Weight Loss Clinics in Houston: Find Local Help To Lose Weight And Live A Better Life

weight loss clinics in houston

Weight Loss Clinics in Houston: Find Local Help To Lose Weight And Live A Better Life

If weight loss has been a struggle for you, weight loss clinics in Houston can help.

Weight loss is not just about diet and exercise; it’s also about getting the right medical care to change your life. At weight loss clinics in Houston, you will find weight-loss specialists who are knowledgeable in all aspects of weight management. From medications to surgeries, they have what it takes to help you beat obesity.

What Are Weight Loss Clinics?

Weight loss clinics, or weight management clinics are a type of medical practice that offers the services of dietitians, trainers, and medical doctors to help people lose weight.

How Do Houston Weight Loss Programs Work?

A physician may conduct an initial exam to diagnose major health conditions that may be affected by severe obesity and prescribe drugs if necessary.

Doctors usually require patients to maintain a healthy lifestyle other than any changes he prescribes for them. Patients who want assistance should ask about nutrition and fitness programs before they make their appointment for visits at the clinic so they can know what to expect when they arrive.

Some weight loss centers even offer personal training sessions led by certified professionals who design customized exercise programs based on each person’s needs as well as consultations with dieticians who create meal plans according to the person’s calorie needs.

What Kind Of Doctor Treats Weight Loss?

There are many different kinds of weight loss doctors. They include physician assistants, nutritionists, registered dietitians, bariatric surgeons, and psychologists.

It’s important to find a provider that will suit your lifestyle and preferences. For example, some providers offer one-on-one counseling while others meet with patients in groups. Some people prefer more individualized care while others work better in group settings or like being part of an established “program.”

What Services Are Offered At Weight Loss Centers? 

Weight clinics offer a variety of services including:

  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Counseling

All three are crucial to weight loss success because making changes in one area might not be enough to see the desired results. The goal is often achieved with lifestyle modifications that promote a healthy balance of calories eaten and burned each day while still fulfilling life needs.

Weight clinics may also offer various pharmacological therapies such as appetite suppressants, dietary supplements, or medications that help control blood glucose levels as part of an overall weight management plan.

It’s important for you to understand all options available at a clinic before choosing which approach will work best for your situation.

How Much Do Weight Loss Programs In Houston Cost?

The average cost of a weight loss program is $1,000. Keep in mind that cos will vary from the program and the services that are needed. The clinic visits, medications, consultations, surgeries, and follow-up visits all factor into the cost.


Here is a breakdown of weight loss program costs:

Medical Weight Loss Programs In Houston

As we mentioned above, the average cost of a weight loss program is about $1,000.

How Much Does Weight Loss Surgery Cost In Houston?

You can expect to pay $12K to $16K for gastric sleeve surgery in Houston, TX.

Cost To See A Nutritionist

According to Women’s Health Mag, the cost is $150 to $225 for the initial consult. After that follow-up appointments can range from $75 to $125 per visit.

How Much Are Online Weight Loss Programs?

If you are interested in enrolling in one of the weight loss programs that you’ve seen on a commercial here is an estimate of what you might pay.

  • Weight Watchers is about $30 per month.
  • The Noom app is roughly $45 per month.
  • Finally, Jenny Craig will cost around $300 per month. This includes personalized coaching and meals delivered to your home.

Does Health Insurance Pay For Weight Loss Treatment?

According to WebMD, there are 3 weight loss services that your health insurance plan may cover. Those include:

Weight Loss Screening or Counseling Many health coverages offer free obesity screening. If your BMI is 30 or more you could qualify for free weight loss counseling.
Bariatric Surgery Most Medicare and employer-based insurance plans will cover bariatric surgery, but there is no law that mandates insurance plans to cover this. Even if your plan covers bariatric surgery, you must still show a medical necessity for it. You must have a BMI of 40 or higher or a BMI of 35 and at least one obesity-related illness, such as Type 2 diabetes or heart disease, to qualify.
Medication For Weight Loss Treatment Health coverages are not mandated to offer weight loss medications, but many plans will. If you have a BMI of 30 or more with an obesity-related chronic condition, you may qualify for help paying for weight loss medications.


Where To Find Weight Loss Clinics in Houston

In this section, you will find a listing of Houston weight loss clinics and a map so that you can find weight loss centers near you.

Use the table below to enter your zip code and find Houston weight loss centers near you.

CompanyAddress CityZipPhoneWebsite
Rosebaum, Ralph S, Md - Diagnostic Clinic-Houston6448 Fannin StHouston77030(713) 797-9191
John Aaron Massage & Wellness2990 Richmond Ave Ste 310Houston77098(713) 562-2474
Quick Weight Loss Center2615 Southwest Fwy Ste 250Houston77098(713) 528-6595https://quickweightloss.net
Elkhorn Eva6550 Fannin St Ste 1801Houston77030(713) 798-5975
Liver Specialists Of Texas Inc6560 Fannin St Ste 2050Houston77030(713) 794-0700https://www.texasliver.com
Lyos Andrew T6560 Fannin St Ste 1530Houston77030(713) 799-8989https://www.lyosmd.com
Stout Natalie6560 Fannin St Ste 1404Houston77030(713) 790-0600
Carson Sandra Ann Md6720 Bertner AveHouston77030(713) 798-7500
Wearden, Mary E6621 Fannin StHouston77030(832) 824-1380https://www.texaschildrens.org
Simpson Joe Leigh Md6620 Main St Ste 1450Houston77030(713) 798-4696
Miller Harold J Md6620 Main St Ste 1450Houston77030(713) 851-7567
Dr. Brian S Parsley, Md6620 Main St Ste 1325Houston77030(713) 986-5480
Zen Den Acupuncture2715 Bissonett St Suite 201Houston77005(713) 993-6336
Endothelix2472 Bolsover StHouston77005(713) 529-2599https://www.endothelix.com
Shenava, Vinitha R, Md6701 Fannin StHouston77030(832) 824-1000https://www.texaschildrens.org/find-a-doctor/vinitha-r-shenava-md
Jones, Dan B1977 Butler BlvdHouston77030(713) 798-6100
Steely, Robert L, Md3411 Richmond AveHouston77046(713) 622-6500https://www.drsteely.com
Salud En Forma7700 Fulton St Ste 206Houston77022(713) 699-1035
Weight Loss & Metabolic Center At Baylor St. Luke's Medical Center - Mcnair Campus - Houston, Tx7200 Cambridge St Ste 8AHouston77030(713) 798-6673https://www.stlukeshealth.org/locations/weight-loss-metabolic-center-baylor-st-lukes-medical-center
Long Blakely6700 West Loop S Ste 330Bellaire77401(713) 715-6360
Clifton Thomas Md5727 Westatimer Suite JHouston77057(713) 936-0777https://www.drcliftonthomas.com
Equilibrium Galleria4914 Bissonnet StBellaire77401(713) 668-0094https://www.eq-clinics.com
Myvita Wellness Institute4950 Bissonnet St Ste 100Bellaire77401(713) 661-9995https://www.myvitawellness.com
Life Extension Center5847 San Felipe St Ste 1700Houston77057(713) 627-8686https://healthyfix.com
Bariatric Care Centers5757 Westheimer Rd Ste 104Houston77057(713) 339-1353http://www.drbrianmirza.com
1St Choice Weight Loss5757 Westheimer Rd Ste 100BHouston77057(281) 888-7767http://www.houstonsleevesurgery.com
A New You Health Wellness2400 Augusta Dr Ste 215Houston77057(346) 319-3979https://www.anewyou.co
Hm Wellness Clinic5908 Fairdale LnHouston77057(713) 781-1912https://houstonmedicalwellness.com
Houston Medical Wellness Clinic5910 Fairdale LnHouston77057(713) 781-1905https://houstonmedicalwellness.com
Inclusive Wellness & Rehabilitation6550 Mapleridge St Ste 115Houston77081(832) 649-7919https://inclusiveclinics.com
Cellulite Solutions Of Houston6100 Westheimer RdHouston77057(832) 204-1582
Family Medical Clinic1414 Holland StHouston77029(713) 453-0404https://www.wellaidclinic.com
Elizabeth George, Pa8221 Gulf Fwy Ste 400Houston77017(713) 847-9400
Angels Clinica Familiar8118 Long Point RdHouston77055(713) 636-2110https://angelsmedical.com
Arctic Healing Cryo6415 San Felipe St Ste Q1Houston77057(713) 568-4801https://ahcryo.com
Acupuncture Therapy & Research8453 Howard DrHouston77017(281) 773-5631
Redcircle Weight & Wellness Mgmt1415 S. Voss Rd. Suite 200Houston77057(713) 781-7332
Forma Vital5933 Bellaire BlvdHouston77081(713) 665-7020https://www.formavital.com
Stmain Weight & Wellness Clinic265 Main StHouston77002(832) 778-7000
Mari Method Weight Loss Houston Boot Camp745 Mckinney St Suite 325Houston77002(832) 397-6319
Revive Anti-Aging Image CenterMobile Houston AreaHouston77057(281) 857-4842
The Edge Personal Training1113 Vine St Ste 140BHouston77002(832) 760-6283https://www.edge-trainer.com
Altemus Lynn1315 St Joseph Pkwy Ste 1605Houston77002(713) 652-3025
Marcel Body N Wellness2000 Crawford StHouston77002(713) 497-5930
Total Nutrition2625 Louisiana StHouston77006(713) 942-9779https://totalnutritionhouston.com
Celis Jorge3003 Navigation BlvdHouston77003(713) 223-4466
Rachel Eddins, M.Ed., Lpc-S, Cgp1501 Crocker Street, Suite 2Houston77019(832) 559-2622https://eddinscounseling.com/rachel-eddins
Eado Weight Loss Center At Guadalupe Clinic3413 Canal StHouston77003(713) 225-1919https://www.eadoweightlosscenter.com
Dr. John Lomonaco, Md1009 Missouri StHouston77006(713) 526-5550https://drlomonaco.com
Marshall Back And Body Wellness Center510 Waugh DrHouston77019(713) 522-1726http://www.marshallbackandbodywellness.com
Dr Raul P Rodriguez Md Facs546 Waugh DrHouston77019(713) 523-2500
Total Nutrition Houston174 Yale St Ste 200Houston77007(713) 880-3688https://totalnutritionhouston.com
Simple Weight Loss Center4120 Lyons Ave Ste 102Houston77020(832) 834-6970
911 Skinny619 Richmond AveHouston77006(888) 742-5993
Katalin Axmann4500 Washington Ave Ste 900Houston77007(917) 294-3743
Novopelle Med Spa4818 Washington AveHouston77007(713) 893-3323
Best Fit5010 Ennis St Apt 1Houston77004(832) 814-9459http://www.bestfit.vpweb.com
Binz Weight Loss Center1801 Binz St #501Houston77004(713) 600-8292http://binzweightloss.com
Forma Vital9630 Fulton StHouston77076(713) 695-5200https://www.formavital.com
Dr. Franklin Arthur Rose, Md1121 Uptown Park Blvd 16Houston77056(713) 622-2277https://www.utopiaplasticsurgery.com
Gemini Weight And Wellness2920 Tidwell RdHouston77093(713) 677-0040
Ardyss International2658 West Loop S Ste 109Houston77027(832) 483-6348https://store.ardysslife.com/endsession
Just For Women Weight Loss1 Riverway Ste 1700Houston77056(713) 505-7525
Physicians Weight Loss Centers4028 Bellaire BlvdHouston77025(832) 538-1445https://www.pwlc.com/pagenotfound
Nrthside Weightloss & Wel8213 Homestead Rd Ste AHouston77028(281) 974-1147
Gallery Medical Clinic5900 North Fwy Ste 143Houston77076(713) 694-9000
Body 3 Fitness Center3562 W T C Jester BlvdHouston77018(713) 864-1231https://www.body3fit.com
Body3 Personal Fitness3562 W T C Jester BlvdHouston77018(713) 864-1231https://www.body3fit.com
Hypnosis Works!- Jerry T. Rains Dch10303 Northwest Fwy Ste 259Houston77092(281) 224-9766
Thomas Abraham Md5420 West Loop S Ste 4300Bellaire77401(713) 797-0876http://www.backandnecks.com
Iaso Tea Products Llc2600 S Loop W Ste 420Houston77054(832) 244-9461https://retail.totallifechanges.com/term_3666291_20200706062833
Texas Sports Nutrient & Weight Loss2600 S Loop WHouston77054(713) 666-8048http://www.weightlosscentersusa.com/texasweightlossprogram.htm
K & R Body Solutions2616 S Loop WHouston77054(346) 571-7940
Y Healthcare & Weight Loss2616 S Loop WHouston77054(713) 665-0050
Healthyfix.Com5555 Del Monte DrHouston77056(713) 627-8687https://healthyfix.com
Spiegel Felix Md5373 W Alabama St Ste 121Houston77056(713) 960-0003https://memorialhermann.org/locations/mhmg-galleria-bariatric-surgery
Galleria Aesthetics5373 W Alabama StHouston77056(713) 552-1112https://www.galleriaantiaging.com
Boynton Plastic Surgery - James F. Boynton, Md, Facs1900 Saint James PlHouston77056(713) 800-6060
Bellaire Dermatology & Associates6565 West Loop S Ste 800Bellaire77401(713) 661-4383https://www.bellairedermatology.com
Nu-Derm1801 Candlelight Place DrHouston77018(281) 598-7000
Texas Laparoscopic Consultants1200 Binz St #950Houston77004(713) 493-7700https://www.tlcsurgery.com
Terry K Scarborough, Md1200 Binz St #950Houston77004(713) 493-7700https://www.tlcsurgery.com
Paily Paul Md1200 Binz St Ste 800Houston77004(713) 797-9191
Isaacs, George, Md1200 Binz St Ste 800Houston77004(713) 797-9191http://www.diagnosticclinic.com
Deaton, Benjamin A, Md1313 Hermann DrHouston77004(281) 580-9030https://geo-blocked-site.azurewebsites.net
Dr. Anita L Oneil, Md1313 Hermann Dr # 270Houston77004(281) 444-3681
Medifast Weight Control Centers2055 Westheimer Rd Ste 115Houston77098(713) 523-9900https://www.medifast1.com:443
Eatfitters Shepherd2611 S Shepherd Dr Ste 140Houston77098(713) 528-4422
Diet Designs1728 Bissonnet StHouston77005(281) 886-7888
Weight Loss Vip Md5900 Memorial DrHouston77007(832) 767-3647
Sollenne Nicholas P Iii Md1701 Sunset BlvdHouston77005(866) 413-2724http://www.drfahr.yourmd.com/invalid.html
Radoff Russell N Md1707 Sunset BlvdHouston77005(713) 526-5511https://mchllp.com
Hypoxi2800 Kirby Dr Ste B232Houston77098(713) 524-3950https://hypoxihouston.com
Weight Loss Solution, Houston2902 Kirby DrHouston77098(813) 615-6388
Livingston Plastic Surgery6410 Fannin St Ste 927Houston77030(281) 501-1812https://www.drchrislivingston.com
Healthy Weigh2801 Bammel LnHouston77098(713) 622-6422
Kids Nutrition Houston3730 Kirby Dr Ste 1100Houston77098(713) 302-9333https://www.kidsnutritionhouston.com
Healthy Weigh2010 W 14Th StHouston77008(713) 622-6422
Amato, Paula, Md6550 Fannin StHouston77030(713) 798-7500
Weight Inc12 Greenway PlzHouston77046(713) 628-0507https://www.chaione.com
River Oaks Med Spa3100 Timmons Lane Suite 100Houston77027(713) 621-2600http://www.riveroaksdomesticagency.com
Weight Loss Vip Md1415 North Loop WHouston77008(713) 300-9298
Houston Liposuction Center1961 W T C Jester Blvd Ste 102Houston77008(713) 777-5476https://www.houstonliposuction.com
Weight Loss Services Of Houston3860 W Alabama St Suite 140Houston77027(832) 408-0953http://weightloss.allofhouston.com
Total Nutrition3901 Richmond AveHouston77027(713) 942-9779https://totalnutritionhouston.com
Advanced Laser Solutions3905 Richmond AveHouston77027(832) 831-8315https://www.botoxrn.com
Physicians Surgicenter Of Houston7515 Main St Ste 800Houston77030(713) 799-9990
Memorial Hermann Medical Group Urology Greater Heights1631 North Loop WHouston77008(713) 244-6999https://www.memorialhermann.org
Fehrle Sherrie1631 North Loop W Ste 520Houston77008(713) 861-2424
Dr G's Weight Loss7900 Fannin St Ste 2400Houston77054(832) 224-5350https://www.drgsweightloss.com
Dr. Jeoffrey K Wolens, Md2727 Gramercy St Ste 225Houston77025(713) 665-4567
Vip Pediatrics2727 Gramercy St Ste 225Houston77025(713) 665-4567https://www.vippediatrics.com
Tran Van1001 West Loop S Ste 813Houston77027https://drnikko.com
Fitness Connection7098 Bissonnet St , 200Houston77074(713) 771-4000http://www.fitnessconnectionofhouston.com
Black Tiger Martial Arts12218 Jones Rd Suite JHouston770702817941539https://blacktigermartialarts.com
Affordable Urgent Care & Family Practice5033 Farm To Market 1960 Road West #104Houston77069(281) 919-2061http://affordableuc.com
Texas Weight Loss Center- Spring Branch8312 Long Point RoadHouston77055(713) 637-4141https://txwlc.com
Bariatric Care Centers5757 Westheimer Rd #104Houston77057(713) 339-1353http://www.drbrianmirza.com
Hypoxi Houston3772 Richmond AveHouston77046(713) 524-3950https://hypoxihouston.com
Shape Body Center5600 Nw Central Dr #204Houston77092(713) 482-1349https://www.shapebodycenter.com
Body Styles Fitness Training13312 Fm 1960 Rd WHouston77065(281) 955-5339
Cyfair Health & Wellness12121 Jones Rd.Houston770702819550000https://www.zmedclinic.com
Family Chiropractic & Nutrition Center17300 El Camino RealHouston77058(281) 486-7922
Quick Weight Loss Centers Inc - Willowbrook Shopping Mall7528 Fm 1960 Road WestHouston77070(281) 469-8446http://weightlosscentersusa.com
Ww (Weight Watchers)12262 Farm To Market 1960Houston77065+1 800-651-6000https://www.weightwatchers.com/us/find-a-workshop/1191220/ww-s
Ww (Weight Watchers)5000 Westheimer RoadHouston77056+1 800-651-6000https://www.weightwatchers.com/us/404
Memorial Hermann Memorial City Medical Center915 Gessner Road, Suite 720Houston77024(713) 830-9100https://www.memorialhermann.org
Hispano - American Family Clinic12779 Jones Rd Ste 109Houston77070(346) 206-3963https://hispano-american-family-clinic.business.site
Houston Sleeve Surgery Clinic5757 Westheimer Road #100BHouston77057(281) 888-7767http://www.houstonsleevesurgery.com
Texas Intergrative Pain Institute - Greenspoint411 North Sam Houston Parkway East #280Houston77060(346) 888-5237https://tipirelief.net
Texas Center For Lifestyle Medicine5252 Hollister St , Suite 201Houston77040(713) 690-1991https://www.texascenterforlifestylemedicine.org
Ww (Weight Watchers)760 Kingwood DriveKingwood77339+1 800-651-6000https://www.weightwatchers.com/us/find-a-workshop/1191700/ww-s
A New You Galleria50 Briar Hollow LnHouston77057(281) 886-7888https://www.anewyou.co
The Edge Personal Training767 N. Shepherd, O AthletikHouston77007(832) 760-6283https://www.edge-trainer.com
Rodriguez Rejuvenation4126 Southwest Fwy Ste 1200Houston77027(713) 523-2500https://www.rodriguezrejuvenation.com
Unique S Medical Svcs7447 Harwin Dr, Suite 109Houston77036(832) 821-5677https://uniquesmedicalsvcs.com
Lifelong Weight Loss3100 Weslayan St #253Houston77027(713) 299-1634https://www.lifelongweightloss.com
Innovative Lasers Of Houston2323 S. Voss Rd, Ste 100 , Ste 525Houston77057(281) 888-3094https://www.innovativelasersofhouston.com
Beautiful Diamonds Body Spa10333 Harwin DriveHouston77036(346) 320-4122https://houstonsbeautifuldiamonds.com
Profile By Sanford19111 Katy Fwy , Suite 200Houston77094(281) 374-4983
Binz Weight Loss Center1801 Binz St, Suite 501Houston77004(713) 600-8292http://binzweightloss.com
The Camp Transformation Center - Houston1420 Federal RdHouston77015(281) 743-6383https://thecamptc.com
Aura Md - Adult Adhd Psychiatrist - Dr. Ashley Toutounchi952 Echo Lane , Suite 210Houston77024(832) 430-2872https://auramd.com
Preferred Gynecology427 West 20Th St, Suite 706Houston77008(713) 485-4302https://preferredgynecology.com
Image District Med Spa™5885 San Felipe #525Houston77057(832) 295-0080
Elite Care Medical Services7447 Harwin Dr, Ste 109Houston77036(832) 251-6524
Eado Weight Loss Center At Guadalupe Clinic3413 Canal StreetHouston77003(713) 225-1919https://www.eadoweightlosscenter.com
Z Med Clinic | Weight Loss And Hormone Therapy4101 Greenbriar Dr, Unit 238Houston77098(713) 541-6988https://www.zmedclinic.com
Spa Tada3056 Northpark DriveHouston77339(281) 713-9933
Plush And Pink Body Sculpting2323 South Voss Rd Ste 670Houston77057(832) 985-1647
Ww Studio Eldridge Town Ctr12262 Farm To Market 1960 Rd W, Eldridge Town CtrHouston77065https://www.weightwatchers.com/us/find-a-workshop/1191220/ww-
Ww Studio @ St. Matthews United Methodist Church Houston4300 N. Shepherd Drive , St. Matthews United Methodist ChurchHouston77018https://www.weightwatchers.com/us/find-a-workshop/1254109/ww-
Dr. W Dermatology2000 Crawford, Suite 1530Houston770022817710494https://drwdermatology.com
Image Enhancement Center6363 Woodway Dr.Houston77057(713) 774-6243https://www.imageenhancementcenter.net
Aesthetic Medical Center: Shanti Powell, Md2505 Dunlavy StreetHouston77006(281) 206-0056
Dr. Bob Rakowski, Dc Natural Medicine Center449 Bay Area BoulevardHouston77062(281) 286-6040https://www.drbobrakowski.com
Quick Weight Loss2615 Southwest Freeway, #250Houston77098(713) 266-4772https://quickweightloss.net
Life Extension Center5847 San Felipe St # 17Houston77057(713) 627-8686https://healthyfix.com
Houston Fitness Experts1997 W Gray St, Suite AHouston77019(281) 814-1764
La Weight Loss Centers3100 Wilcrest DriveHouston77042(713) 339-4250
Weight Loss Solutions12303 Westheimer RdHouston77077(832) 230-0835
Mj Weight Loss Center & Family Clinic8700 Commerce Park Dr, Suite 250Houston77036(713) 774-1550
Houston Liposuction Center1961 West Tc Jester #102Houston77008(713) 777-5476
Quick Weight Loss Centers19730 Katy FwyHouston77094(713) 455-1194https://quickweightloss.net
Neweigh8111 N Stadium DrHouston77054(713) 795-0200
Hammond-White Clinic808 Travis St
Ste 1505
Houston77002(713) 223-3663
Curves For Women1956 El Dorado BoulevardHouston77062(281) 990-9636
Curves For Women13420 Tomball Pkwy., Ste. CHouston77086(281) 272-9292
Living Fit Nutrition By Herbalife Associate814 Uvalde RoadHouston77015(281) 701-7966
Curves For Women11003 Fuqua St.Houston77089(713) 910-8500http://www.smoothlaser.com
Ww (Weight Watchers)14520 Memorial Drive , Ste BHouston77079+1 800-651-6000https://www.weightwatchers.com/us/find-a-workshop/1191180/ww-s
9Round2027 S Shepherd DrHouston77019(832) 566-8004
Curves For Women444 W. 19Th StreetHouston77008(713) 861-9602
Curves For Women-Woodforest13301 East Freeway Suite 221Houston77015(713) 330-1200https://www.woodforest.com
Curves For Women4617 Montrose Blvd, Ste C150Houston77006(713) 524-5005
Curves For Women-West U5326 Weslayan StreetHouston77005(713) 839-0500
Curves For Women11510 Homestead Road, Ste. 100Houston77016(281) 227-3816
Curves For Women710 Cypress Creek ParkwayHouston77090(281) 537-8964
River Oaks Weight Loss Center510 Waugh Dr Ste AHouston77019(832) 991-6772https://loseweightgainbeauty.com
Z Med Clinic Med Spa & Weight Loss4101 Greenbriar Dr #238Houston77098(713) 541-6988https://www.zmedclinic.com
Texas Weight Loss Center8330 Long Point,Ste AHouston77055(346) 718-2889https://www.txwlc.com
Jenny Craig Weight Loss Center5132-B Richmond AveHouston77056(713) 850-1080https://locations.jennycraig.com/tx/houston/weight-loss-center-3054.html
Jenny Craig Weight Loss CenterC/O Walgreens #3735,1919 W Gray StHouston77019(346) 200-2123https://locations.jennycraig.com/tx/houston/weight-loss-center-5662.html
Jenny Craig Weight Loss CenterC/O Walgreens #9696,2605 W Holcombe BlvdHouston77025(346) 200-2126https://locations.jennycraig.com/tx/houston/weight-loss-center-5664.html
Quick Weight Loss Centers2615 Southwest Fwy Ste 250Houston77098(713) 714-0687https://quickweightloss.net
Eado Weight Loss Center At Guadalupe Clinic3413 Canal StreetHouston77003(713) 225-1919https://www.eadoweightlosscenter.com
Weight Loss & Metabolic Center At Baylor St. Luke's Medical Center - Houston, Tx7200 Cambridge St Ste 8AHouston77030(713) 798-6673https://www.chistlukeshealth.org/locations/weight-loss-metabolic-center-baylor-st-lukes-medical-center?utm_source=LocalSearch&utm_medium=Facility&utm_campaign=CHITexas&utm_term=WeightLoss&MetabolicCenteratBaylorStLukesMedicalCenter
Physicians Weight Loss Centers9738 Katy FwyHouston77055(713) 722-7952https://www.pwlc.com
Houston Weight Loss Medical Center4141 Southwest FwyHouston77027(713) 337-1927
Quick Weight Loss Centers9731 Westheimer RdHouston77042(713) 266-4772https://quickweightloss.net
Texas Weight Loss Center11226 Southwest Fwy Ste BHouston77031(281) 499-6444https://www.txwlc.com
Image Weight Loss Center11037 Fm 1960 Rd WHouston77065(832) 237-2300https://looseweightez.com
Physicians Weight Loss4028 Bellaire BlvdHouston77025(832) 538-1445https://www.pwlc.com
Clinic 458221 Gulf Fwy #400Houston77017(713) 847-9400https://www.clinic45.com
Image Weight Loss Centers1210 Nasa PkwyHouston77058(281) 333-1377https://looseweightez.com
Houston Weight Loss Surgery Center4120 Southwest Fwy Ste 230Houston77027(832) 963-3221https://houstonsleevesurgeon.com
Next Level Fitness3811 Law St.Houston77005(713) 218-8718https://thenextlevelfitness.com
Newstart At Memorial Hermann Texas Medical Center | Weight Loss Surgery Center6411 Fannin StHouston77030(713) 704-5823https://memorialhermann.org/services/specialties/weightloss
Houston Medical Wellness5910 Fairdale LnHouston77057(713) 781-1905https://houstonmedicalwellness.com
Bellaire Weight Loss Hormone Center6030 S Rice Ave Ste AHouston77081(713) 662-3376https://loseweightgainbeauty.com
Binz Weight Loss Center1801 Binz St Ste 501Houston77004(713) 600-8292http://binzweightloss.com
Texas Laparoscopic Consultants1200 Binz St Ste 950Houston77004(713) 493-7700https://www.tlcsurgery.com
Lifelong Weight Loss3100 Weslayan St Ste 253Houston77027(713) 299-1634https://www.lifelongweightloss.com
Kids Nutrition Houston3730 Kirby Dr #1100Houston77098(713) 302-9333https://www.kidsnutritionhouston.com
Weight Loss Clinics Of America2626 S Loop WHouston77054(713) 589-9115


Losing weight is one of the most popular resolutions every year. But who has time to go to a gym or work out? And what if you don’t know how to exercise properly in order to lose those pounds and inches?

The solution…

Find an expert Houston-based weight loss clinic that can help you get started on your healthy journey.

Use the listing of weight loss clinics in Houston that are found in this article to help you get started and have your questions answered.

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