Denver Harbor Clinic: An Affordable Health Clinic In East Houston

denver harbor clinic

Denver Harbor Clinic: An Affordable Health Clinic In East Houston

Denver Harbor Clinic is a Houston FQHC clinic that provides low cost outpatient care to residents in Denver Harbor, 5th Ward and near Northside communities.

If you are uninsured, between jobs, or simply low-income these clinics can provide you with affordable outpatient care to help you avoid costly medical bills later on. 

Continue reading to see how this east Houston health center can help you and your family remain healthily despite a lack of insurance or income. 

Vecino Health Centers

Denver Harbor Clinic is managed by Vecino Health Centers. These are federally qualified health clinic in Houston that offers high quality medical care for low income families as well as the uninsured residents in northeast Houston. Currently there are two Vecino Health Centers in east Houston and north Houston. 

Sliding Scale Payment System At Houston’s Denver Harbor Clinic 

Low-income families living in the Denver Harbor, 5th Ward or Near Northside neighborhoods of Houston can find affordable medical care at Vecino Health Centers. They bill you based on a sliding scale. This means that your fees will depend on your monthly income. The more money someone makes the more they would pay for services. If your income was $0 per month, the the scale would slide to the lowest possible payment arrangement. 

This is the payment system for those that are uninsured, however, Vecino Clinics do accept health insurance plans like Medicaid, Medicare, and private coverages. 

Vecino Health Centers In Houston

Vecino Clinics offer two clinics in the Houston area. One is in Houston’s Denver Harbor neighborhood, while the other provides affordable medical care to anyone living near I-45 and Airline Drive.  

  • Airline Children’s Clinic – 5808 Airline Drive, Houston, TX – 713.695.4013
  • Denver Harbor Family Clinic – 424 Hahlo Street, Houston, TX – 713.674.3326

What Medical Services Are Offered? 

Vecino Clinics provides quality healthcare services at prices set on a sliding scale. The price you pay for care is based on your income level so you only pay what you are able to afford, regardless of insurance status.

Here is a list of medical treatments offered at this low cost medical clinic in Houston. 

  • Primary Care – well-child visits, sick visits, routine physical exams, immunizations, sports, and school physicals. 
  • Dental Care  – examinations, extractions, cleanings, fillings, crowns, 
  • Counseling – behavioral problems in children, depression, anxiety.  problems at school, individual, group, couples therapy, teletherapy offered. 
  • Chronic Disease Management – Conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and breast cancer are offered at Vecino Health Centers. 
  • Maternity Care – The Vecino Airline Children’s Clinic offers prenatal and postnatal services. 
  • Telehealth – The Airline Children’s clinic also offers you the option to make a telehealth appointment. 
  • COVID 19 Testing – Testing is offered to children, teens and adults. 


To recap, if you are uninsured or low income you CAN receive affordable and quality medical care in Houston.  You just have to know where to look.

Vecino Denver Harbor Family Clinic is an option to consider if you do not have health insurance, you need a doctor, and you live near the Denver Harbor, 5th Ward, or Near Northside neighborhoods. 

For more information you can visit the Vecino Health Centers website, call them at 713.674.3326, or visit one of their northeast Houston clinics. 

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