3 Financial Situations That Will Qualify You For Emergency Food Stamps In Texas

3 Ways To Qualify For Emergency Food Stamps In Texas

In this community resource guide, I’ll discuss three financial situations that might make you eligible for emergency food stamps in Texas.

The Texas Health And Human Services Department usually takes 30 days to evaluate someone for food stamps, but in cases of urgency, they may speed up the process and deliver SNAP benefits to you even faster.

There are three circumstances when the Texas food stamp program may certify you for food stamps faster than usual. It’s conceivable that it can do so in as little as 24 hours.

Continue reading to learn about the circumstance that might get your Texas food stamp application expedited.

What Are Texas Emergency Food Stamps?

Emergency food stamps offer the same food assistance benefits as regular food stamps. However, the difference is that with expedited food stamps, you will receive these faster. Emergency food stamps were set up to help individuals who are in an immediate crisis and need food assistance as soon as possible.

How Quick Can I Receive Expedited Food Stamps In Texas?

You can potentially receive your emergency SNAP benefits by the “next work day” if you are eligible. This is according to the actual Texas food stamp application.

This likely means that they can process your emergency food stamp application in 24 hours if you submit an application during the work week. If you submit your application on a Friday or Saturday, they may not be able to process your SNAP benefits as fast.

what are food stamps?

3 Ways To Qualify For Emergency Food Stamps In Texas

In Texas, expedited food stamp approval is dependent on 3 situations. The following are 3 financial situations that might qualify you for quicker food stamp benefits:

  1. Being a migrant worker to seasonal farm worker.
  2. Having less than $100 on hand or less than $150 in your checking account.
  3. If your expenses (housing, utilities) are more than the amount of income you expect to receive this month.

In the following sections, I will talk more about the above 3 financial situations that can qualify you for expedited food stamps in Texas.

1.) Being A Seasonal Or Migrant Worker

In Texas, if you are a seasonal or migrant worker and have a low income this alone could qualify you for expedited food stamps.

Editor’s Note: I’ve examined food stamp applications from many other states outside of Texas and being a migrant worker or seasonal farmer seems to be a situation that qualifies you for emergency SNAP in most other states.

There is a specific question on the Texas SNAP application that asks about your status as either a migrant worker or a seasonal farmer.

2.) Having Less Than $100 On Hand Or $150 In A Bank Account

Another situation that could potentially qualify you for Texas emergency food stamps is having an extremely low income and no prospects of receiving more income in the near future.

Specifically, if you have less than $100 of cash on hand or you have less than $150 in your checking account then you could potentially get emergency food stamps in Texas.

3.) Your Expenses Are More Than Your Monthly Income

The last way to get emergency snap benefits in Texas is if your monthly expenses exceed your monthly income. For example, if your rent, mortgage, and utilities exceed the amount of money that you make from your job each month. This scenario could qualify you for extra food stamps.

If this situation pertains to you there will be a question on the Texas food stamp application that you can answer to indicate that you were monthly expenses are more than your monthly income

Answering Questions In Section B On The SNAP Application Is Key To Getting Expedited Food Stamps In Texas

Section B of the food stamp application is very important. The questions in this section will help to determine if you qualify for emergency SNAP benefits. Be sure to take your time and answer all of the questions honestly. Your answers could mean the difference between getting the assistance you need and going without.

Emergency Food Stamps Texas
This is Section B of the food stamp application.

Penalties For Lying On A Texas Food Stamp Application

If you are caught lying on your food stamp application, there are penalties that you will face. These penalties can include a fine, imprisonment, or both. Lying on your application is a serious offense and at best can result in you being denied benefits. At worse you can be sentenced to prison, like this man from Beaumont Texas who received 27 years for food stamp fraud.

lying on food stamp application
Here is a news clip of a man from Beaumont Texas who received 27 years for food stamp fraud. Lying on a Texas food stamp application could land you in big trouble so remember to be truthful.

If you are found to have lied on your application, you may also be required to pay back any benefits that you received. It is important to be honest when applying for food stamps, as penalties for lying can be severe.

Although we have just outlined the 3 scenarios where you may be approved for expedited food stamps you still want to be honest. This information should not be used in a dishonest way. The $400 a month in food stamp benefits are certainly not worth jail time, so be honest when completing your SNAP application.

How To Apply For Texas Emergency Food Stamps

To apply for emergency food stamps you complete the same application as you would if you were seeking regular food stamp benefits.

You can apply for benefits via:


There are 3 situations that can qualify you for emergency food stamps in Texas and those are if

  1. You are a migrant worker or seasonal farmer.
  2. You have less than $100 in cash on hand or less than $150 in the bank.
  3. Your monthly expenses exceed your monthly income.

If you find yourself meeting one of these qualifications, you can apply for emergency food stamps via the Your Texas Benefits website, by calling 211 or 877.541.7905, or by visiting a Texas food stamp office.

Be honest when completing your application as penalties for lying can be severe and include jail time and fines.

Emergency food stamps can be a lifeline for those in need and we hope this guide has helped you to understand the process of applying for them in Texas.

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