Free Career Training Houston: Employment Assistance Programs To Help You Find A Job

free career training houston

Free Career Training Houston: Employment Assistance Programs To Help You Find A Job

In this guide, I will talk to you about options for free career training in Houston

Houston career assistance programs are available to help you get training and prepare for a career. The following is a list of Houston non-profits that can train you and help you network so that you are in a better position to land a job that you can be proud of.

Continue reading to learn more about employee assistance programs in Houston. There are many different types of career assistance programs out there, but this article will focus on those that provide free career training in the Greater Houston area.

Why You Should Take Advantage Of These Houston Job Training Programs

It’s important to consider free Houston employment assistance programs like this because they can open more doors in your life. I’m talking about possibilities that you never knew were even an option for you.

The most successful people in life built impressive resumes by taking it a step at a time. Perfecting their skills, having mentors, and leveling up a little at a time. This too can be your path, but you will have to be willing to put in the work.

With 22 years of work experience, I have seen firsthand how hard work can pay off in the end for people. Whether it’s a former coworker working their way up to the Director position in a Houston mental health agency or an associate going from running local Meetup groups to talking on stages across the world, anything is possible if you commit to putting in the hard work.

Career And Recovery Resources

Career And Recovery Resources is a Houston non-profit organization that helps people turn their lives around. The organization offers many different programs and services, including one that offers career training to people who have lost their jobs and need the skills to find a new career that suits them.

In addition Career and Recovery Resources can help you in the following areas:

  • Resume preparation
  • Provide you with bus tokens to get to a job interview
  • Offer work clothing and tools
  • Give you access to a Houston job bank to increase your chances of finding employment
  • Career coaching services in Houston
  • A youth employment program for individuals 16 to 21 years old. This program offers mentorship to help you make the best decision starting a new career or going to college.

For more information about this Houston, employment assistance program contact them at the number below.

Christian Community Service Center

The Christian Community Service Center is a non-profit that provides career training, employment assistance, and other various forms of help for individuals in different areas. The CCSC believes in a holistic approach to the well-being of individuals and offers multiple programs to support those efforts.

The CCSC has been able to provide resources for individuals through career training programs. One employment training program is called Martha’s Way. This is a housekeeper training program in Houston. This 42-hour training program can not only training you to become a successful housekeeper, but also connect you to house cleaning jobs in Houston.

Other services offered at this Houston career development program are:

  • Access to a computer lab
  • A job bank for Houston employment opportunities
  • Office supplies
  • A career close and more resources

To take advantage of these free career training classes in Houston contact Christian Community Service at the number below.

Dress For Success Houston

The Dress For Success Houston is a non-profit organization that has been empowering women to get jobs and advance in their careers. If you are a woman who needs a suit to interview for a job, Dress for Success can help you. They have helped many people find rewarding careers and the process is very easy.

To receive employment assistance you must be referred from a Dress for Success partner agency which you can find a list on their website.

Family Houston

Family Houston can help adults that are looking for employment assistance programs to find a new job and start a career. They offer many different types of training options including resume-writing, interview skills, internet research, how to create a winning LinkedIn profile, and much more.

You can contact this Houston employment assistance program at the telephone number below.

Gulf Coast Community Services Association

Gulf Coast Community Services Association is a non-profit organization that helps provide free career training to people in the Houston, Texas area. The career training program partners with local employers who can potentially hire those in the GCCSA employment assistance program.

The goal of the Gulf Coast Community Services Association is to help people get on the path of being able to provide for themselves and their families with the stability of a full-time job.

Houston Area Urban League

If you desire to find a rewarding career, the Houston Area Urban League can help.

The Houston Area Urban League offers many services to those who need them. They offer employment assistance training programs and assistance to people looking for work. If you have certain skills, they can also develop an individualized plan to help you achieve your goals.

Additional resources that they can offer you to help you in your career include:

  • Resume assistance in Houston
  • Job referrals
  • A Houston job bank
  • Access to a computer lab to work on your resume or apply for jobs

For more details about how the Houston Urban League can help you find a job in Harris County contacts them at the number below.

  • 1301 Texas Ave, Houston, 77002
  • 713.393.8700

Interfaith of the Woodlands

The Interfaith of the Woodlands is a non-profit organization that provides people with career training and employment assistance.

Along with assisting in finding jobs, they offer assistance with professional resumes, interview coaching, computer skills classes, job readiness courses, job search workshops, and more.

To learn more about this Woodlands, TX career assistance program call them at the number seen below.

Job Corps Technical Training

Job Corps is a free, two-year program that helps low-income youth in Houston ages 16 – 24 with high school diplomas or GEDs prepare for entry into the workforce.

Job Corps provides work-based training in construction, manufacturing, and transportation fields. In addition to vocational training, Job Corps also provides career exploration and counseling to help you prepare your resume and explore careers that might be a good match for you.

SER Jobs Houston

SER Jobs Houston is a non-profit organization that offers employment assistance programs to help individuals find jobs and training in the area. The program offers career training, resume writing classes, interviewing workshops, and other services that can help individuals get on a path to success.

Additions ways that SER can help you find a job in Houston are:

  • Career coaching to help you better understand employment options available to you.
  • Houston employment search program to ensure you have the best chance of finding a job.
  • Occupational training to help you become a forklift driving, welder, or electrician.

To learn more call SER Houston at the number below.

Target Hunger (Employment Assistance Program Houston)

The Houston non-profit Target Hunger is a place that can help people to find some career training.

This program offers many different types of services for people to access, such as:

  • Resume review
  • Interview coaching
  • Job readiness workshops

In addition to the career assistance programs, you can also sign up for food assistance. To receive assistance from Target Hunger you will need to live in the following zip codes: 77016, 77020, 77026, 77078, 77028.

For more details call Target Hunger at the telephone number below.

Wesley Community Center

The Wesley Community Center is a non-profit organization in Houston that can help you to find a rewarding career. They offer free job search assistance, training programs for people who are looking for new jobs, and education to help you find the right opportunity. There are also resources available online at their website to assist you in your job search.

Find more information about Wesley Community Center on their website below.

West Houston Assistance Ministries

West Houston Assistance Ministries (WHAM) is a non-profit organization that provides clients with employee assistance programs. WHAM helps clients by providing access to career training, interview skills, and networking opportunities to help them start new careers.

The staff at WHAM is passionate about helping people lead better lives and they are not satisfied until their clients find rewarding careers. WHAM wants to make a positive difference in the world by helping people regain self-worth, independence, and dignity as they rebuild their lives.

Editor’s Note: WHAM can even provide you with rent and utility assistance in West Houston.

Learn more by contacting them at the number below.

WorkFaith Connection: Houston Employment Assistance For Motivated Job Seekers

The training program will help you to find a career that is rewarding for you. They’ll work with you one-on-one, and they have free classes that are ongoing, so you could go at your own pace. You’ll learn about things like resume building, interview skills, how to find employment, and more.

WorkFaith Connection can even help felons in Houston find employment. Just contact them at the number below to learn more about services.

Workforce Solutions

Workforce Solutions is an organization that provides workforce services and employment assistance to individuals. The organization has trained 1,000s in the Houston area with various skills programs and training to help them with careers. Workforce Solutions offers several different programs for people who need career training and/or job placement assistance, including:

You can learn more about this Houston career assistance program by:

Memorial Area Ministries

The Memorial Area Ministries is a non-profit organization that helps people find employment. This Houston non-profit offers many services to help job seekers with providing professional clothing, resume building, interview coaching, and more without any cost or obligation.

Specific programs that they offer include:

  • Employment Certification
  • Job Coaching
  • Vocational Training
  • Computer Literacy
  • Employment assistance for individuals who are learning English

For more information, contact MAM at the number below.


There is a saying that goes “the more you learn, the more you earn”. Providing a greater array of skills is key to finding your dream job and getting more looks from hiring managers.

You can obtain in-demand skills from Houston employment assistance programs like these that are listed in this article.

The classes and instructors are there waiting to help, you just need to make the first move and call them to enroll in a career training class today!

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