ReCenter: Houston Housing Assistance Program For Recovering Addicts

ReCenter Houston

ReCenter: Houston Housing Assistance For Recovering Addicts

The ReCenter is a substance abuse housing program in Houston that offers an affordable, clean, and safe place to stay for recovering addicts.

The organization’s goal is to provide an atmosphere of stability and support so residents can maintain their sobriety. Residents at the ReCenter have access to a number of supportive services like a Houston 12 step program, mental health referrals, and of course housing in its residential program.

Continue reading to learn how this substance abuse program in Houston can help you to meet your goals for sobriety.

What Is Houston ReCenter?

The ReCenter is an organization that provides housing for substance abusers in Houston. This is a non-medical detox program in Houston. If an individual with substance abuse issues is homeless in Houston or needs a place to stay, ReCenter can potentially help them if they are committed to following certain rules.

The ReCenter is located in Houston’s Midtown neighborhood. The address is 3809 Main Street, Houston, TX 77002.


ReCenter’s Supportive Programs For Individual With Substance Abuse In Houston

ReCenter offers a number of programs to help individuals with addiction meet their goals of becoming sober or maintaining sobriety. Below you will find summaries of each program that is meant to help you if you have a drug or alcohol addiction in Houston.

Welcome Home Program

This program essentially welcomes you to ReCenter and helps you to get adjusted to your new setting by introducing you to peers, residents, and staff members that will help you on your journey to sobriety.

ReCenter Residential (Houston Housing Program For Substance Abuse)

This addiction recovery program offers a safe, clean place to help you recover from drugs or alcohol. To receive access to this substance abuse housing program you must be willing to follow all residential rules and guidelines.

If you have a history of excess alcohol or drug use, you may be referred to the ReCenter detox facility. Here you will spend the first few days under 24-hour monitoring detoxing and preparing for your journey to sobriety. If you need medical attention during your detox, ReCenter can refer you to facilities that can help you.

Fresh Start (Houston 12 Step Program)

Fresh Start is ReCenter’s name for their 12 step program. This program works to help individuals make good choices on a daily basis and overall combat addiction in the Houston area.

Everybody At The Table (Free Meals In Houston For Individuals With Substance Abuse In Houston)

The E.A.T Program offers 3 daily meals to individuals in the alcohol/drug recovery program.

ReCenter also invites Houston’s homeless population to stop by their Midtown location for free meals.

Next Mission (Substance Abuse Program In Houston For Veterans)

If you are a veteran in Houston with alcohol or drug problems, the Next Mission Program can help you to recover. This program offers a number of supportive services including a tailormade 12 Step program in Houston for veterans.

At Ease (Mental Health Referrals For Houston Addicts)

Mental health issues often accompany drug and alcohol addiction. Because of this ReCenter is partnered with the Harris Center which is Houston’s authority on mental illness.

In addition, the At East Program can connect you to behavioral health supports like:

  • Anger management in Houston
  • Relapse prevention programs
  • Connect you to homeless healthcare services
  • Pair you with chemical dependency counselors in Houston

Wellness (Medical Advice For The Homeless In Houston)

This substance abuse program will connect you to the medical professionals and services to ensure that you are physically as healthy as you can be. ReCenter can refer you to program like:

Spiritual Seekers (Prayer For Individuals With Substance Abuse Issues)

Being a spiritual person can play a huge role in overcoming addiction. ReCenter has many connections to religious organizations in Houston that can help you on your path to sobriety.

Opportunity Knocks (Educational Assistance Program For Addicts In Houston)

The Opportunity Knocks program is designed to provide an opportunity for individuals with substance abuse problems to receive free educational training in order to improve their lives.

It is designed primarily for people who are homeless, disadvantaged, low-income or have substance abuse problems. The goal of this project is to help people start successful and sustainable lives by providing them with access to educational resources that will get them the job skills they need in order to find employment and long-term housing.

H.I.R.E Program (Houston Employment Assistance For People With Substance Abuse Problems)

ReCenter offers personalized career coaching to help people with substance abuse problems find long-term employment.

ReCenter helps its clients to develop the skills needed for long-term employment through personal coaching. One of the main goals of this program is to provide a support system for the client so that they can maintain their sobriety while seeking work and maintaining their jobs.

In addition, ReCenter offers training programs and workshops for unemployed people with substance abuse problems that are focused on developing those skills that are necessary for success in today’s workforce, such as managing finances, planning one’s future, and exploring careers. ReCenter also works with employers to recruit qualified candidates with disabilities when able.


ReCenter is one of the leading substance abuse treatment programs in Houston.

They offer a variety of services that are designed to help you have the best chance for success when it comes to overcoming your addiction.

You can use this article as a guideline if you’re looking for information for yourself, a client, or a family member to learn about Houston ReCenter and what they can offer you.

For more information on this Houston housing assistance program for recovering addicts, you can visit the ReCenter website, stop by their Midtown office at 3809 Main Street, Houston, TX 77002, or call them at 832.649.6696.

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