How To Get Discount Houston Zoo Tickets If You Receive Food Stamps

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How To Get Discount Houston Zoo Tickets If You Receive Food Stamps

In this resource guide, you will learn how to use your SNAP benefits to get deeply discounted Houston Zoo tickets.

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to spend time with your family and you have food stamp benefits, this could be an option.

The Houston Zoo offers deeply discounted tickets to households that receive food stamp benefits. To purchase these tickets you will need to reserve them online.

Continue reading to see how you can buy cheap Houston Zoo tickets if you have a Lone Star card.

Discounted Houston Zoo Tickets: How To Save Money At The Zoo With Your SNAP Benefits

The Houston Zoo offers discounted tickets for households that receive food stamps (also known as SNAP, EBT, or Lone Star). To get access to cheap Houston Zoo tickets you will need to:

  1. Receive Texas food stamp benefits.
  2. Reserve your tickets online.
  3. Pay the discounted price for Houston Zoo tickets.
  4. Arrive at your designed time.
  5. Show proof that you receive SNAP benefits.

How Do I Get Discounted Houston Zoo Tickets With Lone Star Card?

You will need to visit the Houston Zoo website to purchase discounted tickets if you have food stamps. You cannot buy specially priced Houston Zoo food stamps tickets at the actual zoo.

Once you visit the Houston Zoo Lone Star webpage, you will need to click on “Reserve Tickets”.


houston zoo food stamps (1)
Click the “Reserve Tickets” button to purchase discounted Houston Zoo tickets for households with food stamps.

Next click on “Discount Tickets” to get access to the special Houston Zoo EBT discount.

From here you will need to choose an arrival time. Once you arrive at the zoo during your arrival time, you can stay until the Houston Zoo closes at 4 pm.


houston zoo tickets
Choose your arrival time. You can stay at the Houston Zoo until closing at 4 pm after you arrive.

How Much Are The Houston Zoo Tickets If You Have SNAP Benefits?

Zoo tickets are $8 a piece if you have food stamps in Houston. Whether you are buying an adult or a child’s ticket the price is $8.

Compare this with the regular cost of Houston Zoo tickets which can be $26 for adult tickets and $21 for a child’s ticket and you will see how much money you can save!

how much are houston zoo tickets
You can see how much more expensive Houston Zoo tickets are at the regular price! If you have food stamps, definitely consider buying discounted zoo tickets.

How Many Discounted Houston Zoo Tickets Can I Buy If I Have Food Stamps?

You can buy a total of 5 tickets for the Houston Zoo with the food stamps discount. This includes a maximum of:

  • 2 adults tickets and…
  • 3 kids tickets

If you have more than 3 children, you will have to purchase tickets at the regular price.

Also, according to the Houston Zoo website, it does not seem like you can purchase 1 adult ticket and 4 discounted children’s tickets. The wording specifically states that the maximum amount of discounted zoo tickets that you can buy is 3 children’s tickets.

Verifying That You Have Food Stamp Benefits

To verify your SNAP benefits, you must show either your Lone Star card or your food stamp phone app.

Other Things You Should Know About Using Your Food Stamp Benefits To Get Discounted Houston Zoo Tickets

  • You have to reserve your discounted zoo tickets online. Reservations cannot be made at the entrance.
  • The food stamp recipient must be present. This means you cannot use the EBT card of a family member or friend to get the $8 tickets.
  • You’ll need to show either your Lone Star card or food stamp app at the gate to get your discounted Houston Zoo tickets.
  • The discounted food stamp tickets only give you access to the zoo during the daytime.
  • Concessions, food, or paid animal attractions are not included. You will have to pay for these things.
  • You can purchase cheap Houston Zoo tickets as often as you like. There is no limit to the number of days that you can use your food stamp benefits to purchase the deeply discounted $8 tickets.

How To Get Free Tickets At The Houston Zoo

If you do not receive food stamps, you can still get a great deal, because the Houston Zoo offers free admission on select Tuesdays at the beginning o the month.

All you have to do is visit the Houston Zoo website at 7 am on the Wednesday before the first Tuesday of the month and you can reserve your free tickets.

To learn more about free Houston Zoo tickets read this guide we created that explains the process. Or simply call the Houston Zoo at 713.533.6500.


If you have Texas food stamp benefits, you can buy discounted Houston Zoo tickets for $8 a piece. The normal price for adults is roughly $26, while children’s Houston Zoo tickets are $21.

To buy these cheap Houston Zoo tickets you will need to visit the zoo’s website and make your reservations for tickets and the time you will arrive. When visiting the Houston Zoo be sure to either have your food stamp card or show the SNAP benefits app on your phone. This is how you verify that you receive food stamp benefits.

If you have additional questions about low-cost Houston Zoo tickets for those with Texas SNAP benefits, visit the Houston Zoo website or call them at 713.533.6500.

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