How To Apply For New Hope Housing

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How To Apply For New Hope Housing

In this guide, I will tell you about an affordable housing option in Houston that is best suited for single adults.  That option is New Hope Housing

New Hope Housing offers SROs (single room occupancies) to single adults who are seeking a place to live. In this article, I will provide you with all the information you need to apply for New Hope Housing. 

Here are a few key points that you will learn after reading this article:

  • Maps of all 8 New Hope Housing locations in Houston
  • How New Hope Housing got started
  • Eligibility information to ensure that you qualify for New Hope Housing
  • A simple step by step guide to placing your name on any New Hope Housing waitlist you desire


What Is New Hope Housing? 

New Hope Housing is the largest provider of SRO housing in the state of Texas. They provide affordable, permanent housing to individuals with low incomes.  Many of the New Hope Housing apartment complexes are for single adults only, however, there is one location in SE Houston that accepts families. 

Who Is Eligible For New Hope Housing? 

The eligibility requirements to stay in a New Hope SRO are the following: 

  1. Must be a single adult only
  2. Meet income requirements
  3. Pass a background check

Here is more about each of those requirements. 

Single Adults Only 

Only single adults are eligible for this housing program. Service animals are allowed, but not regular pets at New Hope Housing.

Editor’s note: The New Hope Housing complex at Reed Road accepts families into their facility. 

Income Requirements For New Hope Houston

The income requirements at New Hope vary at each location. At the time of this writing, rent ranges between $455 to $701.

New Hope Housing | Commute-nity Res...
New Hope Housing | Commute-nity Resources

As a general rule is to qualify for housing you must make about 1.5 times your rent. If this statement is true then you would need to have a monthly income of between $682 and $1051 to be eligible for New Hope Housing.

Here is how I came to those figures:

  • $455 x 1.5 = $682
  • $701 x 1.5 = $1051

These are just estimated to give you an idea of whether applying for New Hope is something feasible. To get up-to-date rates you will need to call the complex you are interested in applying to. I will provide you with New Hope locations to call later in this article.

Pass A Background Check

New Hope accepts individuals with criminal records, however, you will need to contact them for more details. 

How To Apply for New Hope Housing  

Now that you have a general idea of who is eligible for housing, this is how you apply. 

  1. Select A New Hope Location
  2. Call The Location To Learn About Availability
  3. Apply In Person At That Location

1. Select A Location

First, you must find a complex that you are interested in. Each complex has a different waitlist. To reduce your wartime and increase the chances of you being accepted I suggest that you apply for housing at multiple sites.

2. Call The Location To Learn About Availability

Contact the location you are interested in and ask the following questions:

  1. Is there a waitlist? One location may have a waitlist, while another may be ready to accept new residents.
  2. What are the eligibility requirements? 

3. Apply For New Hope Housing In Person

There is no online application therefore you apply in person at the location of your choice. 

Once you’ve completed your paperwork the intake specialist can answer any questions about the cost of rent and how long you will be on their waitlist. I’ve spoken to intake workers in the past and the waits seem to be 4-8 months.

New Hope Housing Locations 

Currently, there are 9 different New Hope Housing complexes throughout Harris County. Each offers different amenities and individual waitlists so contact any apartment you are interested in to learn more about availability. 

Brays Crossing 

This complex was built in 2010, has 149 units, and is located just off the Gulf Freeway.

One thing that is good about this location is a 12-minute walk to Wal-Mart off 45 and S.Wayside. Just across from Wal-Mart is a clinic called St. Mary’s that offers affordable medical care to individuals who are uninsured. 

Brays Crossing is located at 6311 Gulf Freeway Houston, TX 77023. Call them at 713.777.6311 for more information.

Canal Street Apartments

Canal Street apartments were built in 2005. This complex consists of 134 units and is located on Canal Street in Second Ward.  

You will find easy access to the Metro Bus here. The complex is minutes from downtown if you work there. This location is also close to low-cost clinics like Cas De Amigos and Legacy Clinic in 5th Ward.

Canal Street Apartments are located at 2821 Canal Street Houston, TX 77003. For more information call 713.224.2821.

Congress Street Apartments

Congress Street Apartments is located in downtown Houston near the corner of Congress and Austin. This complex was remodeled in 2010 and has 57 units.

This apartment buts you blocks away from Metro’s Light Rail. If you have doctors in the medical center, transportation will be no issue. St. Luke’s onsite Wellness Center also offers support services and a case manager to help you connect with community resources.

The complex is located at 1414 Congress Street, Houston, TX 77002. The phone number is 713.224.1414.

Perry Street Apartments

This complex is located in the Third Ward neighborhood off Cullen Blvd. The complex was constructed in 2012 and has 160 units.

Residents have access to the Metro Bus line, the Houston Texans YMCA, and the Harris Health’s Dental Center is near by.

You can find Perry Street Apartments at 4415 Perry Street, Houston, TX 77021. Call them at 713.522.4415.

Rittenhouse Apartments

This complex is located off the North Freeway between Parker and Little York. It was built in 2013 and has 160 units.

This would be an ideal location if your doctor was at Acres Homes Health Center.  The Metro 44 bus travels to and from this complex.

The address to Rittenhouse Apartments is 577 W. Rittenhouse Rd, Houston, TX 77091. Call them at 713.692.0577.

Sakowitz Street Apartments

Sakowitz Apartments are located in the Fifth Ward/Denver Harbor neighborhood.  The complex was completed in 2010 and there are 166 units.

The complex is a 10-minute walk from retailers like Fiesta, Burt’s Meat Market, and Legacy Clinic.

You will find Sakowitz Apartments at 2424 Sakowitz Street, Houston, TX 77020. For more information call them at 713.671.2424.

Harrisburg Street Apartments

This complex is located in the Second Ward neighborhood on Harrisburg and Sampson. This complex was built in 2018 and there are 175 units.

These apartments are literally 15 feet from a Metro Light Rail station. This gives you easy access to downtown, the Texas Medical Center, or low-cost clinics in Houston’s East End like El Centro de Corazon

Harrisburg Apartments can be found at 3315 Harrisburg Blvd, Houston, TX  77003. Dial them at 832.971.6220.

Reed Road Apartments 

This low-cost apartment in Houston is located on the southeast side of town off of Highway 288. This complex has 187 apartment units. 

New Hope Reed Road accepts families with children. 

This apartment is located at 2605 Reed Road, Houston, TX 77051. The phone number to learn more about any waitlists is 713.733.2606

Dale Carnegie Apartments 

This is the newest New Hope Housing complex. It is located in SW Houston and has 170 apartment units. 

This low-cost Houston SRO accepts single adults. 

To learn more you can visit Dale Carnegie Apartments at 7025 Regency Square Blvd, Houston, TX 77036 or call them at 713.258.1959


Finding that perfect place to relax and gather your thoughts can take time.

The key to this is being both persistent and patient. If you can commit to routine follow-ups with New Hope Housing it’s possible that you will find an affordable apartment in Houston within a year.

For more information, you can visit the New Hope Housing website or call them at 713.222.0290

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4 thoughts on “How To Apply For New Hope Housing

  1. Carol Reply

    I was homeless in 2016, I went to Hope in search of a place, the people in the office was so rude and not helpful at all, I had been sleeping in my vehicle for three months and I heard about them..They as me one question and that was did I have income, I told them I had been sleeping in my vehicle, the guy talk to me while the whole time a female stood at the office door behind him, when he asked did I have income they went to the back not saying anything just left me standing at the front desk. finally finally after about 13 minutes he came out and said the couldn’t assist me.. I called corporate office and spoke to a female told her what I had just went through on the reed road property, she promised that she would get me help through Hope and she r someone else would call me back..This is 2021 never heard back from anyone..It was so sad and hurt me even more.I have not tried Hope since and I’m still homeless..

    • Nick Bryant Post authorReply

      I Carol, I’m so sorry for the lack of help that you received. Working in community health I am well aware of workers who do not treat others with the respect they deserve. The truth of the matter is that most people are a missed paycheck or two away from hard times, so people should humble themselves.

      You’ve been dealing with this since 2016, so you may know better than me, but have you sought out housing help from places like the Beacon or Coalition for the Homeless? These places have a specific program called Rapid Rehousing which aims to help you get into an apartment, help you find stable employment, and get you back to self-sufficiency.

      I do not work for New Hope Housing, but my understanding is it is mixing housing. Some people pay, others may be there due to a Rapid Rehousing type program. If you do not have a stable income, your best bet at finding stable housing may be through one of the homeless assistance agencies here in Houston. Typically places like New Hope and other housing communities award “free temporary housing” to clients that come from those homeless agencies. Those clients have been vetted and are being referred with a gameplan of how they will eventually afford their room in the future.

      As much as you may want to I will say don’t give up! Follow up with management (just like you did when you called corporate) and find out why you were denied. Continue follow-up calls. The better you understand an organizations system and the way things work, the better chance you have at getting services.

      Carol, if you ever have questions about Houston community resources just let me know I’m happy to help you!


  2. Sidney Stoneham Reply

    Looking for so where to live. I was in the Marines.

    • Nick Bryant Post authorReply

      Hows it going Sidney, hope all is well.

      For New Hope, you’ll have to contact each of the complexes to learn about availability. Each apartment complex has a different waiting list.

      Also, consider contacting the Houston VA. I don’t know the specifics, but they likely have housing programs specifically for veterans. The link below is for veterans mental health clinics, but they also offer other resources like housing, so contact a few of those places.

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