SNAP Benefits App: How To Manage Your Food Stamps Online

SNAP Benefits App: How To Manage Your Food Stamp Benefits On Your Phone

In this community resource guide, you will learn about the SNAP benefits app.

The SNAP program has a few different phone apps that you can download to your phone to help you manage your benefits. Sometimes it can be hard to keep track of your spending when you’re not sure how much money you have left in your benefits account. Not to mention, it can be tough to find stores that accept food stamps.

These food stamp apps were designed to make it easy for you to manage your benefits and stay on top of your spending. With a SNAP benefits app, you can do things like check your balance, find retailers and search for other assistance programs to help you.

If you are comfortable using phone apps and want an easy way to keep track of your food stamp benefits, read on for more information about how the app works.

What Are Food Stamps Phone Apps?

SNAP benefits apps can be downloaded to your phone whether you have Android or iPhone. These phone apps help food stamp beneficiaries to manage their food stamp benefits. Typically these apps allow you to do things like view your Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits balance, check your spending habits and find stores that accept your EBT card.

what are food stamps?

Benefits Of Downloading A Food Stamp App

When you are on the food stamp program, it can be difficult to keep track of your spending and know how much money you have left in your benefits account.

There are multiple food stamp apps, but in general an app allows you to can check your balance, find retailers that accept food stamps, and even search for other assistance programs to help you.

3 Types Of SNAP Benefits App

When it comes to food stamp apps for your phone you have multiple options.

  1. Providers is a phone app that allows you to view your benefits. You cannot apply for benefits with Providers.
  2. EBT Edge also allows you to view your food stamp balance.
  3. State-Sponsored Phone Apps are managed by your state’s health department. With these apps, you can apply for or renew SNAP benefits on your phone.

Here is more about each option listed above.

1.) Providers (Formerly Frest EBT)

Providers is a phone app designed to make it easy to check your food stamp balance and track your spending.

You can find stores that accept EBT or (electronic benefits transfer) and get the most out of your benefits. Providers also tracks programs like WIC, SSI, Child Tax Credit, and more.

check your texas food stamp balance online
This is what your balance screen looks like on the Providers app.

This is not the official tool of your state’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits program, therefore you cannot use this app to apply for or renew your food stamp benefits.

You can download this app for Android and iPhones. Simply visit the website to learn more.

2.) EBT Edge

SNAP and TANF benefits can be difficult to keep track of, especially if you are juggling multiple cards. The EBT Edge mobile application simplifies your life by allowing you to view your EBT card benefits at the touch of a finger.

EBT Edge
Here is a screenshot of what your food stamp balance looks like when viewing it on the EBT Edge phone app.

EBT Edge allows you to check your balances, review your transaction history, and view both Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and TANF benefits at the same time. The app is free for a SNAP recipient to use and is the most private and secure EBT application on the market according to ebtEDGE.

If your phone supports biometrics, you can simply touch the finger sensor on your device to quickly access the balance of your account.

To learn more about this phone app visit the EBT Edge website.

3.) State-Sponsored Food Stamps App

If you are a recipient of SNAP benefits, you may be wondering how you can keep track of your monthly benefits balance and renew your benefits.

The good news is that each state has its own food stamp app that you can use for this purpose. For example, in Texas, the app is called Your Texas Benefits. On this app, you can view your current SNAP benefits balance, as well as apply for new benefits or renew your existing benefits.

Texas Food Stamps App
This is the Your Texas Benefits app. Your state likely has its own food stamps app that you can use to view your SNAP balance and manage your benefits in other ways.

To learn about your state’s food stamps app you will need to call or visit your health department’s website. Use the table below to find your state if you want to download its SNAP benefits app to your phone.

StateEBT Customer Service Number NumberPhone Number To Apply For Food StampsState Food Stamp Websites
Washington DC888-304-9167202-724-5506Website
New Hampshire888-997-9777603-271-9700Website
New Jersey800-997-3333800-687-9512Website
New Mexico800-843-8303800-283-4465Website
New York888-328-6399800-342-3009MyBenefits New York _Website
North Carolina888-622-7328800-662-7030Website
North Dakota800-630-4655800-755-2716Website
Puerto Rico877-467-4832787-289-7600WebWebsitesite
Rhode Island888-979-9939855-697-4347Website
South Carolina800-554-5268800-616-1309Website
South Dakota800-604-5099877-999-5612Website
Virgin Islands866-884-2868340-774-2399Website
West Virginia866-545-6502800-642-8589Website

SNAP Retailer Locator App

You cannot track your monthly food benefit with this tool, but it is still worth mentioning. Especially if you cannot find a store to accept your EBT card. The SNAP Retailer Locator is a tool that allows users to find SNAP-authorized retailers in their area.

How To Find Fast Food Restaurants That Accept Food Stamps Near Me
You can use this tool to find stores near you that accept EBT benefits.

Simply enter a street address, city, state, or zip code to get started. You can then select a retailer or map point to get more details and directions.

This tool is not only designed to help SNAP recipients, but also community organizations and others who aid SNAP recipients.


If you’re looking for an easy way to keep track of your food stamp balance, there are multiple SNAP benefits apps to choose from. Those apps include:

  1. Providers.
  2. EBT Edge.
  3. Your State Health Department’s food stamp app.

Most apps let you view your food stamp balance and track spending. If you want a SNAP benefits app to apply for food assistance, you will need to download the official app from your state’s health department.

With the world increasingly going digital, these apps make it easy to keep track of your food stamp benefits and help you make the most out of them.

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