How To Call 211 Texas For Utility Assistance To Help You Pay The Light Bill

211 texas utility assistance

How To Call 211 Texas For Utility Assistance To Help You Pay The Light Bill

In this resource guide, you will learn how to use 211 Texas to find utility assistance programs that can help you to pay your light, gas, or water bill.

211 Texas is a service provided to help connect low-income families in need with the utility assistance programs available in their area. 211 Texas offers information on how to apply for utility assistance, what type of utility assistance they can get, and even provides phone numbers and referrals to other community resources.

Continue reading to learn more about the utility assistance programs near you that 211 Texas can connect you to.

What Is 211 Texas?

211 Texas is a service that connects people to community resources and government assistance programs to help them out.

The 211 Texas phone number is managed by a combination of Texas Health and Human Services and the United Way. You can be connected to Texas government programs like Medicaid and food stamps as well as local community resources. Local United Way phone lines answer calls when individuals need local community resources like rent or even utility assistance.

What Is The 211 Texas Phone Number To Dial For Utility Assistance?

There are two ways to contact Texas 211:

  • You can dial 211 or 877.541.7905 from your cell phone.
  • On a landline, you will have to dial 877.541.7905. You can not call 211 from a landline.

How Do I Get Connected To Utility Assistance Programs Through 211 Texas?

  1. To find a Texas utility assistance program near you, start by dialing 211 or 877.541.7905.
  2. Next, choose your language whether it is English, Spanish, or another language.
  3. After this choose option 1. This is the option where the operator asks if “you need to know about services in your area”. This option will take you to a local United Way call center in your city where you can get connected to rent and utility assistance programs.
  4. Finally, they will ask you to enter your 5 digit zip code. This will allow them to connect you to the United Way call center in your city.

Speaking To A 211 United Way Operator About Utility Assistance In Texas

When the operator picks up they will ask how they can help you? You will want to explain that you are in need of utility assistance and would like to know what options and resources are available to you in your area.

The operator will then search for utility assistance programs via your city and zip code. Once they have secured a list of financial assistance programs, they will provide you with the contact information for each one. Use these phone numbers to call each nonprofit to see if there are utility assistance funds available.

Talking To Nonprofits Who Provide Utility Assistance

One thing that you should know about applying for financial assistance is that help is not guaranteed. Sometimes funds will run out. If the nonprofit worker tells you this, do not be discouraged.

Call back the next day…

And the next day…

And the following day…

The key is to be persistent. Ask when is the best time to apply for funds? Ask them if they know of other nonprofits that help with utility assistance?

Applying for utility assistance can be like a part-time job, so be prepared to work and be polite. Being nice to the nonprofit workers can get you inside tips on what day you should apply for help or direct contacts to individuals who determine who gets financial assistance.

Using The 211 Website To Find Utility Assistance In Texa

You can also visit to find rent and utility assistance programs.

On the home page, you will type the word “utilities”, “rent”, or any other resource you are wanting. Next, type your zip code so that the 211 Texas website can narrow down the list of financial assistance programs. There are lots of programs that provide rent and utility assistance but they only assist specific zip codes and cities. This is why it’s important to type your zip code.

211 texas utlity assistance
Type utilities and then your zip code to find utility assistance programs in your area.

Finally, you’ll be taken to a page that will show you a map and a list of nonprofits that offer utility assistance in Texas. The phone numbers and websites of these nonprofits will be listed, so you can use them to call and see if financial assistance is available.

Texas LIHEAP: Long Term Utility Assistance In Texas For Senior Citizens

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) offers long-term utility assistance to low-income seniors in Texas. If you qualify for Texas LIHEAP you can get help paying your utility bills for anywhere from 6 to 8 months. I’ve had clients show me their actual bills where the program has paid 100% of the utility bill!

If you want to sign up for this utility assistance program for seniors in Texas, you’ll need to find a LIHEAP partner. Typically these are nonprofits in your city that receive funds from the LIHEAP program to help low-income seniors pay their bills.

Editor’s Note: The LIHEAP program is also referred to as the Comprehensive Energy Assistance Program (CEAP). Whether it is LIHEAP or CEAP, the fact remains that this program helps low-income seniors in Texas pay their utility bills.

How To Find A Texas LIHEAP Organization Near You

To find a LIHEAP Texas partner you can:

  • Call 512.475.3800, choose your language, press 3 for “utility assistance”, and then select the city you are in. If they do not list your city press 0 to speak with an agent.
  • Visit the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs website. Below are step-by-step instructions on finding a Texas LIHEAP partner near you with their website.

Scroll down the page until you can see a listing of programs like the screenshot below. You’ll want to click on the “Utility Bill Payment Help”.

texas liheap
Click the “utility bill payment help” button to find Texas LIHEAP programs in your area.

Scroll a little further on this page until your screen looks similar to the screenshot below. This is where you will enter your city or county.

You can search for Texas LIHEAP program by city or county.

After you have entered a city or county you will see a page like the one below with the Texas LIHEAP partner in your area. Call this nonprofit or visit their website.

This page shows you the Texas LIHEAP partners in your city or county. Call these nonprofits to see if they have long-term utility assistance funds.

You can click on the nonprofit name to see even more information about the organization. Below is a screenshot of what a nonprofit’s information page will look like.

texas liheap
This is an information page that shows you website and phone numbers to help you apply for a Texas LIHEAP program.

Again, once you find a nonprofit that offers LIHEAP in Texas call them to see if utility assistance funds are available.

Utility Assistance Programs In Houston, Dallas, Austin, Ect

Below are links to articles with utility assistance and rent relief program in various Texas cities. If you live in one of these cities, use these links to find nonprofits who may be able to assist you with a rent or utility assistance payment.


If you need help paying your light bill this month, consider calling 211 Texas for utility assistance. This is a community resource helpline that has access to financial assistance programs all across Texas. Whether you need utility assistance in Houston, Dallas, Austin, or even a smaller city like Baytown Texas, 211 can connect you to financial assistance programs.

To speak to a 211 operator about rent or utility assistance dial 211 or 877.541.7905. Let them know what city or zip code you live in and they will give you a listing of nonprofits that help with utility assistance.

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