How To Find Weekend Jobs In Houston By Using Upshift

How To Find Weekend Jobs In Houston By Using Upshift

How To Find Weekend Jobs In Houston By Using Upshift

In this community resource guide, you will learn how to find a weekend job in Houston by using a website called Upshift.

Whether you need a 2nd job to keep up with inflation or you need a more flexible schedule due to family responsibilities, UPShift can offer part-time positions that fit your schedule.

Continue reading to learn exactly what Upshift is and how you can use it to find part-time weekend jobs in Houston.

What Is Upshift?

Upshift is a website that offers weekend and evening jobs in Houston. It is a great resource for finding flexible work options. The website allows you to choose your own hours, so you can work when you are available. This makes it a great option for weekend jobs in Houston.

How Does Upshift Work?

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Business owners post specific shifts that they need to be covered on the Upshift website. These shifts include evening and weekend work schedules. If you see a job and schedule that you are interested in working, you can click on the job and request to work that shift. The business owner will then receive a notification about your request. If they approve your request, you are then able to view the details of the job and accept it.

What Types Of Houston Weekend Jobs Are Available On Upshift?

The 4 types of industries that have the most weekend job postings on Upshift are:

  • Hotels and Food Service – If you have experience as a cook, bartender, dishwasher, or kitchen staff, you can find part-time jobs in hotels and restaurants on Upshift.
  • Catering – Again if you have kitchen experience, worked in the past as a dishwasher, or banquet services, you should be able to find weekend jobs in Houston by using this website.
  • Warehouse and Manufacturing – If you’re job experience includes janitorial, customer service, order picking, packing or you have equipment operator skills, you can find shifts to work on Upshift.
  • Administrative – Finally if your background includes data entry, clerical, or customer services you could be a great fit for weekend work in Houston for admin jobs that are posted to Upshift.

These are typically the types of businesses that are open on weekends and need extra help. If you are interested in any of these industries, Upshift is a great resource for finding weekend work in Houston.

How Do I Get Started Using Upshift?

If you are interested in using UpShift to find weekend jobs in Houston, you can visit their website here. Once you create an account, you will be able to view all of the current job postings. You can then request to work any shifts that you are available for.

How Do You Get Paid?

You’ll get paid directly to your bank account or cash card each Friday for the prior week.

If you work on Upshift for at least two weeks, you can even qualify to get paid the day after your shift. Upshift is partnered with earnin and this is how you would get paid the next day after your Houston weekend work shift.

Other Ways To Find Weekend And Evening Jobs In Houston

You can also find weekend jobs in Houston by looking online. There are many websites that list weekend and evening jobs in Houston.

One website you can use is You can search for jobs by category, or you can search for a specific job title. One good thing about Craigslist jobs is many times the hiring manager is making the posting so you have a chance to get hired quickly if you are the right fit.

Another website you can use is This website has a search engine that allows you to find jobs based on keywords, location, company name, and more. If you follow this link, you will see a listing of weekend jobs in Houston on the Indeed website.

Lastly, if you need weekend or evening jobs in Houston, try retail or restaurants. Both of these businesses thrive during evening and weekend hours. If you are open to working retail or at a restaurant there is a good chance that you can land the job, because these businesses always need more help. 


Upshift is a great way to find weekend jobs in Houston because it allows you to be in control of your schedule. You can browse through available shifts and only work when you are available. This website is also great for finding evening jobs.

If you are interested in spending more time with your family or working a schedule that is more suitable to your home life, visiting Upshift to see what type of opportunities they offer is a great idea. You can find weekend work in Houston that fits your schedule and experience!

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