Texas Mobile Vaccine Program: How Seniors In Texas Can Get Vaccinated At Home

Texas mobile vaccine program

Texas Mobile Vaccine Program: How Seniors In Texas Can Get Vaccinated At Home

The Texas Mobile Vaccine Program is a state-wide program that provides specific Texans the opportunity to receive vaccinations at work or home.

The Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) partners with other public and private entities in order to make this happen. DSHS’s goal is to provide seniors and businesses who want a vaccine, no matter where they are located, an accessible option for getting vaccinated.

Continue reading to learn how you can get a COVID 19 vaccine administered at your home.

What Is The Texas Mobile Vaccine Program?

The Texas Mobile Vaccine Program is a way for specific Texans to receive a vaccination at work, or at home.

This program is managed by the Texas Health and Human Services Department.

How Qualifies For An At Home COVID 19 Vaccine In Texas

These are the populations that can receive an immunization through this mobile vaccine program in Texas:

  • Texas businesses with 5 or more employees who want the vaccine
  • Civic organizations in Texas with 5 or more members that want to COVID 19 vaccine
  • Homebound seniors and individuals in Texas who want to become vaccinated

In the next section, we’ll discuss how to schedule a mobile COVID 19 vaccine in Texas.

How To Get A Mobile Vaccine In Texas

You must call 844.908.3927 to receive a mobile vaccine. If you are a business or civic group or homebound, then this option is available to you.

Here is more information about scheduling your mobile vaccine through Texas Health and Human Services.

Mobile Vaccines For Texas Business and Civic Groups

Call 844.908.3927 and dial option 3 to get a mobile vaccine. Rember to receive a mobile vaccine at your office, you must have at least 5 coworkers or members of your civic club who want the COVID 19 vaccine

Mobile Vaccine For Seniors and Individuals With Disabilities In Texas

If you are homebound you will need to contact 844.908.3927 to receive a vaccine at home. You will need to dial option 1 to schedule your home vaccination.

Other Ways To Get Vaccinated In Texas

Here are other ways to get your COVID 19 vaccination in Texas.

Call Your Local Health Department For A Vaccine

You can contact your city or county health department to learn where you can get the COVID 19 vaccination. All you need to do is dial 211 and they can direct you to your local health department.

Visit A Retail Pharmacy To Get Vaccinated For Free In Texas

Another option is to get your C0VID19 vaccination at a retail pharmacy in Texas. This includes Walgreens or CVS.

Use The Website Vaccines.gov

You can visit Vaccines.gov to find COVID 19 vaccines in your zip code according to the specific vaccine (J&J, Moderna, Pfizer) that you want.


The Texas Mobile Vaccine Program is a great option for either business owners or homebound seniors who cannot make it to a local vaccination site.

If you or your business have 5 employees and want to be vaccinated in Texas, give 844-908-3927 a call and dial option 3.

For seniors or individuals with disabilities living in Texas who would like to get their COVID 19 vaccine at home, dial option 1 on that same number.

To learn more about this program you can visit the Texas Health and Human Service website to better understand how to get a COVID 19 vaccine at your home.

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