:


  3. William Martin Reply

    Been a while since visited Oper ID when went homeless 3 years ago. Need to p/up my Birth certificate they have been holding for me in their vault since rec’d it 2 1/2 years ago.
    Coming from Fannin south on red line(?), what stop do I take to get to 5100 Travis st location ? I know its a short walk from train stop as Ive done it before but its been so long my brain is foggy.
    Thx in advance for your assistance ..

    • Nick Bryant Post authorReply

      Hi William, good question my man. I just checked the map and I believe the train stop is Museum District. Assuming you are headed north on the red line, if you go past 59 (into Midtown) you went too far.

      Here is the Metro Light Rail link. Again I think Museum District will probably be the stop closest to Operation ID.



    Homeless person from out of state. How can they access local help for vital records?
    Also provide Approved shelter names please.

    • Nick Bryant Post authorReply

      Hi Molly, hope all is well.

      Operation ID is going to be the best help for assistance homeless or individuals navigate out of state vital records departments to obtain a birth certificate.

      As far as shelters you can use the link below to see all homeless shelters and supportive services. Lord of the Streets shelter might be another place to turn to resolve that ID issue if Operation ID cannot assist. Lord of the Streets offers a number of supportive services for homeless individuals in Housotn.



    Homeless person from Arizona stated we cannot get help because he’s from out of state.

    • Nick Bryant Post authorReply

      Call or email Operation ID directly to confirm that. A guy I knew was assisted with getting his birth certificate from Michigan. Unless they’ve changed in the past year, they should be able to get out-of-state birth certificates also.

  6. Crystal Reply

    I have a id that Star of Hope made for me with my picture on it , can i use that as a form of ID to get a Texas ID?

    • Nick Bryant Post authorReply

      Hi Crystal, Contact an agency called Texas ID Connect. They’re good at helping people navigate the process of getting an ID, birth certificate etcetera. They won’t pay for these documents but they can tell you the steps and requirements needed to get a Texas ID so I think they should be able to answer your question Crystal.

  7. Christopher Ross Reply

    Does any of the agencies that assist in obtaining identification also help with the cost of obtaining pertinent documentation such as birth certificates out of state and social security cards. I’m having trouble with obtaining a TX ID because I’ve been told it’s difficult since I’ve never been arrested in TX. That doesn’t make much sense to me.

    • Nick Bryant Post authorReply

      Hi Christopher,

      I’ve never heard that one! Maybe being arrested offers one more database to prove identity??

      Operation ID will help with the cost of birth certificates. There is another agency called Texas ID Connect. They don’t pay for IDs or birth certificates, but they can help you navigate the process which is sometimes the hardest part of getting a new ID.

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