How To Find Cheap Daycare Programs In Houston

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19 Ways To Find Affordable Daycare In Houston

In this community resource guide, you will learn about 19 options for cheap daycare in Houston.

If you are worried about affording daycare, you’re not alone. It can be expensive, but a necessary expense for working parents. That’s why we put together this list of 18 ways to find cheap Houston childcare.

Daycare is an important part of your child’s development – and it’s important to find one that fits both your budget and your needs. Hopefully, this list helps make the process a little bit easier for you.

Continue reading to learn about Houston daycare and summer programs that can help you save money on childcare services.

1.) Head Start Programs In Houston

Head Start programs offer low cost daycare for income-eligible families. If you are low income or receive government benefits like SNAP, Medicaid, WIC, or free lunch then there is a good chance that you could qualify for a head start program.

There are 2 types of head start programs:

  1. Head Start – This is for children ages 3 through 5 years old.
  2. Early Head Start – Children 6 months through 3 years go to early head start programs.

Head Start programs offer discounts on daycare in Houston. Because of this, they are popular, and sometimes space is limited. In order to apply for a head start program, you will need to contact a program near you.

In order to find a Houston head start program near you, you can visit a website like HCDE to find local centers.

The main head start locators in Houston are Advance, Baker Ripley, Gulf Coast Community Services, and Harris County Department of Education. These agencies oversee head start programs in various areas of town. Even if you called the wrong program the individual answering can connect you with the right organization for your area.

To learn more about how Houston head start programs work, see the guide we created called How To Apply For Head Start Programs In Houston. You will find step-by-step instructions on applying and contact numbers to help you find a low-cost daycare near you.

2.) Workforce: Houston NCI Daycare Assistance Program

Workforce Solutions is an employment agency in Houston that provides you with support services to help you find work. For those who are already working parents, also offer financial assistance to help you pay for child care services.

Eligible families that can potentially qualify for this child care financial assistance in Houston must meet these guidelines:

  • Live in a county that Texas Workforce Commission serves.
  • Have a job, be attending school, or some type of job training.
  • Also, you must meet income guidelines to receive a child care subsidy.

Low income families in the following counties can apply for help with childcare services:

  • Austin
  • Brazoria
  • Chambers
  • Colorado
  • Fort Bend
  • Galveston
  • Harris
  • Liberty
  • Matagorda
  • Montgomery
  • Walker
  • Waller
  • Wharton

To learn more about income limits, work/school requirements, and find offices where you can apply for NCI daycare assistance in Houston read this community resource guide. It has all the answers to these questions. You can also contact the Workforce Solutions childcare number at 713.334.5980.

3.) Community Centers In Houston That Offer Daycare

Community centers often offer daycare services at a lower cost than for-profit daycares. They may also offer other programs that can help stretch your budget, such as after-school programs or discounts for families in need.

If you live near a City of Houston multi-service center or a Harris County community center these are good places to check for cheap childcare programs in Houston. Many of these locations offer supportive services for children like daycare, after-school programs, and summer camp programs. Once your children get out of school for the summer, you can contact county community centers to learn about any free programs they might offer. Programs are typically offered to children and adolescents to keep them occupied during the summer months.

City Of Houston Multi-Service Centers

The City of Houston community centers is called multi-service centers. At these locations, you can typically find supportive services like senior programs, WIC, and sometimes even childcare. If you live near any one of these multi-service centers be sure to contact them to ask about any low-cost Houston daycare programs they offer.

  • Acres Homes MSC – 6719 W. Montgomery Rd. Houston, TX 77091
  • Denver Harbor MSC – 6402 Market St. Houston, TX 77020
  • 5th Ward MSC – 4014 Market St. Houston, Texa 77020
  • Hiram Clark MSC – 3810 W. Fuqua St. Houston, TX 77045
  • Kashmere MSC – 4802 Lockwood Dr Houston, TX 77026
  • Magnolia MSC – 7037 Capitol St. Houston, TX 77011
  • Northeast MSC – 9720 Spaulding St. Houston, TX 77016
  • Southwest MSC – 6400 High Star Dr. Houston, TX 77074
  • Sunnyside MSC – 9314 Cullen Blvd. Houston, TX 77051
  • 3rd Ward MSC – 3611 Ennis St. Houston, TX 77004
  • West End MSC – 170 Heights Blvd. Houston, TX 77020

You can visit the City of Houston’s health department webpage to learn more about the services offered at each of the above MSCs.

Harris County Community Centers

In this section, you will find a listing of community centers that Harris County manages. Many of these Harris Co. community centers offer head start, early childhood, and summer day camp programs to kids.

Harris County Precinct 1 Community Centers

If you live near any of these community centers, consider calling them to see if they have daycare programs.

  • Alexander Deussen Senior Center – 12303 Sonnier St, Houston, TX 77044 – 832.927.2100
  • Finnigan Community Center – 4900 Providence St, Houston, TX 77020 – (713) 678-7385
  • Barbara Jordan Community Center – 6400 Winfield Rd, Houston, TX 77050 – (346) 286-1805
  • Hardy Community Center – 11901 W Hardy Rd, Houston, TX 77076 – (281) 260-6772
  • Cavalcade Community Center – 3815 Cavalcade St, Houston, TX 77026 – (713) 675-0004
  • Julia C. Hester House Community Center – 2020 Solo St, Houston, TX 77020 – (713) 274-1394
  • Challenger 7 Learning Center – 2301 W Nasa Blvd, Webster, TX 77598 – (832) 927-1175
  • Lincoln Park Community Center – 979 Grenshaw St, Houston, TX 77088 (281) 445-1617
  • Christia Adair Community Center -15107 Cullen Blvd, Houston, TX 77047 – (346) 286-1805
  • Tom Bass Community Center – 15108 Cullen Blvd, Houston, TX 77047 – (713) 733-3717
  • El Franco Lee Community Center – 9500 Hall Rd, Houston, TX 77089 -(281) 464-9708

Harris County Precinct 2 Community Centers

Contact any of these community centers in Precinct 2 to see if they offer childcare or summer programs.

  • Bay Area Community Center – 5002 E NASA Parkway Seabrook, TX 77586 – 713-274-2222
  • East Harris County Activity Center – 7340 Spencer HighwayPasadena, TX 77505 – 713-274-2222
  • Felix L. Baldree Community Center – 13828 Corpus Christi Houston, TX 77015 – 713-274-2222
  • J.D. Walker Community Center – 7613 Wade Road Baytown, TX 77521 – 713-274-2222
  • Leonel J. Castillo Community Center – 2101 South Street Houston, TX 77009 – 713-274-2222
  • Martin L. Flukinger Community Center – 16003 Lorenzo Street Channelview, TX 77530 – 713-274-2222
  • North East Harris Community Center – 10918 1/2 Bentley Houston, TX 77093 – 713-274-2222
  • Pep Mueller Activity Center – 14750 Henry Houston, TX 77060 – 713.274.2222

Harris County Precinct 3 Community Centers

Contact any of these locations if you live close by and need affordable daycare options in Harris County.

  • Big Stone Lodge -709 Riley Fuzzel Road, Spring, Texas 77373- (281) 350-1029
  • Vera May Community Center – 2100 Wolf Rd, Huffman, TX 77336 – (713) 274-2434
  • Crosby Community Center – 409 Hare Rd, Crosby, TX, 77532 – (832) 927-7730
  • San Jacinto Community Center – 604 Highland Woods Dr, Highlands, TX 77562 – (713) 274-2860
  • Barrett Station/Riley Chambers Community Center – 808 ½ Magnolia Ave., Crosby, Texas 77532 – (713) 274-2040
  • Trini Mendenhall Community Center – 1414 Wirt Road, Houston, Texas 77055 -(713) 274-3200
  • Juergen’s Hall Community Center – 26026 Hempstead Road, Cypress, Texas 77429 – (713) 274-3188

Harris County Precinct 4 Community Centers

These west Harris County community centers may offer up daycare programs or even summer programs for your children.

  • Bayland Community Center – 6400 Bissonnet St, Houston, TX 77074 – (713) 541-9951
  • Hockley Community Center – 28515 Old Washington Rd, Hockley, TX 77447 – (936) 931-5029
  • Jim and JoAnn Fonteno Senior Educaiton Center – 6600 Bissonnet St, Houston, TX 77074 – (713) 981-4703
  • Mary Jo Peckham Aquatic and Fitness Center – 5597 Gardenia Ln, Katy, TX 77493 – 281.391.4482
  • Richard and Meg Weekly Community Center – 8440 Greenhouse Rd, Cypress, TX 77433 – (713) 274-3161
  • Steve Radack Community Center – 18650 Clay Rd, Houston, TX 77084 – (832) 927-3000
  • Thomas A. Glazier Senior Education Center – 16600 Pine Forest Ln, Houston, TX 77084 – (713) 274-3250
  • Tracey Gee Community Center – 3599 Westcenter Dr, Houston, TX 77042 – (713) 266-8193

4.) Church Daycare Programs In Houston

If you attend a large church, there is a good chance that they offer some form of daycare. Many religious organizations offer daycare services at a reduced rate or even free of charge. Some churches also offer scholarships to help low income families pay for daycare.

Again, if you attend church on a regular basis speak to a member of your congregation to see if they offer daycare services. If so chances are this will be a cheaper option than going to a for-profit daycare in Houston.

If you do not have a church that you regularly attend, try contacting a church in your area to see if they offer daycare services. Another way to find religious organizations in Houston that could help with childcare is by reaching out to the Alliance of Community Assistance Ministries. This is a network of local churches that offer basic need services like rent, food, clothing, and in some cases cheap daycare.

5.) YMCA Child Care Centers In Houston

The YMCA offers a daycare program for children ages 6 weeks to 5 years old. They also offer affordable Houston after-school programs for kids 5 to 12 years old.

Houston YMCA Day Care Program

For ages 0-3, the program is designed to meet the needs of each individual child, and they offer updates so that parents know what their kids have been up to.

YMCA’s preschool focuses on a creative curriculum that gives students the ability to explore and learn at an exponential rate. In addition, YMCA staff works closely with parents in order to ensure their children are receiving the proper support needed for this age group.

To qualify for low cost to free YMCA childcare costs you will need to apply for financial assistance through Workforce Solutions.

After School Programs At Houston YMCA

The after-school program offers children a safe secure environment to learn and grow. This is especially important for children who come from single-parent homes or have working parents that can’t be home right after school.

Kids can get help with homework, eat snacks, participate in activities, and more. The YMCA can even accommodate children with special needs in their after-school program.

To register for any of their after-school programs in Houston, your child’s school will need to be partnered with the YMCA. You can check the list of schools that offer a YMCA after-school program by visiting the YMCA After School Site Liting webpage.

Child Watch Program

If you have a membership to the YMCA you can drop your child off at the Child Watch Program. While you attend YMCA classes, they will watch your child for 2 hours.

During this time they offer engaging activities like arts and crafts, exercise, learning activities, or outdoor play.

6.) Boys & Girls Clubs Of Greater Houston

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Houston offer affordable summer programs for children ages 6 to 17 years old. They have locations all over the city and offer things like:

  • Field trips
  • STEAM Camps
  • Activity camps
  • Team sports
  • Daily meals
  • Mentors and role models to learn from

The hours of these Houston daycare programs differ depending on the time of year.

  • School Year – 2 pm to 7 pm
  • Extended Days 9 am to 5 pm
  • Summer Time – 9 am to 5 pm

Houston Boys & Girls Club Membership Prices

Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Houston provides services to the youth in their area. Membership costs $10 per school year or $25 for the summer, and they offer programs that teach children life skills such as leadership, character building, etc.

There are potential waitlists for memberships, so keep this in mind when trying to apply for a Boys & Girls Club membership for your child.

Boys & Girls Club Locations In Houston

Below is a listing of the local Boys & Girls Clubs in the area. You can contact these locations to learn more about affordable summer programs in Houston for your kids and teens.

  • Allen Parkway – 1001 Bluebonnet Place Circle Houston, TX 77019 – 713.400.2172
  • Spring Oaks Middle – 2150 Shadowdale Drive Houston, TX 77043 – (832) 368-3956
  • Stafford – 3110 Fifth Street Stafford, TX 77477 – (832) 471-2588
  • The Women’s Home – 1905 Jacquelyn Street Houston, TX 77080 – (832) 453-3979
  • Westwood Elementary – 10595 Hammerly Blvd. Houston, TX 77043 – (832) 846-9966
  • Wharton Dobson – 2120 Newton Street Wharton, TX 77488 – (979) 282-9640
  • Wharton Teen Scene – 2120 Newton Street Wharton, TX 77488 – (979) 282-9660
  • Woodview Elementary – 9749 Cedardale Dr. Houston, TX 77055 – (832) 528-2948
  • Headquarters – 815 Crosby Street Houston, TX 77019 – (713) 868-3426
  • Galveston Island Teen Club – 4420 Avenue P Galveston, TX 77550 – (409) 763-2227
  • KIPP Sunnyside – 11000 Scott Street Houston, TX 77047 – (832) 846-9971
  • Mission Bend – 8709 Addicks Clodine Rd. Houston, TX 77083 – (346) 409-1502
  • Royal ISD (Brookshire) – 2500 Durkin Road Pattison, TX 77423 – (281) 934-3185
  • Richmond/Rosenberg – 1800 James L. Pink Blvd. Richmond, TX 77469 – (281) 232-7599
  • Spring Branch – 8575 Pitner Road Houston, TX 77080 (713) 690-3946
  • Spring Branch Elementary – 1700 Campbell Street Houston, TX 77080 – (832) 453-9298
  • Allen Parkway – 1001 Bluebonnet Place Cir Houston, TX 77019 – (713) 400-2172
  • Buffalo Creek – 2801 Blalock Road Houston, TX 77080 – (832) 792-1006
  • Fort Bend – 5525 Hobby Street Houston, TX 77053 – (281) 438-4720
  • Housman – 6705 Housman Street Houston, TX 77055 – (832) 244-6563
  • Houston Texans Teen Club – 1520-A Airline Houston, TX 77009 – (832) 804-7812
  • Jim & Barbara Morefield – 5950 Selinsky Road Houston, TX 77048 – (713) 991-5083
  • John & Cissy Havard – 1520 Airline Drive Houston, TX 77009 – (713) 862-7404
  • Johnny Mitchell – 4420 Avenue P Galveston, TX 77550 – (409) 763-2227

7.) Talk To Other Parents About Houston Daycare Options

Another way to find low cost daycare centers is by talking with other parents that you know. This can include coworkers with children, your family members, or even next-door neighbors who have kids.

When speaking with these individuals you will want to ask the following questions:

  • Where do they take their kids for daycare?
  • How much do they spend each week/month on daycare?
  • Are they happy with the service that their daycare provides?
  • Would they recommend their daycare provider to other parents?
  • Do they trust the people caring for their children?

One advantage of asking people that you know about daycare is you will get an honest option. They will share all the good and bad things about their daycare experience which can help you in your decision-making process.

Editor’s Note: On a personal note, my wife and I selected the daycare nanny we did because of a remark made by a friend about their nanny. The family friend claimed that their kid reaches out to hug their nanny every time they drop off their kid. This gave them assurance that the nanny genuinely cared for and loved their child.

cheap childcare houston

8.) Use Social Media To Find Affordable Childcare In Houston

In today’s day and age, social media is a powerful tool that can be used for many different things – including finding affordable daycare in Houston.

Two social media platforms that you can use to find low cost Houston childcare are Nextdoor and Facebook.

Searching Nextdoor For Affordable Houston Daycare Centers

If you are not familiar with Nextdoor, it is a social media platform that connects people who live in the same neighborhood.

To find daycare centers in your area, all you have to do is log into your Nextdoor account and click on the “Groups” tab. Then type in “daycare (your city/town name)” into the search bar and hit enter.

For example, if you live in Katy, Texas – you would type in “daycare katy tx” into the search bar.

This should bring up a list of daycare groups in your area that you can join.

Once you have joined one or more of these groups, start asking around to see if anyone knows of any daycare centers that provide affordable daycare services.

Facebook Daycare Groups

You can also use Facebook groups to find daycare centers in your area that provide affordable daycare services.

Here are a couple of childcare Facebook groups in Houston that you can check out:

9.) Groupon Discount Child Care Options

Maybe you didn’t realize this, but you can also find cheap daycare in Houston by visiting Groupon. Groupon is a website that offers deep discounts on various goods and services- including daycare.

groupon daycare houston

When you search “childcare” on Groupon you will see a listing of Houston daycare centers. The centers found here offer deep discounts on their childcare services. Discounts range from anywhere from 40 to 80% off the regular cost.

Typically these companies will offer their discounted prices from one week to a month. After this period ends you will pay the normal price for daycare.

10.) Living Social: Find Cheap Daycare In Houston

Living Social is just like Groupon. Groupon actually purchased Living Social, so you may see similar deals on both websites. The one difference between the two discount websites is that Groupon tends to only list more established companies. Living Social on the other hand allows newer businesses to post discounted deals.

Again Living Social is another way that you can get low cost daycare in Houston on a limited basis.

11.) Houston Daycare Centers (Contact Multiple Centers)

In this section, you will find a table full of daycare centers in Houston. You may be able to find a cheap daycare center near you, by calling these centers.

Type your zip code to see the Houston area daycare centers closest to you.

Rhema Kids Factory16730 Hedgecroft Dr Ste 305Houston77060(832) 230-3229Website
Three R s Plus Montessori1501 Herkimer StHouston77008(713) 861-4112Website
Children's Red Door Learning Academy Llc12035 De Forrest StHouston77066(281) 587-0030Website
Angels R Wee Learning Center5621 Dolores StHouston77057(281) 501-0797Website
Avalon Academy1616 Indiana StHouston77006(713) 524-1174Website
Sharpstown Daycare7303 Bellerive DrHouston77036(713) 977-7395Website
Childlike Faith Academy8642 Highway 6 NHouston77095(281) 856-7137Website
Academic Academy11948 Gloger StHouston77039(281) 219-3636Website
Cradles 2 Crayons Academy4930 Travis StHouston77002(713) 520-6633Website
Creative Care Academy9660 Beechnut StHouston77036(713) 778-0200Website
Doggie Daycare1805 S Shepherd DrHouston77019(713) 874-1300Website
Early Language Learners12107 Overcup DrHouston77024(713) 722-0063Website
Elena s Day Care12543 Westella Dr Ste AHouston77077(281) 759-9532Website
Fundemental Begining Daycare607 E Richey Rd Ste DHouston77073(281) 869-4770Website
Westpark Learning Center3969 S Gessner RdHouston77063(713) 975-7111Website
Happy Days Child Learning Center7330 Jackrabbit RdHouston77095(713) 466-4722Website
Holloway Preschool & Day Care6501 S Rice AveBellaire77401(713) 665-7420Website
Kids Express Academy8950 Will Clayton PkwyHumble77338(281) 446-4218Website
Miss Pattycake Childcare2513 Sunset BlvdHouston77005(713) 526-6810Website
Kids R Us Academy9385 Richmond AveHouston77063(713) 784-2379Website
Kids R Young Learning Center8245 Mills RdHouston77064(281) 807-6430Website
Kinder College Learning Academy - Huffmeister6903 Huffmeister RdHouston77084(281) 463-7409Website
Kings Kids Academy10824 Kingspoint RdHouston77075(713) 948-0443Website
Kipling Street Academy1425 Kipling StreetHouston77007(713) 529-4472Website
Kompany Kids- Houston, Texas Child Development Center2030 Post Oak BlvdHouston77056(713) 621-4006Website
Lac Hong Adult Day Care6628 Wilcrest Dr Ste AHouston77072(281) 776-9955Website
Laugh N Discover Early Learning Center7424 Fairbanks N Houston RdHouston77040(713) 462-1234Website
Locomotion Early Learning Center16427 W Little York RdHouston77084(281) 656-2501Website
Mischer Healthcare Service9 Greenway Plz Ste 2900Houston77046(713) 802-7950Website
Montessori Country Day School5117 La Branch StHouston77004(713) 520-0738Website
Mount Olive Early Childhood Education10310 Scarsdale BlvdHouston77089(281) 922-4453Website
Nabor House Community8009 Long Point RdHouston77055(281) 556-3290Website
Old Yale Adult Day Activities Center4414 Old Yale StHouston77018(713) 695-6100Website
Promise Kids Learning Academy11221 Bissonnet StHouston77099(832) 379-3334Website
Rising Stars Learning Center2320 Blalock RdHouston77080(713) 647-0061Website
Mothers Day Out & Nursery School7200 Bellaire BlvdHouston77074(713) 772-1819Website
School Of The Woods Montessori1321 Wirt RdHouston77055(713) 686-8811Website
St Andrew Early Childhood Center1353 Witte RdHouston77055(713) 468-0026Website
The Caring Place Adult Daycare6717 Stuebner Airline RdHouston77091(713) 692-6061Website
St Matthews Child Development Center4300 N Shepherd DrHouston77018(713) 692-6055Website
Sweet Home Assisted Living13820 Eagle Pass StHouston77015(713) 450-3222Website
The Children s Academy Of Higher Learning5115 Golf DrHouston77018(713) 682-2090Website
The Oasis Treatment Center6035 Airline Dr Suite 3, Houston, Tx 77076Houston77076(832) 338-7103Website
Westchase Academy10085 Westpark Dr Ste DHouston77042(713) 783-2520Website
Abc Children s Academy9450 Round Up LnHouston77064(832) 604-6062Website
A La Chateau Learning Center6955 Almeda RdHouston77021(713) 520-0165Website
All Star Kids Academy12610 Richmond AveHouston77082(281) 558-2379Website
Americas Angels Child Placing440 Benmar DrHouston77060(713) 936-0787Website
Astros Learning & Daycare Center2722 Pasadena BlvdPasadena77502(832) 322-1294Website
Avalon Learning Center9778 Katy FwyHouston77055(281) 501-0025Website
Beacon School & Child Care402 Dwire DrLa Porte77571(281) 471-3622Website
Monarch Child Development Center3150 Yellowstone BlvdHouston77054(713) 440-7200Website
Southbelt Montessori Learning12495 Scarsdale BlvdHouston77089(281) 484-7222Website
Kinder City Day Care4614 Belle Park DrHouston77072(281) 498-4933Website
Creative Connections Childrens Center9302 Wilcrest DrHouston77099(281) 568-1121Website
Child Care Licensing2221 West Loop SHouston77027(713) 940-5200Website
1St Step 2 Life3738 Griggs RdHouston77021(832) 491-0603Website
Center For Early Childhood Education5504 Chaucer DrHouston77005(346) 240-3934Website
Center In Houston For Infant Learning And Development1112 Prairie StHouston77002(713) 222-2482Website
Early Childhood Learning Center8830 Galveston RdHouston77034(713) 946-5437Website
Early Learning Center10851 Scarsdale BlvdHouston77089(832) 672-6610Website
Fundamental Beginnings Daycare, Llc607 E Richey RdHouston77073(281) 869-4770Website
Joy Child Learning Center11200 Steeplecrest DrHouston77065(281) 955-9486Website
Growing In Graces5154 E Sam Houston Pkwy NHouston77015(281) 457-1474Website
Happy Days Childcare Cypress10807 Huffmeister RdHouston77065(832) 912-4358Website
Happy Harbour Preschool3459 Deke Slayton ExpyLeague City77573(281) 538-1515Website
Discovery Kids3901 Spencer HwyPasadena77504(713) 910-9100Website
New Horizons Childrens Center5151 E Sam Houston Pkwy SPasadena77505(281) 991-0415Website
Horizons Ministry5161 E Sam Houston Pkwy SPasadena77505(281) 991-0415Website
Houston Kidz Center713 E Airtex DrHouston77073(281) 443-7787Website
Houston Montessori Center7807 Long Point Rd., Suite 100Houston77055(713) 465-7670Website
Ikids Inc.3000 Richmond Avenue, Suite 250Houston77098(713) 665-5200Website
Joycare Pediatric Day Health Center6440 Sands Point DrHouston77074(713) 929-2273Website
Kandy Stripe Academy & Child Care8701 Delilah St.Houston77033Website
Bayou City Activity Center3903 Hartsdale DrHouston77063(713) 784-0053Website
Kingdom Care Academy11210 Sageheather DrHouston77089(832) 230-8814Website
Kings Kids821 Fairmont PkwyPasadena77504(713) 944-4712Website
Kids R Kids10708 Ranchstone DrHouston77064(281) 807-0999Website
Hope Adult Daycare Center Inc6139 Wilcrest DrHouston77072(281) 879-4614Website
Little Ones Daycare1905 Shaver StPasadena77502(713) 534-9770Website
Little Thinkers2933 Westhollow DrHouston77082(281) 578-6787Website
Mothertheresadaycarecenter802 Rankin RdHouston77073(281) 982-5480Website
Mrs. Janet's Children Of The Future12490 Scarsdale BlvdHouston77089(281) 464-2366Website
New Beth*Le*Hem Learning5861 W Gulf Bank RdHouston77088(713) 454-7840Website
New Creation Care7923 Dairy View LnHouston77072(281) 879-0106Website
Old School Tutoring & After School Care1601 Sunset BlvdHouston77005(713) 510-3102Website
Parkgate Children s Center3715 Preston AvePasadena77505(281) 487-4283Website
Peaceful Beginnings Montessori Academy3531 S. Dairy Ashford Suite DHouston77082(281) 372-6547Website
The Children s Activity Center5801 Edgemoor DrHouston77081Website
St Mark s Child Development Center600 Pecore StHouston77009(713) 861-4443Website
Spirtual Beginnings Child Care12685 Hiram Clarke RdHouston77045(713) 721-5900Website
Striven School For Infants3634 Du Bois StHouston77051(713) 962-5703Website
Super Kids Academy9925 N Houston Rosslyn RdHouston77088(713) 466-8296Website
Little Longhorns Daycare10330 Blackhawk BlvdHouston77089(281) 412-4411Website
Treehouse Learning Center5204 Spruce StBellaire77401(832) 516-7677Website
Footsteps Mothers Day Out3407 Bissonnet StHouston77005(713) 666-9403Website
Wiggle Room1107 Vista RdPasadena77504(281) 870-2897Website
Adventure Kids Playcare10403 Katy Fwy #220Houston77024(713) 838-1414Website
Allbright Academy12321 Bissonnet StHouston77099(281) 988-9610Website
All Stars Day Care & Preschool917 Greens RdHouston77060(281) 872-1916Website
Alpha Academy4627 Vista RdPasadena77504(713) 325-2122Website
Alphabet Club14530 Old Katy RdHouston77079(281) 589-2626Website
Alpha Child Development Center15502 Silver Ridge DrHouston77090(281) 866-8380Website
America s Choice Childcare Center - Inwood8116 Antoine DrHouston77088(512) 766-9246Website
America s Choice Children s Center10792 Bellaire BlvdHouston77072(281) 933-7490Website
America s Choice Children Center10600 Bellaire Blvd Ste 111Houston77072(281) 983-5622Website
America’S Choice Children’S Center11855 Bissonnet StHouston77099(281) 498-3895Website
Angel s World Childcare Center13390 Jones RdHouston77070(281) 955-8288Website
Ascent Emergency Room2280 Holcombe BlvdHouston77030(713) 574-1166Website
Big Blue Marble Academy Friendswood3001 Bay Area BlvdFriendswood77546(281) 688-2290Website
Bethany Christian School3223 Westheimer RdHouston77098(713) 523-1609Website
Brentwood Children Academy7210 N Eldridge PkwyHouston77041(713) 466-9407Website
Child Development Center15014 Aldine Westfield RdHouston77032(281) 985-7465Website
Home Sweet Home Child Care16618 Clay Rd Ste 400Houston77084(281) 656-2273Website
Cindy s In Home Child Care18719 Wonder Land WayHouston77084(281) 732-7768Website
Lety s House In Home Child Care708 Janisch RdHouston77018(713) 320-7117Website
My Children s Choice Academy3100 Hillcroft St Ste HHouston77057(713) 360-7775Website
My Children s Choice Academy 22720 Westerland DrHouston77063(713) 637-4184Website
Children s Lighthouse Of Houston - Oak Forest2109 W 34th StHouston77018(713) 588-0263Website
Children's Lighthouse Of Houston - Lake Houston14505 W Lake Houston PkwyHouston77044(281) 594-7008Website
Children s Lighthouse Of League City - Mag Creek4496 W League City PkwyLeague City77573(281) 557-7700Website
Children s Lighthouse Of Seabrook2551 Humble DrSeabrook77586(281) 909-4008Website
City Kids Learning Academy3410 Inverness Path LnHouston77053(281) 317-0006Website
Clear Lake Child Care16020 El Camino RealHouston77062(281) 954-6339Website
Clear Lake Children s Center16815 Royal Crest DrHouston77058(832) 240-4027Website
Cloud Of Light Christian Daycare - Learning Center16305 Westheimer RdHouston77082(281) 920-3087Website
Hope s Academy & Childcare16233 Clay RdHouston77084(281) 345-8777Website
Computer Kids Daycare4614 Belle Park DrHouston77072(281) 914-4999Website
Cornerstone Children Academy8515 Brookwulf DrHouston77072(281) 416-4394Website
Houston Center For Contemporary Craft4848 Main StHouston77002(713) 529-4848Website
Creative Years Early Learning Center17135 Kieth Harrow BlvdHouston77084(281) 550-9605Website
Creme De La Creme1400 San Jacinto StHouston77002(713) 655-7682Website
Vn Day Care Center10150 Almeda Genoa RdHouston77075(713) 941-2511Website
Distinct Abilities14045 Space Center BlvdHouston77062(281) 488-0436Website
Dry Clean Super Center6327 N Eldridge PkwyHouston77041(713) 896-8858Website
D unique School Of Learning8644 Richmond AveHouston77063(713) 334-5656Website
Elite City Kids13214 Long Glen DrHouston77039(281) 372-1119Website
Enanny Source3701 Kirby Dr Ste 989Houston77098(888) 963-7561Website
Aldine Independent School District7220 Inwood Park DrHouston77088(281) 878-7950Website
Exploring Minds Learning Center5211 Barker Cypress RdHouston77084(832) 674-8110Website
First Christian School1601 Sunset BlvdHouston77005(713) 526-8125Website
Learn & Grow Academy700 Telephone RdHouston77023(713) 928-8779Website
Academy Of Little Scholars Inc8802 W Montgomery RdHouston77088(281) 820-3332Website
Annie s Nu-Way Child Care3901 Aldine Mail Route RdHouston77039(281) 372-1105Website
Cranbrook Early Learning Center13331 Kuykendahl RdHouston77090(281) 872-8814Website
Dawninglight 24Hr Child Care934 S 14th StLa Porte77571(281) 842-9812Website
Footprints Of Angels Child Care4837 Wilmington StHouston77033(713) 738-0072Website
In Loving Hands Daycare604 Shaver StPasadena77506(713) 473-0218Website
Kiddie Kingdom Day Care & Learning Center1020 Fm 1960 RdHouston77073(281) 443-8154Website
Learning Garden Child Care Center6672 Antoine DrHouston77091(713) 682-0601Website
Lifestyles Recreational Center6717 Stuebner Airline RdHouston77091(713) 691-7988Website
Lil Folks Daycare Center11331 Veterans Memorial DrHouston77067(281) 537-5333Website
Meadowbrook Learning Center8202 Howard DrHouston77017(713) 643-3761Website
Ne-Ne s Kiddie Kollege5410 Scott StHouston77021(713) 748-7797Website
Pinwheels Childrens Center10950 Briar Forest DrHouston77042(713) 784-2273Website
Pye s Day Care Center5437 Maywood DrHouston77053(281) 437-5962Website
So Ho Child Care612 College AveSouth Houston77587(713) 944-1069Website
Teaching And Learning Center Of Texas4747 Bellaire BlvdBellaire77401(713) 666-0966Website
America Tower2929 Allen PkwyHouston77019(832) 871-5700Website
Walker s Day Care Center Inc8432 Livingston StHouston77051(713) 734-3583Website
Young & Gifted Learning Center10300 Bammel North Houston RdHouston77086(281) 591-2425Website
A Fresh Start7809 Winship StHouston77028(713) 635-1081Website
Fun Time Day Care Center324 Dale StHouston77060(281) 999-0971Website
Gloria Dei Early Childhood Ministries18220 Upper Bay RdHouston77058(281) 333-3323Website
Gloria's Childcare5506 Post Oak Manor DrHouston77085(832) 605-0343Website
Greater Heights School1331 Studewood StHouston77008Website
The Greenhouse Learning Center10614 Sabo RdHouston77089(713) 941-6400Website
The Growing Place228 N Texas AveWebster77598(281) 248-8912Website
Growing Scholars Montessori8821 Bridge Park DrHouston77064(281) 807-3330Website
Holy Cross Early Learning Center7901 Westview DrHouston77055(713) 461-5535Website
Homegrown Kids Child Care Center2801 Harkey RdPearland77584(281) 485-7210Website
World Of Wisdom17926 Highway 3Webster77598(281) 557-2273Website
I Kids Inc3718 W Alabama StHouston77027(832) 429-6867Website
Ivy Kids Early Learning Center1906 Country Place PkwyPearland77584(713) 433-7300Website
Joyful Spring Child Care Center15330 Willow River DrHouston77095(832) 531-3691Website
Kandiland Day School180 Westover Park AveLeague City77573(281) 338-9625Website
Kathy s Kiddie Corner16225 Cairnway DrHouston77084(281) 602-8244Website
Kid City Ii333 Spruce StDickinson77539(281) 337-0500Website
Kiddie Academy Of League City-East2010 E League City PkwyLeague City77573(281) 538-5437Website
Kiddie Academy Of League City-West1820 Butler RoadLeague City77573(832) 905-3160Website
Kids Plus Academy4506 Laura Koppe RdHouston77016(713) 633-7587Website
Kids R Kids Learning Academy Of Copperfield15230 Forest Trails DrHouston77095(281) 550-3060Website
Kids R Kids Learning Academy Of Fall Creek8221 N Sam Houston Pkwy EHumble77396(281) 446-0063Website
Kids R Kids Learning Academy Of League City Centerpointe1092 W League City PkwyLeague City77573(281) 338-1177Website
Kids R Kids Learning Academy Of League City Constellation450 Constellation BlvdLeague City77573(281) 535-8555Website
Kids R Kids Learning Academy Of Space Center151 W Texas AveWebster77598(281) 557-0062Website
Kids R Kids #326020 N Eldridge PkwyHouston77041(713) 466-3310Website
Kidz Come 1St10863 Kirkfair DrHouston77089(281) 464-3711Website
Koala Cubs1033 Fairmont PkwyPasadena77504(713) 943-7993Website
L B J Creative Learning11243 Veterans Memorial DrHouston77067(281) 836-6114Website
Little Folks Day Care & Pre-School1921 Johanna DrHouston77055(713) 682-1661Website
Little Miracles Montessori2501 W Holcombe BlvdHouston77030(713) 668-7300Website
Little People s Early Learning Center9701 Almeda Genoa RdHouston77075(713) 941-1733Website
Little Scholars Learning Center14043 Westheimer RdHouston77077(281) 496-5437Website
Little Stars Child Care4507 Fountainhead DrHouston77066(832) 446-3997Website
Little Tots Learning Center11338 Tower Oaks BlvdHouston77065(281) 469-4282Website
Loving Hands Christian Academy And Daycare7343 Synott RdHouston77083(281) 741-8782Website
Sweet Angels Daycare11242 Harvest Bend BlvdJersey Village77064(281) 970-9110Website
University Place Senior Living7481 Beechnut StHouston77074(713) 541-2900Website
Museum District Child Care Center5010 Caroline StHouston77004(713) 521-1234Website
Creative Learning Academy - Rice Village2502 Sunset BlvdHouston77005(832) 516-8355Website
New Beginnings Home Daycare & Learning Center7322 Boone RdHouston77072(832) 586-8248Website
Bright Horizons Wellness Center5400 Pinemont DrHouston77092(713) 681-3599Website
Nutcrackers Daycare Academy8128 Braewick DrHouston77074(713) 842-7796Website
Point2point Crowded House Moving & Storage303 Garden Oaks BlvdHouston77018(713) 861-4224Website
Janamaries Childcare Center6307 Broadway St Ste 111Pearland77581(832) 328-5375Website
Varnett Childcare Center Inc5025 S Willow DrHouston77035(713) 723-4699Website
Pro Vision Inc4590 Wilmington StHouston77051(713) 733-3362Website
Raising Stars17321 El Camino RealHouston77058(281) 488-7827Website
Rice Village Childcare Center2434 Sunset BlvdHouston77005(281) 846-6448Website
Spring Branch9655 Long Point RdHouston77055(832) 433-7052Website
Central Christian Learning Center2158 Ojeman RdHouston77080(713) 464-1664Website
Small Steps Nurturing Center2902 Jensen DrHouston77026(713) 236-0330Website
Starting Point Children s Center11025 Ranchstone DrHouston77064(281) 970-2125Website
St Christopher s Day School1656 Blalock RdHouston77080(713) 465-6015Website
Steeplecrest Childcare11202 Steeplecrest DrHouston77065(281) 807-0037Website
St Luke s Day School3471 Westheimer Rd. (at Edloe)Houston77027(713) 402-5030Website
Strawberry Fields Of Learning902 Marina Bay DrKemah77565(281) 549-6500Website
Taj Adult Day Care2900 Dickinson Ave Ste ADickinson77539(281) 967-7500Website
Talents Child Care Center8103 Creekbend DrHouston77071(713) 774-1109Website
The Growing Tree Academy5310 Palmetto StHouston77081(713) 665-9722Website
Kipling School4704 Floyd StHouston77007(832) 203-7888Website
Kipling Elementary School600 Shepherd DrHouston77007(713) 880-3326Website
The Learning Experience - Eldridge2435 Eldridge Parkway SouthHouston77077(281) 497-0842Website
The Learning Experience - West University3701 Bellaire BlvdHouston77025(281) 501-3297Website
Gethsemane Christian Learning Center & Nursery8775 Flagship DrHouston77029(713) 674-4296Website
The Village Learning Center15201 Philippine StHouston77040(713) 937-9993Website
Linder Young Learners Adcademy14600 Gladebrook DrHouston77068(281) 537-9090Website
Day Care Houston1100 Wilcrest Dr Ste 112Houston77042(832) 767-5735Website
Tot Spot Home Childcare3403 Fiorella WayHumble77338(832) 509-0320Website
Savior Care7400 Harwin DrHouston77036(713) 339-2766Website
Childhood Development Center19901 Townsen BlvdHumble77338(281) 446-4904Website
Village Emergency Centers2320 S Shepherd DrHouston77019(713) 526-2320Website
Kreative 4 Kidz Weecare5503 Kuldell DrHouston77096(832) 662-2478Website
Grandma's House Child Care Center14840 Branch Forest DrHouston77082(281) 531-0012Website
Ascension Episcopal School2525 Seagler RdHouston77042(713) 783-0260Website
After3033 Chimney Rock Rd Ste 502Houston77056(713) 269-5936Website
Armenta s Early Childhood Development9910 Fuqua St Ste HHouston77075(832) 804-6776Website
Avance Inc4281 Dacoma StHouston77092(713) 812-0033Website
As We Grow Learning Center #29802 N Houston Rosslyn RdHouston77088(346) 219-0835Website
As We Grow Learning Center-Cypress13826 Fleur De Lis Blvd,77429Cypress77429(281) 807-3322Website
As We Grow Learning Center7401 Alabonson Ste CHouston77088(346) 342-1380Website
Nathan J-Amelia Klein Day Care6447 Prestwood DrHouston77081(713) 988-6265Website
Magnolia Early Child Development Center7037 Capitol StHouston77011(713) 921-7420Website
Neighborhood Centers12280 Sharpview DrHouston77072(281) 568-8296Website
Neighborhood Centers4202 Reed RdHouston77051(713) 733-3565Website
Neighborhood Centers Inc6615 Rookin StHouston77074(713) 771-7510Website
Best Buds Babysitting Llc2429 Bissonnet St Ste 807Houston77005(832) 717-2594Website
Big Dreams Learning Center10904 Scarsdale BlvdHouston77089(281) 464-2500Website
Brainy Bees Child Care Center15633 West Park DrHouston77082(832) 469-9030Website
Houston Methodist Child Care Center2100 S Braeswood BlvdHouston77030(833) 756-4607Website
Bright Horizons1505 Louisiana StHouston77002(713) 739-0230Website
Hearts Home Early Learning Center1331 S Voss RdHouston77057(713) 784-2559Website
Jpmorgan Chase Backup Child Care Center1010 Witte RdHouston77055(713) 262-1940Website
Home Early Center1331 S Voss RdHouston77057(346) 360-3839Website
Woodcreek Child Development Center225 N Dairy Ashford RdHouston77079(281) 824-3444Website
Bright Horizons2100 S Braeswood BlvdHouston77030(832) 390-3210Website
Brilliant Start Home Daycare1923 Macondray DrHumble77396(281) 973-9416Website
Gateway Academy3303 Louisiana StHouston77006(832) 667-8904Website
Smaller Scholars Montessori14455 Grisby RdHouston77079(281) 954-9937Website
Sonshine Christian Preschool/Daycare3822 Green Shadow DrPasadena77503(713) 477-2702Website
Camp Bow Wow Houston Greater Heights7232 Wynnwood LnHouston77008(713) 357-0070Website
Camp Run-A-Mutt Houston Galleria5802 Southwest FwyHouston77057(832) 623-7133Website
Lily s Little Kids Day Care Center, Houston3903 Cypress Creek PkwyHouston77068(281) 580-4442Website
Child Care Council-West End170 Heights BlvdHouston77007(713) 868-1555Website
Child Care Council Greater6220 Westpark Dr Ste 150Houston77057(713) 266-6045Website
Ccc Early Learning Center9800 Town Park Dr Ste 170HoustonWebsite
Center For Houston s Future701 Avenida De Las AmericasHouston77010(713) 844-9325Website
Early Child Care/Learning Center11711 Falcon RdHouston77064(281) 517-2824Website
Fair Haven School1330 Gessner RdHouston77055(713) 827-0317Website
Foxwood Prep School19901 Foxwood Forest BlvdHumble77338(281) 446-7743Website
Children s Hour Montessori1913 SW Freeway Service RdHouston77098(713) 667-6698Website
Children s Language Center2600 S Loop W Ste 150Houston77054(832) 706-4717Website
Children s Learning Adventure6025 Highway 6 NHouston77084(832) 930-5725Website
The Children s University1407 Blackburn DrPasadena77502(713) 944-4052Website
Childtime Of Nw Houston9110 Jones RdHouston77065(877) 220-0584Website
Childtime9110 Jones RdHouston77065(866) 384-6972Website
Cornerstone Learning Aca12490 Scarsdale BlvdHouston77089(832) 230-8581Website
Cornerstone Learning Acadamy And Childcare13630 Beamer RdHouston77089(877) 727-1152Website
Creative Care Children s School1639 Blalock RdHouston77080(713) 465-0011Website
Creative Care Children s School9601 Kempwood DrHouston77080(713) 462-8057Website
Dawning Years Academy3609 Dreyfus StHouston77021(713) 741-9520Website
Dialyspa2453 S Braeswood Blvd Ste 100Houston77030(713) 218-6500Website
Champion After School Academy3939 Hillcroft St Ste 160Houston77057(832) 526-3115Website
Champions9898 Windmill Lakes BlvdHouston77075(346) 229-8263Website
Discovery Years Early Learning Center6847 Addicks Satsuma RdHouston77084(281) 861-0404Website
Discovery Kids Academy Of Greater Houston5200 Fannin StHouston77004(713) 984-4950Website
Early Learning Preparatory8955 South Fwy Ste BHouston77051(832) 285-2356Website
Elite City Kids9815 Bammel North Houston RdHouston77086(281) 445-5437Website
Bertha Alyce Early Childhood School5601 S Braeswood BlvdHouston77096(713) 551-7200Website
Excelsior University For Children2600 Red Bluff RdSeabrook77586(281) 474-4788Website
Fairmont Kid s Club10401 Belfast RdLa Porte77571(281) 471-2615Website
Academy Learning Center3519 Burke RdPasadena77504(713) 943-2560Website
Filling In The Gap Adult6734 Antoine DrHouston77091(281) 741-0102Website
Filling The Gap Adult Daycare5861 W Gulf Bank RdHouston77088(281) 847-4212Website
First Class Child Development Center1250 Clear Lake City BlvdHouston77062(281) 486-0027Website
For Children Only Day School2205 W Main StLeague City77573(281) 338-0606Website
For Children Only- Friendswood1415 S Friendswood DrFriendswood77546(281) 482-0657Website
Fostering Stars Learning & Resource Center Inc4919 Griggs RdHouston77021(713) 741-2400Website
Funcare Children s Center10325 W Fairmont PkwyLa Porte77571(281) 471-0050Website
Galena Park Isd Pep Child Care1906 2nd StGalena Park77547(832) 386-3760Website
Abundant Ark Children s Center14045 Space Center BlvdHouston77062(281) 286-1515Website
Clear Lake Christian School14325 Crescent Landing DrHouston77062(281) 488-4883Website
Kidz World Academy - Clear Lake14325 Crescent Landing DrHouston77062(281) 280-8282Website
Head Start-Gulf Coast Community Services Association2304 Houston BlvdSouth Houston77587(713) 946-8758Website
Southmayd Head Start1800 Coral StHouston77012(713) 928-3001Website
Gregg Headstart6701 Roxbury RdHouston77087(713) 242-6524Website
Gessner Kiddie Kollege10826 S Gessner RdHouston77071(713) 981-4411Website
The Goddard School9739 Wortham BoulevardHouston77065(281) 949-8827Website
The Goddard School1720 Crescent Plaza DrHouston77077(281) 596-0300Website
The Goddard School - Greater Heights835 W 23rd StreetHouston77009(512) 965-6590Website
Bright Horizons1331 S Voss RdHouston77057(470) 348-7972Website
Monroe Clinic Harris Health System8539 Gulf FwyHouston77017(713) 218-2697Website
New Horizon s Head Start6565 Rookin StHouston77074(713) 779-4856Website
Heights Preschool2064 Oxford StHouston77008(713) 880-5437Website
Bellfort Early Childhood Center7647 Bellfort StHouston77061(713) 640-0950Website
Inspire Me Learning Center10100 Kleckley DrHouston77075(713) 750-9921Website
Jewel s Learning Center6606 Cadillac StHouston77021(713) 741-4097Website
Johnson & Johnson Activities Inc4400 Town Plaza Dr Ste 100Houston77045(713) 723-2090Website
Just 4 Kids Learning Academy11430 West RdHouston77065(832) 912-1444Website
Key Concepts Kan Learning Center4245 Cook RdHouston77072(832) 288-4692Website
Kids In Kare17645 Kieth Harrow BlvdHouston77084(832) 427-4438Website
Kids In Kare7615 Morley StHouston77061(713) 645-1216Website
Kid s Learning Academy League City3007 Invincible CirLeague City77573(281) 538-5310Website
Kids Paradise12293 Beechnut StHouston77072(281) 988-4553Website
Kidz Rocket9103 Sugarland-Howell RdHouston77083(281) 530-4458Website
Kidz Rocket Daycare & Learning Center8610 Synott RdHouston77083(713) 501-2503Website
Kidz Rocket15015 Westheimer RdHouston77082(832) 517-3802Website
Kidz Kampus Learning Center13630 Beamer Rd Ste 118Houston77089(832) 672-8706Website
Children s World Learning Center937 Bunker Hill RdHouston77024(713) 464-2972Website
Kindercare Learning Centers5150 E Sam Houston Pkwy N # 8Houston77015(281) 452-3142Website
Kindercare Learning Centers2625 Walnut Bend LnHouston77042(713) 784-5000Website
Kindercare Learning Centers8703 Antoine DrHouston77088(281) 447-4113Website
Kindercare Learning Centers4101 Interwood S PkwyHouston77032(832) 601-4233Website
Kindercare Learning Centers2349 Fm 1960 RdHouston77073(281) 443-2925Website
Friendswood Kindercare2550 W Bay Area BlvdFriendswood77546(281) 482-4589Website
Bellfort Street Kindercare7828 Bellfort StHouston77061(713) 644-2763Website
Bunker Hill Kindercare937 Bunker Hill RdHouston77024(713) 464-1625Website
Pinebrook Kindercare4422 Clear Lake City BlvdHouston77059(281) 461-1822Website
Sharpstown Kindercare6767 Rookin StHouston77074(713) 774-9711Website
North Belt Child Development Center3000 N Sam Houston Pkwy EHouston77032(281) 871-3032Website
Beamer Road Kindercare12002 Beamer RdHouston77089(281) 481-9309Website
Spring Branch Kindercare10170 Emnora LnHouston77080(713) 468-2158Website
Wallisville Kindercare14614 Wallisville RdHouston77049(713) 451-1003Website
Fairbanks Kindercare7702 Fairbanks N Houston RdHouston77040(713) 466-5377Website
Clear Lake Kindercare14777 El Camino RealHouston77062(281) 480-4777Website
Brimhurst Kindercare1407 Parkway Plaza DrHouston77077(281) 531-1407Website
South Shore Kindercare106 Meadow PkwyLeague City77573(281) 334-5795Website
Fairmont Kindercare3602 Fairmont PkwyPasadena77504(281) 487-5335Website
Kinder World9241 S Gessner RdHouston77074(713) 772-6363Website
Kool Kid s Daycare602 Fairmont PkwyPasadena77504(713) 944-5665Website
Kumon Math And Reading Center Of Houston - Memorial Voss6415 San Felipe St Ste NHouston77057(713) 465-5838Website
Kumon Math And Reading Center Of Houston - Westchase11920 Westheimer Rd Ste BHouston77077(281) 407-5255Website
Kumon Math & Reading Center3219 Houston AveHouston77009(936) 931-4999Website
Love Is Real13214 Long Glen DrHouston77039(832) 288-4379Website
Life Houston170 Heights Blvd, Building 1Houston77007(713) 864-9993Website
Lil Ones Day Care Emporium 34646 Victory DrHouston77088(832) 664-8171Website
Lionheart Children s Academy At Grace Church7224 N Sam Houston Pkwy EHumble77396(281) 612-1840Website
Little Academy Of Humble15015 Fall Creek Preserve DrHumble77396(281) 459-3378Website
Little Laughters641 Rankin RdHouston77073(281) 209-2010Website
Little Learners Academy9910 Fuqua StHouston77075(713) 944-8880Website
Little Peoples Greater Life1655 Fm 528 RdWebster77598(281) 332-8939Website
Little Wren s Nest606 Tabor StHouston77009(713) 862-7625Website
Texas? Loadz Of Love14614 Monrad DrHouston77045(713) 993-6035Website
Luv-N-Care Learning Center1801 Strawberry RdPasadena77502(713) 477-3494Website
Luv-N-Care Learning Center12612 Palmsprings DrHouston77034(713) 944-0013Website
Luv-N-Care Learning Center Too8510 Almeda Genoa Rd Ste 404Houston77075(713) 987-1005Website
Firefly Dual Language Academy8510 Almeda Genoa RdHouston77075(713) 987-1005Website
Mariner Montessori6018 Fairdale LnHouston77057(713) 783-7490Website
Avalon Learning Center1345 Campbell RdHouston77055(713) 973-6284Website
The Mays School6720 Chimney Rock RdHouston77081(713) 669-9286Website
Meadowlake Pet Resort & Training Center - Galleria Location6393 Richmond AveHouston77057(713) 413-1633Website
Little Dreams9507 Harwin DrHouston77036(713) 468-3837Website
Miss Pattycake Child Care2513 Sunset BlvdHouston77005(713) 526-6820Website
Montessori Children s Cottage4009 Sherwood LnHouston77092(713) 686-5427Website
Montessori School Of Downtown4510 Caroline StHouston77004(713) 520-6801Website
Motherhood Center3701 W Alabama St Ste 230Houston77027(713) 963-8880Website
Nasa Kids Academy Too911 Gemini StHouston77058(281) 786-1118Website
Nasa Kids Academy911 Gemini StHouston77058(281) 488-7827Website
New Dimensions Day Treatment Centers1345 Space Park Dr Ste CHouston77058(800) 685-9796Website
Nehemiah Center5015 Fannin StHouston77004(713) 526-5015Website
Northline Adult Daycare3910 North FwyHouston77022(713) 699-1580Website
Nugeneration Of Kids Learning Center Llc14405 Walters Rd Suite 825Houston77014(281) 209-3331Website
Pals Activity Center1007 Burke RdPasadena77506(713) 472-6040Website
Paradise Care Center5326 W Bellfort StHouston77035(713) 497-5375Website
Patrinely Group - Houston, Tx1980 Post Oak Blvd Ste 1600Houston77056(713) 840-2700Website
Phoebe little Ones Daycare Center9892B westpark Dr,HoustonHouston77063(832) 921-9827Website
Pilgrim Congregational United Church Of Christ3115 Blodgett StHouston77004(713) 528-5321Website
Primrose School At Crossroads Park9701 Wortham BlvdHouston77065(281) 469-3500Website
Primrose School At Lakeshore16460 W Lake Houston PkwyHouston77044(281) 454-5000Website
Abc Children s Learning Center8385 Antoine DrHouston77088(281) 445-0606Website
Ready Learners Academy1002 Almeda Genoa RdHouston77047(713) 492-2119Website
Right Fit Daycare5703 Ricky StHouston77033(281) 888-7186Website
Right Fit Day Care5703 Ricky StHouston77033(832) 582-8926Website
Right Steps Childcare & Academy17190 Beaver Springs DrHouston77090(832) 666-8982Website
Robindell Private School6610 Alder DrHouston77081(713) 667-9895Website
Senior Support Services Inc905 W 34Th StHouston77018(713) 868-1515Website
Silver Star Academy5610 E Sam Houston Pkwy NHouston77015(281) 457-3355Website
Learning Center4300 E Sam Houston Pkwy SPasadena77505(832) 598-0451Website
Jsc Child Care Center2101 Nasa PkwyHouston77058(281) 483-4734Website
Spectrum Learning Center4654 Highway 6 NHouston77084(713) 933-7537Website
Spring Branch Presbyterian Academy1215 Campbell RdHouston77055(713) 464-6660Website
Star Montessori School3868 Space Center BlvdPasadena77505(281) 998-8989Website
The Stem Nanny Company6201 Bonhomme Rd Ste 176NHouston77036(832) 583-7836Website
St Rose-Lima Early Childhood3600 Brinkman StHouston77018(713) 692-1941Website
Citycentre800 Town & Country BlvdHouston77024(713) 629-5200Website
Teeter Toddler Daycare12525 Whittington DrHouston77077(281) 558-7864Website
Candyland Day School2111 Aldine Mail RdHouston77039(281) 449-5361Website
The Garden Kids - Garden Oaks Church Early Learning Center3206 N Shepherd DrHouston77018Website
Kids Creche12775 Medfield DrHouston77082(281) 752-5437Website
The Toddler House6606 W 43rd StHouston77092(713) 462-5093Website
The Toddler House2215 W 34th StHouston77018(713) 681-3422Website
The Toddler House150 E West RdHouston77060(281) 448-0515Website
Toddler House The4300 W 34Th StHouston77092(713) 680-0101Website
The Treehouse Childcare Center4817 Allen Genoa RdPasadena77504(713) 993-6250Website
Trinity Lutheran Children s Center800 Houston AveHouston77007(713) 224-3207Website
Fifth Ward Head Start Center4014 Market StHouston77020(713) 237-0264Website
United8441 Lockheed AveHoustonWebsite
Watch Me Grow8515 Brookwulf DrHouston77072(281) 564-5437Website
Wonderland Private School5724 Calhoun RdHouston77021(713) 741-8005Website
Magic World Academy4817 Allen Genoa RdPasadena77504(713) 378-0910Website
Kidconnect6218 Auden StHouston77005(832) 203-4318Website
Broadway Daycare & Learning Center3507 Broadway StHouston77017(713) 649-2911Website
Childtime Learning Centers2500 Falcon Pass DrHouston77062(281) 488-8859Website
His Mercy Daycare & Learning Center10880 Bissonnet St Ste 156Houston77099(281) 879-0977Website
Houston Ymca5614 H Mark Crosswell Jr StHouston77021(713) 747-2173Website
Association Child Care Centers Ymca1331 Augusta DrHouston77057(713) 781-1061Website
Ymca Child Care7101 Stella Link RdHouston77025(713) 664-1767Website
Young Learners3333 Bering DrHouston77057(713) 772-7100Website
Yuppie Dog2203 Durham DrHouston77007(713) 426-5700Website
Ymca Children s Academy At Avenue Center3517 Irvington Blvd.,Ste 150Houston77009(713) 692-3457Website
Children s Choice Learning Center - East3605 Sunset Meadows DrPearland77581(281) 992-4615Website
Twinkle Wonders School / Child Care Center5442 Richmond AveHouston77056(713) 877-1818
Ages And Stages Child Care Center485 W Parker RdHouston77091(832) 516-7211
Crayon Castle Child Care6618 Winton StHouston77021(713) 734-4542
Pilgrim Day Care Center3115 Blodgett StHouston77004(713) 524-2706
East Orange Day Care Learning Center4415 Orange StHouston77020(713) 674-6535
Fraga Angelita Day Care Center209 N York StHouston77003(713) 236-0590
Creative World Child Care126 Little York RdHouston77076(713) 699-2227
The Right Fit Day Care5203 Browncroft StHouston77021(346) 802-3993
His Place Child Care Center700 Telephone RdHouston77023(713) 923-4778
Honey Bee Day Care Center6719 Saint Augustine StHouston77021(713) 748-1895
West End Day Care Center170 Heights BlvdHouston77007(713) 866-4248
First Three Stepps Child Care Center1037 W 15th 1/2 StHouston77008(713) 861-9349
Gloria s Day Care Center5221 Doolittle BlvdHouston77033(713) 734-6712
Child Development Center900 Lovett BlvdHouston77006(713) 526-2046
Unicorn Academy Child Care Center Inc965 S Victory DrHouston77088(281) 445-9245
Poyc Child Development Learning Center2606 Gregg StHouston77026(713) 225-2221
Pooh Bear z Mk Child Care Center5783 Belcrest StHouston77033(713) 733-1958
Humble Beginners3713 Sayers StHouston77026(713) 673-2229
Mt Ararat Child Development Center5739 W Montgomery RdHouston77091(713) 692-4222
New Addition Child Care Plus Learning Center5442 Richmond AveHouston77056(832) 767-5735
School Days Childcare CenterPO Box 21257Houston77226
Teach Me Tutoring & Child Care Service4300 S Wayside DrHouston77087(713) 641-0033
Small Wonders Child Care Center12309 Carlsbad StHouston77085(713) 723-0002
Unique Child Care5221 Doolittle BlvdHouston77033(346) 867-1919
Early Child Care/Learning Center13935 Smokey Trail DrHouston77041(713) 849-8220
Northwest Scholars Daycare Acd4705 Lyons AveHouston77020
Happy Angels Learning Center3501 Holman StHouston77004(713) 747-2182
Zaysforkids5221 Almeda RdHouston77004(713) 526-1009
Tiny Tots Bilingual Child Care5500 Sampson StHouston77004
Houston Source Movement4118 Fannin StHouston77004(281) 845-9653
Avance-Hardy Headstart3701 Hardy StHouston77009(713) 224-0520
Drake New Edition Infant Care5119 Martin Luther King BlvdHouston77021(713) 643-2273
Bluesprig Autism7000 NW 100 DrHouston77092(713) 993-7554
Early Learning5750 Golden Forest DrHouston77092(832) 925-8480
Lil Ones Daycare Emporium7227 Antoine DrHouston77088(832) 288-2021
A Plus Academy5112 Antoine DrHouston77092(832) 516-9132
Immaculate Kids Childcare & Academy4646 Victory DrHouston77088(281) 847-1229
Unique Kidz Learning Center5651 Sheraton Oaks DrHouston77091(832) 582-7710
Child Care Referral Service8580 Katy FwyHouston77024(713) 365-0313
Flye After School Program Llc2900 North Loop W Ste 500Houston77092
Ashley s Daycare2001 Ojeman RdHouston77080
Thompson Baby Daycare6235 Long Leaf DrHouston77088
Stephanie s Day Care7619 Woodsman Trl Ste 603Houston77040
Kidz 2 Kidz Child Placing Agency2040 N Loop W Ste 15Houston77018
Kingdom Kids3511 Pinemont Dr Ste B5Houston77018
Ragsdill Day Care Center1663 1/2 Blalock RdHouston77080(713) 465-6469
Together We Can Daycare7401 Alabonson RdHouston77088(281) 406-8121
Thelma Cares Academy7343 Alabonson RdHouston77088(713) 983-9000
Ashley Ami Day Care6039 Drenner Park LnHouston77086(281) 447-8331
Miss Mary s Angels Daycare9802 N Houston Rosslyn RdHouston77088(713) 856-8848
Eagle Achievers Academy5610 Creekmont DrHouston77091(281) 888-1057
Abc Daycare7401 Alabonson RdHouston77088(346) 773-4119
Fresh Start Day Habilitation Services5861 W Gulf Bank RdHouston77088(832) 672-7132
Miss Sharon Day Care808 Av MSouth Houston77587(713) 705-0183
Pasadena Learning Center1511 Allendale RdPasadena77502(713) 477-9360
Alpha Beginnings Child Care Learning Center927 Fresa RdPasadena77502(832) 780-9792
Gingerbread House Child Care Center1122 Preston AvePasadena77503(713) 477-8882
Tegeler Child Care Center4949 Burke RdPasadena77504(713) 740-0412
Mrs. Lydia s Home Child Care11115 Sagehill DrHouston77089(832) 969-8084
Ambassador Christian Daycare & School10100 Kleckley DrHouston77075(713) 944-7960
Noah s Ark Child Care2009 Merle StPasadena77502(832) 404-4993
Guardian Angels For Children1803 S Houston RdPasadena77502(713) 208-7772
Burke Road Children s Center2424 Burke RdPasadena77502(713) 941-3865
Kool Kids4003 Allen Genoa RdPasadena77504(713) 910-0930
Love Child Care10824 Kingspoint RdHouston77075(713) 239-0639
Brightbridge Adult Day Care7999 Hansen RdHouston77061(713) 944-9950
Delesha Williams Child Care8400 Broadway StHouston77061
Fun Time Kidz927 Fresa RdPasadena77502(832) 894-0924
Developing Minds Learning Center7634 Bellfort StHouston77061(713) 641-0800
Marque Learning Center213 W Southmore AvePasadena77502(713) 477-1027
Klazzy Kidz Preschool Child Care3501 Red Bluff RdPasadena77503(713) 473-5782
Kreative Kids World2630 Allen Genoa RdPasadena77502(713) 944-0825
Ms Janet s Children Of The Future Inc Childcare & Learning Center11590 Hughes RdHouston77089(281) 484-2376
Blossoms Day Care And Learning Center9910 Windmill Lakes BlvdHouston77075(832) 203-7663
Alignup Kids10121 Windmill Lakes Blvd Ste 61Houston77075
Latino Learning Center26 Eastwood StHouston77011(713) 921-5591
Kashmere Gardens Early Learning Academy4313 Cavalcade StHouston77026(713) 674-0994
Nicoles Stay And Play Daycare5611 Nichols StHouston77020(346) 227-2939
Clearly Creative Minds Learning Center5903 Bellfort StHouston77033(713) 264-0239
All God s Children Academy6402 Goforth StHouston77021
Heavenly Hands Daycare3918 Rosemont StHouston77051(713) 734-9025
Foster Headstart Center3919 Ward StHouston77021(713) 440-0113
Candis Day School4922 Perry StHouston77021(713) 360-6800
4R A-Cat-A-Me5203 Browncroft StHouston77021(713) 644-2204
While Mom Is Out Childcare1111 Vera Lou StHouston77051
All God s Children AcademyPO Box 14416Houston77221
Sunshine Child Care Center5414 S Acres DrHouston77048(713) 733-7555
Blessing Academy Ecc5783 Belcrest StHouston77033(832) 491-0085
Rest Assured Infant Nurse-Hstn2368A Rice Blvd Ste 477Houston77005(713) 346-9157
Farmers Copper1601 Sunset BlvdHouston77005(832) 767-5109
Dot Afterschool Programs4007 Bellaire Blvd Ste FFHouston77025
Loving Touch Day Care8850 Chimney Rock Rd Ste G23Houston77096
Houston Neighborhood Center4500 Bissonnet StBellaire77401(713) 667-9400
Amazing Grace 24 Hrs Daycare6910 Chetwood Dr Ste BHouston77081
Agape Learning Center10305 Main StHouston77025(713) 663-7040
Lil Schoolers Child Care12903 Glenwyck StHouston77045
Mental Health Co-Op503 Sul Ross StHouston77006(713) 524-8705
Field Early Learning Center703 E 17th StHouston77008(713) 426-3960
Larkin Community Center5410 Larkin StHouston77007(713) 869-9143
Uber Ancillary Systems535 W 20th StHouston77008(346) 227-2182
Immaculate Kids Childcare & Academy Ii4302 Delhi StHouston77022(713) 694-1229
Reaching High Learning Center4302 Delhi StHouston77022(281) 739-3216
True Blessings Learning Academy5651 Sheraton Oaks DrHouston77091(281) 847-1229
Captain Kidd Childcare Center6629 Bellfort StHouston77087(713) 644-3959
Head Start Gulf Coast Community Services Associati Head Start Centers801 Broadway StHouston77012(713) 921-1695
Daycare Streaming ServicePO Box 79012Houston77279
Frazier Daycare Services6454 Ella Lee LnHouston77057(832) 831-4133
Panda Bear Academy3416 Fondren RdHouston77063(713) 784-2378
Mai Vang Day Care Center Llc11703 Gallant Ridge LnHouston77082
D B Childcare8201 Richmond AveHouston77063
Day School11740 Joan Of Arc DrHouston77024(713) 468-9515
Ddt Academy2720 Westerland DrHouston77063(832) 962-7749
Unique Gems Daycare6207 Southwest FwyHouston77074
Excelsior Learning Center10540 S Post Oak RdHouston77035(713) 666-5437
Jumping Jacks Learning Center5214 Boynton DrHouston77045(713) 433-3333
Wonder s Child Daycare14010 Player StHouston77045
Littlest Ones8955 South FwyHouston77051(713) 264-0144
Hannah s Place Adult Day Center2612 Almeda Plaza DrHouston77045(346) 269-4493
Teeter Totter Village9133 Scott StHouston77051(713) 734-7989
Kids R People 22725 Reed RdHouston77051(713) 264-7575
A+ Nannies1707 Post Oak BlvdHouston77056(512) 660-7587
Academic Beginnings Child Development5350 Aeropark DrHouston77032(281) 442-2223
Children s Choice Learning Center802 Rankin RdHouston77073(832) 957-3118
Loving Care Learning Center2822 Toyah AveHouston77039(281) 590-5200
1 On 1 Child Care Academy11925 Gloger StHouston77039(832) 295-3525
First Wings Learning Center16606 John F Kennedy BlvdHouston77032(281) 230-5396
De Santiago Ec/Pk & Head Start Center1420 Aldine Meadows RdHouston
Stepping Stones Adult Day Care440 Benmar Dr Ste 1090Houston77060
Achievers Learning Education Xcellence15607 Lee RdHouston77032(832) 230-4351
Eagle Learning Center505 N Sam Houston Pkwy EHouston77060(832) 598-2131
Golden Hands Adult Day Care250 Meadowfern DrHouston77067(281) 872-7712
Precious Angels Childcare21330 Aldine Westfield Rd Ste 101Humble77338(281) 209-2823
Elite Day Care & Learning Center607 E Richey RdHouston77073(281) 821-6670
Kid Care Academy9807 Fm 1960 Rd WHumble77338(281) 548-2300
Kids Connection Daycare Llc2121 Atascocita RdHumble77396(281) 441-3020
Lifesaver Academy507 N Sam Houston Pkwy EHouston77060(281) 741-3254
Happy Stars Daycare Center Llc20902 Fox Trot CtHumble77338(832) 995-0553
K3 Creative Center7815 Fm 1960 Rd W Ste CHumble77338(281) 964-1268
Kingdom Kidz Child Care Development Center802 Wilson RdHumble77338(281) 883-4030
Shecamp Sick ChildcarePO Box 62741Houston77205
Angel Care Child Development Center19301 Hightower LnHumble77338(281) 446-9991
Williams Child Care633 Rushcreek DrHouston77067(832) 602-5515
Prejean 1St Christian Academy13214 Long Glen DrHouston77039(281) 741-2039
Mrs Nikki s Childcare11131 Homestead RdHouston77016(281) 227-2907
Delk s Happy Times Learning Center150 Isaacks RdHumble77338(281) 446-3636
Childrens Paradise Daycare11501 N Sam Houston Pkwy E Ste DHumble77396(832) 243-5043
Abby s Daycare921 Cypress Creek Pkwy Ste 115BHouston77090(832) 602-5005
Donnette Precious Babies Daycare633 Rushcreek DrHouston77067
Light Christian Academy Daycare & Early Childhood Development1535 Greensmark DrHouston77067(281) 874-0336
A And W Academic Academy3901 Aldine Mail Route RdHouston77039(281) 741-7390
Kid s Garden9710 Whitepost LnHouston77086(281) 895-6462
Alpha Kids Center8320 Fairbanks N Houston RdHouston77064(713) 466-7181
Village Learning Center7727 Adagio AveHouston77040
Tlc Academy8670 Antoine DrHouston77088(281) 272-8522
Discovering Me Academy8021 Antoine DrHouston77088(832) 243-4412
Worldwide Childcare14720 Fm 529 RdHouston77095(281) 861-4958
Highland Preschool And Child Care5335 W Richey RdHouston77066(281) 444-1172
Lil Angels Cla8703 Antoine DrHouston77088(281) 448-4134
Children s Academy7310 Silent Wood LnHouston77086(281) 999-1711
Fundamentals Christian Child Development Center11800 Jones RdHouston77070(281) 890-8806
Growing Up Child Care & Development9502 Mills RdHouston77070(832) 599-9067
Love And Art Childcare5630 N Eldridge PkwyHouston77041(832) 850-6891
Totstop Child Care Center14720 Fm 529 RdHouston77095(281) 861-4177
Early Childhood Specialties5607 Summer Snow DrHouston77041
Early Explorations Childcare14720 Fm 529 RdHouston77095(832) 593-6050
Lewis Day Care17050 Clan Macgregor DrHouston77084(281) 859-3948
Green Leaf Learning Center11825 Fallbrook DrHouston77065(281) 955-7185
Blessed Academy & Child Care Center4500 Highway 6 N Ste DHouston77084(713) 791-8022
Mission Cy-Fair Afterschool Program5650 Timber Creek Place DrHouston77084(281) 855-0151
Incrediblekidz Daycare & Learning Center16906 Judyleigh DrHouston77084(832) 797-5314
Celebrate Learning Academy4500 Highway 6 N Ste DHouston77084(832) 427-5980
Wee The People Child Development Center11800 Jones RdHouston77070(281) 890-8807
Ivy Montessori Llc14915 Lindenbrook LnHouston77095
Little Yorkers Montessori School13233 W Little York RdHouston77041(713) 937-1816
St Agnes Adult Day Care7520 Cherry Park DrHouston77095(832) 427-1638
Happy Childrens Childcare1251 Wilcrest DrHouston77042(713) 266-2081
Love & Art Child Care3505 S Dairy Ashford RdHouston77082(832) 921-1323
Jubilee Children Academy11522 Harwin DrHouston77072(832) 328-1919
Sunshine Academy Houston10950 Briar Forest Dr.,Build Ste 5Houston77042(832) 491-1020
Cherish Children Learning Academy Llc8721 Boone RdHouston77099(281) 988-9889
Twinkle Wonderland Child Care12320 Beechnut StHouston77072(281) 258-4835
Bellaire Adult Day Care Llc7403 S Kirkwood RdHouston77072(832) 538-1491
Creative Child Development Center12605 Bissonnet StHouston77099(281) 530-3652
Love And Art Child Care800 Tully RdHouston77079(832) 243-4723
Dr. Namrata S Goel7015 Almeda Rd 3Houston77054(713) 520-6875
Rochelles Wonderland In Home Daycare11900 Oakmoor PkwyHouston77051(346) 319-5131
Ncct Kids Kingdom9049 Brandon StHouston77051
Challenging Young Minds4130 Kewanee StHouston77051
Princeton Academy2612 Almeda Plaza DrHouston77045(713) 433-9922
Abc Houston Learning Services6006 Bellaire BlvdHouston77081(832) 538-1413
A To Z Preschool Daycare7303 Bellerive DrHouston77036(713) 974-0012
Oasis Of Love Daycare7120 Clarewood DrHouston77036
Future Hope Academy6612 Hornwood DrHouston77074(713) 988-9997
Aurora Academy Child Care805 Clear Creek AveLeague City77573(832) 632-1144
Camino Limited Center Ii17625 El Camino RealHouston77058(281) 486-0577
Pink Tower Montessori School1325 Space Park Dr Ste CHouston77058(281) 335-5580
Gimmie A Break1563 Live Oak StWebster77598(281) 554-5000
Heavenly Manor Adult Day Care622 W Main StLeague City77573
Lil Texans Learning Center3516 W Main StLeague City77573(281) 338-5062
Kurious Kids Day Care805 Clear Creek AveLeague City77573(281) 332-8200
A Lifetime Of Learning6011 W Main StLeague City77573(281) 672-7930
Koala Kare Daycare Center & Preschool15825 Hope Village RdFriendswood77546(281) 482-1280
A Big Place 4 Little People4201 Friendswood Link RdFriendswood77546(281) 648-5000
Avalon Learning Center Inc13914 Highway 3Webster77598(281) 488-6285
Guardian School & Child Care Center Inc3019 Dickinson AveDickinson77539(281) 337-1231
Kings Kids Learning Center209 S Friendswood DrFriendswood77546(281) 482-6211
Learner s Land Child Care Center302 Tanglewood DrDickinson77539(281) 729-1008
Creative Learning Center208 E Edgewood DrFriendswood77546(281) 482-8067
5 Plus 2 Child Learning Center3605 Sunset Meadows DrPearland77581(281) 992-7770
Children s Legacy Learning Center3019 Dickinson AveDickinson77539(832) 340-7030
Adult Town Daycare4450 S Wayside DrHouston77087(713) 645-2300
Jabores Daycare8520 Madie DrHouston77022(832) 516-8510
Children Advance Acdemy7214 Senna StHouston77028(832) 483-3068
Kids Choice8205 Wileyvale RdHouston77016(832) 767-4651
Ls Small World401 W Donovan StHouston77091(713) 697-0811
A Better Quality Of Life Adult Day Care239 W Tidwell RdHouston77022(832) 692-6766
Graham Gatti Members Only Adult Care Club239 W Tidwell Rd Ste F1Houston77022(832) 830-8237
Tlc Academy Ii9405 Lockwood DrHouston77016(713) 633-8522
Susie Lee Brown Adult Day Health Service Center9019 Shady DrHouston77016(281) 501-0627
Sheltering Arms Dementia Care Day Center3838 Aberdeen WayHouston77025(713) 685-6577
Lewis Learning Center4630 Larkspur StHouston77051(713) 738-4866
The Walden School11250 S Wilcrest DrHouston77099(281) 933-8704
Children's World Learning Center12525 Whittington DrHouston77077(281) 497-6061
Neighborhood Centers Inc1160 Dairy Ashford RdHouston77079(281) 272-6470
Hope's Children Academy8500 Cook Rd Ste HHouston77072(281) 564-1064
Childrens 1St Choice Academy3435 Spears RdHouston77067(281) 440-3171
Childhood Seasons Inc779 Normandy StHouston77015(713) 453-6316
Kids Count Learning Center8626 Valley Meadow DrHouston77078(832) 619-1195
Good Old Days5339 Easthampton DrHouston77039(281) 227-4581
Apple Of My Eye Academy690 Normandy StHouston77015(713) 455-8000
Halfway There6401 Bingle Rd Ste 113Houston77092(832) 649-5905
Best Care Christian Acadey6550 Marinette DrHouston77036(713) 551-6676
Kaplan's Kids & Company12921 S Post Oak RdHouston77045(713) 729-5437
Learn Out Loud Education9396 Richmond Ave Ste 285Houston77063(713) 300-2474
Jujubee's Place10734 Braewick DrHouston77096(832) 758-8087
Believing In Me Dayare7401 Alabonson RdHouston77088(832) 672-5282
Playy Dates Day Care - Shernice Graves5858 W Gulf Bank RdHouston77088(832) 987-6889
Childhood Seasons8514 C E King Pkwy Ste EHouston77044(281) 459-2272
Rocking Robin Learning Center14104 Hiram Clarke RdHouston77045(832) 668-5303
Elite Medical Services8405 Almeda Genoa RdHouston77075(713) 987-9000
Orchard Westchase10801 Westpark DrHouston77042(713) 789-9100
Forest Lane Academy14721 Main StHouston77035(713) 723-8137
A Touch Of Jazz Adult Day Care8885 W Bellfort Ave Ste BHouston77031(832) 740-4967
A Loving And Learning Home Daycare12430 Greenglen DrHouston77044(281) 459-3171
Learn N' Play Daycare1212 Grand Plaza DrHouston77067(832) 845-2924
The Cookie Academy10950 Tanner Park CtHouston77075(713) 557-1075
Panda Bear Academy 29805 Bissonnet StHouston77036(713) 771-1343
Citywide Club Agape Adult9898 Bissonnet StHouston77036(713) 779-6000
Creative Childrens10039 Bissonnet StHouston77036(713) 988-0909
Stepping Stn Trans Living13606 Walters Rd Apt 10BHouston77014(832) 666-3179
Five Star Montessori13260 Forkland LnHouston77077(281) 556-5665
Hopes Children Academy 27343 Synott RdHouston77083(832) 274-2876
Sunshine Family Childcare10038 Ash Fork DrHouston77064(832) 332-6896
Happy Memories Childcare & Preschool11019 Walkup WayHouston77044(832) 506-7397
Kid's Unlimited Daycare & Learn12766 Veterans Memorial DrHouston77014(281) 580-5437
Odyssey Adult Day CtrHouston 77073Houston77073(281) 370-2200
Rcj Genesis Ii Me Director12033 Misty Valley DrHouston77066(281) 537-8636
Full Of Care Learning Center11212 Perry RdHouston77064(281) 890-8864
Odyssey Adult Day Care220 N Vista DrHouston77073(281) 784-1009
Dss Cpr & Training Center14403 Walters Rd Unit 681336Houston77268(346) 800-4277
Beautiful Kids Learning Ctr14100 Rio Bonito Rd Apt 23AHouston77083(281) 564-2476
Abundant Life CathedralPo Box 772300Houston77215(281) 933-6479
Miss Amy's DaycarePob 20588Houston77225(346) 701-8778
Easter Daycare3814 Lyons AveHouston77020(713) 223-0322
1St Place Kids Child Care Center2919 Eagle StHouston77004(281) 904-6667
Paula's Playhouse233 Bryan StHouston77011(432) 354-2237
Horizon Adult Day Service918 Altic StHouston77023(832) 409-6648
Helping Hands Adult Daycare4421 East LnHouston77026(713) 672-6019
Vintage Place3402 Vintage StHouston77026(713) 673-8400
Gulf Coast Community Services Association222 S 66Th StHouston77011(713) 926-1358
Thompson Headstart Center6121 Tierwester StHouston77021(713) 440-7909
Pinnacle Adult Care3321 Dixie DrHouston77021(713) 440-0913
Reena's Delightful Care7426 Curry RdHouston77093(281) 783-8877
Daybreak Adult Day Care5331 W Orem DrHouston77045(713) 433-0528
Great Start1619 Pasadena BlvdPasadena77502(713) 920-1749
Lil Learners Daycare5819 W Airport BlvdHouston77035(832) 831-6015
Kids Klub5950 S Gessner RdHouston77036(713) 777-5582
Nurture Adult Daycare11001 Fondren RdHouston77096(713) 714-8598
Quality Life Hcs10000 Hammerly BlvdHouston77080(713) 647-0235
West Bellfort Learning Center6570 W Bellfort StHouston77035(713) 777-7393
Veritas Early Childhood Development Center8282 Bissonnet StHouston77074(832) 879-2195
Almitas Daycare13831 Woodforest BlvdHouston77015(832) 434-9995
Learning Train9802 N Houston Rosslyn RdHouston77088(713) 856-9964
New Beginnings Christian12602 Hillcroft StHouston77035(713) 729-2222
Tkeys Personal Care Services6363 W Airport Blvd Apt 3124Houston77035(832) 762-7549
Halfway There350 N Sam Houston Pkwy EHouston77060(281) 445-6061
Corporate Senior Center9630 Clarewood DrHouston77036(713) 777-5123
South Gessner Child Care & Learning Center10704 S Gessner RdHouston77071(713) 271-3505
The Learning Train4800 W 34Th StHouston77092(713) 485-0931
Jernigans Adult Day Care5039 Reed RdHouston77033(713) 808-9441
Pily's Place Child Care Home1537 Caywood LnHouston77055(713) 857-1447
South Texas Adult Day Activity Center6011 Telephone RdHouston77087(713) 645-4900
Fabulous Faces2725 Reed RdHouston77051(832) 834-4655
Kingdom First8448 Green River DrHouston77028(281) 861-5662
Harris Little Angles4115 Barberry Dr Apt 104Houston77051(713) 738-4027
True Doctorine Daycare7711 Bretshire DrHouston77016(713) 491-8711
Beginning Phases Learning Academy5703 Groveton StHouston77033(832) 940-1714
Odyssey Adult Day Care2115 Cypress Landing DrHouston77090(281) 444-1101
Master And Missy Academy14500 Richmond AveHouston77082(281) 870-8848
A P B Daycare & Acadamy4444 Cypress Creek PkwyHouston77068(281) 537-5757
Sugar & Spice Academy15126 Draper RdHouston77014(281) 880-5437
Aly's Love N Care6206 Highway 6 SHouston77083(281) 561-5831
Faith Inc6240 Highway 6 SHouston77083(281) 498-1345
Joel Elijah Adult Care6670 Highway 6 SHouston77083(832) 328-1916
Quans World8911 Norham DrHouston77083(832) 206-1033
Kids First Academy7873 Highway 6 SHouston77083(281) 568-3386
C R Academy14923 Bellaire BlvdHouston77083(281) 575-6886
Delight Adult Daycare4505 Highway 6 N Ste 850Houston77084(281) 656-8497
Kindercity7022 Chetwood DrHouston77081(713) 663-6700
Saxon Group Home6205 Saxon DrHouston77092(832) 762-7549
Nash Learning Center8501 Broadway St Apt 2014Houston77061(713) 649-3456
Love Joy Care Daycare Center8501 Broadway St. Suit 1096Houston77061(713) 640-9877
Zion Academy11900 Oakmoor Pkwy Apt 111Houston77051(832) 618-8198
Promise Charlie11327 Murr WayHouston77048(713) 734-0078
Abby's Day Care8623 Rockcliff DrHouston77037(832) 489-2182
Washington Learning Center8751 Broadway St Apt 3265Houston77061(713) 649-3504
Williams In-Home Daycare8915 Broadway St Ofc 9213Houston77061(713) 649-3923
Megan Learning Center7900 Morley St Apt 4144Houston77061(713) 641-1888
Pre Jean6020 Guadalupe StHouston77016(281) 442-4006
Craft Daycare9393 Tidwell RdHouston77078(713) 485-5162
Willowtree Caregivers,Llc6200 Savoy Dr Ste Ll35Houston77036(713) 661-0202
La Rochelle Academy Inc10912 S Post Oak RdHouston77035(713) 723-9393
Tip Top Learning Ctr10012 Bissonnet StHouston77036(713) 484-7846
Jess' Kids919 Richcrest DrHouston77060(832) 804-8960
Brownings Academy 216101 S Post Oak RdHouston77053(281) 438-5514
A Better Adult Daycare250 Meadowfern DrHouston77067(281) 876-9606
Kiz Planet Learning Center10880 Bissonnet StHouston77099(281) 879-4405
Paradise Lane10503 Rockley Rd Ste 100Houston77099(281) 498-1554
Liberty Island Adult Daycare9009 Boone RdHouston77099(281) 530-0000
City Of Refuge Academy4170 W Greens RdHouston77066(281) 580-1060
Loli Poli's Home Daycare16451 Misty Paloma DrHouston77049(281) 864-7111
Olive Tree Academy11221 Bissonnet StHouston77099(281) 568-2855
Amazing Kids Academy11221 Bissonnet StHouston77099(281) 933-0596
Kid Quest Daycare3227 MainHouston77002(713) 526-5437
Terrace Weekday Programs1203 Wirt RoadHouston77055
Hip Hop Kids Of Texas6701 Harwin Drive #111Houston77036(713) 781-8879
Everlasting Home Care8323 Southwest Freeway Suite 473Houston77074(713) 457-4365
Heights Infants Cottage610 East 7th StreetHouston77007(713) 880-2203
Little Red Schoolhouse9730 HillcroftHouston77096
Gotitas De Amor6023 DemossHouston77081(832) 582-5625
Shining Stars Academy7711 Beechnut StHouston77074(713) 995-1022
Little Noah's Daycare & Learning Center14087 S. Main, Houston, TX 77035Houston77035(713) 729-6624
Woodlake Square Children's Center42 Woodlake SqHouston77063(713) 784-2378
Kids J.A.M6108 S. Rice Suite 108Houston77081(713) 664-5526
Bethany Methodist Weekday School3507 Linkwood DriveHouston77025
Kinderworld5750 A Chimney Rock RoadHouston77081(713) 349-8001
Children's World Learning Centers6767 RookinHouston77074(713) 774-9711
Kovar Childcare4023 DumbartonHouston77025(713) 665-0976
Kompany Kids Child Care Centers2030 Post Oak BoulevardHouston77056
New Addition Child Care5442 Richmond Ave.Houston77056(713) 621-3163
Montessori Children's House1901 NorfolkHouston77098(713) 526-1003
Tiny Land Learning Academy7411 CrestmontHouston77033(713) 643-1409
Storybook Academy7425 M L K BlvdHouston77033(713) 643-8555
All God's Children Daycare & School13833 StancliffHouston77045(713) 434-1350
Nannies & Maids, Etc.5100 Westheimer, Ste. 114Houston77056(713) 629-7716
South Park Child Care Center5874 Bellfort AveHouston77033(713) 734-2858
Kaliedoscope Kids Children's Center5750 S. Rice Ave.Houston77081(713) 664-8794
Montessori Learning Cottage8644 Beverly Hill StreetHouston77063(713) 977-6496

Here is a map of daycare centers in Houston that you can use to find one near your home. 

12.) University Daycare Options In Houston For College Students

If you are a college student, consider contacting your university to see if they offer any low cost daycare programs.

  • University of Houston – They offer a child care center for the children of students and staff at UH. Children ages 3 months to 5 years old can go to this daycare. The hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 7 am to 6 pm. For more information visit the University of Houston Childcare Care Center webpage or call them at 713.743.5480.
  • Texas Southern University – TSU offers a daycare center called the Parent-Child Learning Laboratory. This program is for children 2 weeks to 36 months. The cost is currently $125 per week. Hours of operation are from 7 am to 5 pm. To learn more you can call the TSU daycare program at 713.313.7870.
  • Rice University – Rice has a number of child care programs that students, staff, and teachers can access. These include the Rice Children’s Campus, a Houston summer program for kids, a YMCA childcare center, and a Mother’s Room to help with lactation and nursing. Visit the Rice Child Care Resources webpage for more details.
  • Lone Star College – Visit the Lone Star College website to see the low cost childcare options they offer to students.
  • Houston Community College – HCC can provide you with more information about a special pell grant that offers financial assistance for childcare in Houston. This program is called the Carl D. Perkins Grant and you can learn more by contacting the Carl Perkins Program Director at HCC.
  • San Jacinto College – San Jac offers low cost childcare to kids 6 weeks to 5 years old. The hours of operation are typically Monday through Friday from 7 am to 5 pm. There is a waitlist for the San Jac daycare program and you can learn more about registration here.
  • UH Clear Lake – If you are a student at the University of Houston Clear Lake campus you can get access to affordable childcare services through the school. Even if the UH Clear Lake daycare programs is not accepting children, there are a number of daycare centers in Clear Lake that offer discounted childcare services. You can find that list and more on the UH Clear Lake website.

If you do not see your school listed above speak to your school’s administrator to learn more about any affordable daycare options they may have.

13.) Contact Your Child’s School For Affordable Childcare In Houston

Your local school district may also provide you with lead on low cost daycare in Houston.

  • Houston ISD – HISD offers a free prekindergarten program to low income families in the area. To qualify your child must be 4 years old on or before September 1st. You must live in the HISD area. There are other eligibility criteria that you must meet that can be found on the HISD website.
  • Fort Bend ISD – Low income families in Fort Bend ISD can also qualify for free pre-K. The hours of operation for these Fort Bend childcare programs are 8 am to 3:30 pm. Learn more by going to the Fort Bend website.
  • Channelview ISD – They offer a full time childcare program in Channelview Texas. The hours are from 6 am to 5:30 pm. The program is not available to the public but does offer low cost daycare for Channelview ISD teachers and teen parents who go to a CISD school. Learn more by calling 281.860.3810 or visiting the CISD website.
  • Humble ISD – This Humble Texas childcare program is available to children 6 weeks through 5 years old. The program is offered to children and grandchildren of Humble ISD employees. Call 281.641.7447 or visit the Humble ISD to get more information about this low cost daycare program in Humble TX.
  • Katy ISDKaty ISD also offers a pre-kindergarten program. Like the other programs on this list, the child must be 4 years old on or before September 1st.
  • Friendswood ISD – Your child can get free pre-K if they are 4 years old on September 1st and they meet other eligibility criteria. Call 281.482.1267 or 281.482.3341 for more information on the Friendswood ISD free pre-kindergarten program.
  • Pearland ISD – Pearland ISD has 11 schools that offer free pre-K to those who qualify. Check out the Pearland ISD website to learn more about qualifications.
  • Aldine ISD – There are 12 Aldine ISD schools that offer free prekindergarten classes to low income families in north Houston. To apply for Aldine ISD pre-K go here.

If you do not see your school on this list, contact your nearest elementary. There is a very good chance that they offer a free pre-K curriculum in your area as well.

14.) Texas Health And Human Services Childcare Look Up

The Texas Health and Human Services have a database of daycare providers in Houston and the surrounding areas. You can use their daycare lookup tool to find licensed daycare providers in your area.

You can search for low-cost daycare programs via city, county, or zip code. They also allow you to look for other supportive services like after-school care, night care, snacks provided, and more.

texas childcare look up
You can search for childcare centers in Houston via zipcode, address, and more. You can even choose nighttime daycare centers and select other options.

Once you have made your selections the database will provide you with the daycare name, address, phone number, and more. Clicking on the name of the daycare center will provide you with even more details about the daycare center like capacity, hours of operation, a compliance summary, number of inspections, and more.

how to find childcare in houston
Once you make your selections, this is what a list of your options for childcare in Houston will look like.

Again, to find licensed daycare centers in Houston (or Texas) visit the Texas Health and Human Services website, enter your geographic information, and choose the childcare provider of your choice.

15.) Collaborative For Children (Houston Daycare Finder) 

Collaborative for Children offers a childcare locator tool for 13 counties in the greater Houston area.

To find a low cost daycare in Harris County, start by typing your zip code in the search bar.

collaborative for children - houston daycare search
Enter your zip code to find cheap daycare centers in Houston.

Next, you will see a map and listing of childcare programs in your area. Collaborative for Children allows you to filter Houston daycare programs by:

  • Special Needs – If your child has a special need, click this button to see which facilities specialize in care for your child’s needs.
  • Subsidized Childcare – If you are seeking low cost daycare in Houston, click this button. You will see programs that accept Workforce Solutions subsidies.
  • Texas Rising Star – If quality is your number one priority, check this box to see the highest-rated daycares in Houston.
collaborative for children
This is the map and listing of the Houston daycare centers near you. You can find childcare in Houston that accepts subsidies to help you save money.

The Collaborative for Children is a great resource if you want to learn as much as you can about a Houston daycare. They offer a powerful database that allows you to filter by subsided care, Texas Rising Star, and Nationally Accredited daycares.

16.) Babysitter Co-Ops And More offers a number of “care” services for seniors, pets, and children. Then one feature I want to highlight is the Co-Op feature.

babysitter co ops houston

A parent Co-Op is a group of parents who band together to provide daycare services for each other. This is an excellent way to get affordable daycare in Houston because you do not pay for the cost of daycare. In exchange for watching your kid, you offer to watch other people’s children who are in the co-op. allows you to join an existing Co-Op or create your own Houston babysitter co-op if there are none in your area.

17.) Use A Babysitter App To Find Low Cost Houston Daycare

A babysitting app could also connect you to a low cost babysitter in Houston. The way these apps work is that parents post when they need a babysitter and then interested babysitters can apply for the job. With some apps, you can even view the profiles of babysitters and hire them to watch your children.

Some apps that you can use include:

18.) United Way Houston Childcare Options

The Houston United Way is another resource that can help you to find low cost daycare. When you visit their Child Care Center webpage you will see a listing of Houston’s head start programs and nonprofits that offer affordable childcare. You can also call the United Way at 211 to learn more about childcare resources or other basic needs programs.

19.) Out 2 Learn (Houston Summer Programs & After-School Programs)

Out 2 Learn is a website that helps you to find affordable Houston after-school and summer programs in your area.  You can search for summer programs in Houston by zip code, days available, age range, gender, program types, and more. 

Out 2 Learn Houston

To find a summer program or after-school program in Houston, simply visit the Out 2 Learn website

Free Childcare For Service Industry Workers

There is a program called SIR or Service Industry Recovery Program that offers financial assistance for parents who work in service industries. Those industries were greatly impacted during the pandemic, therefore this program prodides free childcare for one year if you qualify.

The industries that may qualify you for this free childcare program in Houston include:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Food Delivery
  • Gyms
  • Movie Theaters
  • Amusement Parks
  • Clothing Stores
  • Gas Stations
  • Grocery Stores

If you work in any of the above areas, consider applying for this childcare program. You can do so by calling Workforce Solutions at 888.469.5627 or visiting their website.


Houston has many low cost daycare programs to choose from, and the best one for you will be based on your budget, location, and other factors.

Friends, family members, coworkers, and your child’s school district are great resources for finding a quality program that fits within your budget.

You can also contact these organizations directly to learn more about their rates and availability.

Hopefully, this article provided you with the information you need to make an informed decision about choosing an affordable Houston daycare program for your child.

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