10 Ways To Find a Roommate If You Cannot Afford Your Monthly Rent

how to find a roommate

10 Ways To Find a Roommate If You Cannot Afford Your Monthly Rent

In this community resource guide, you will learn about 10 ways to find a roommate if you can no longer afford the cost of the rent.

With the epidemic increasing housing prices, many individuals are seeking a solution to the ever-increasing cost of the rent. One potential solution may be to get a roommate.

Moving in with a stranger or having a roommate move in isn’t an option for everyone, but if you are open to the idea, this may be an option if you can no longer afford the cost of rent on your own.

1. PadMapper

This roommate finder website allows you to search for apartments via an interactive map. No matter your city, you can use PadMapper to find a roommate or an apartment you can move into.

2. RoomieMatch

RommieMatch allows you to view the profiles of potential roommates to make an informed decision of who you share an apartment with. If rent has become unaffordable and you are seeking a roommate, RoomieMatch is a website that is worth considering. The rating feature allows you to rate and view other people’s profiles to help you avoid “total nitwits” (RoomieMatche’s words).

3. Roommates.com

You can use Roommates.com to find roommates in your specific zipcode who are also looking to move. This roommate finder allows you to search by zip code, move-in date, and the maximum amount of rent you are capable of paying.

4. Roomi

Roomi allows you to find roommates to help you split the cost of the rent. This website keeps your safety in mind by allowing you to run background checks on potential roommates to make sure you are living with people you can trust. Roomi also offers roommate agreements and roommate tips to help make the roommate-finding process easier for everyone involved.

5. Roomster

Like many of the other roommate finders in this article, Roomster allows you to create a profile that other people can rate. The more stars (5 is the max rating) the better chance that you are dealing with a trustworthy person. With Roomster, you can both find a place to stay or put a room up for rent if you are seeking a roommate.

The Roomster website also provides you with connections to other Roomster users and lets you know where pet-friendly places are near you.

6. Facebook

Putting your Facebook page to work can also help you either find a roommate or rent out an extra room.

On Facebook, if you’re willing to make your search for a roommate public, it might be beneficial to publish a post to let your friends that you’re looking for an apartment or roommate. Using Facebook also gives you a chance to get a roommate that you may have gone to high school with, so you are not living with a total stranger.

7. Nextdoor App

You can use a platform like Nextdoor the same way that you use Facebook. If you are not familiar with the Nextdoor app it is just like Facebook except you can only see the profiles of people who live in or near your zip code.

If rent has become too expensive and you can create a post on Nextdoor to find a roommate.

8. University Networks

Another way to find trustworthy roommates is to use your university. If the school you graduated from has an alumni university, it is worth checking to see if anyone is seeking a roommate.

9. Craigslist

The last option we’ll offer you is Craigslist. This is one of the largest classified websites on the internet and they have sections dedicated to finding roommates.

The only drawback to getting a roommate from Craigslist is that they do not vet users the way other roommate finder websites do. You will have to use your own judgment to determine whether a roommate seems safe.

Additionally, there are plenty of scams on Craigslist so be cautious. Never send or give any money until you’re certain that they’re legitimate. 

10. Reddit

There are lots of Redditors who subscribe to housing-focused subreddits in their area. Many of the threads are submitted by Reddit users seeking roommates in a certain city.

While Reddit is a place where you can find roommates to split rent with, you will have to do your own vetting. Unlike some of the other roommate finder websites in this list, Redditors are not screened and verified. You’ll have to communicate with people on the phone or in-person to ensure you’re getting a good roommate.


Roommate finders are websites that you can use to help you find a roommate. With inflation driving up the costs of housing, these websites can be extremely helpful if you cannot afford rent and need a roommate to split half of the bills. These websites allow users to search by specific criteria, such as the move-in date and the maximum amount of rent they are willing to pay. Some of these roommate finders also allow you to run background checks on potential roommates or offer roommate agreements.

If you are not comfortable with using one of these roommate finders, you can try using Facebook to find old classmates or family members who are also interested in getting a roommate.

Roommates aren’t for everyone but, if you can no longer afford housing costs in your area, finding someone to go half on the rent could be a solution.

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