SER Jobs Houston: Employment Assistance For Jobseekers In Houston 

SER Jobs Houston

SER Jobs Houston: Employment Assistance For Jobseekers In Houston 

In today’s economy, it can be difficult to find a job.

This is especially true during the pandemic.

SER Jobs Houston is an organization that provides employment assistance to men and women of all backgrounds so they can achieve their goals and dreams.

If you need assistance finding a job or improving your chances at getting hired continue reading to see how SER Jobs Houston can help you.

What Is SER Jobs Houston?

SER Jobs is a Houston East End employment agency that provides help to people who are looking for jobs. This is done through career coaching, providing job leads, hosting hiring events, and referrals to Houston employers who are hiring.

History Of SER Jobs

The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), the G.I. Forum, and the Department of the Navy worked together and came up with the idea to create SER – Jobs for Progress in 1965.

It started as a voluntary career pool supporting Veterans with a Hispanic background and has since grown into a national program of 42 partnerships with over 200 locations, helping people with job trainings.

Houston Employment Programs Offered Through SER

SER offers a number of employment assistance programs in Houston to prepare you for a job interview, improve your resume, or introduce you to employers who are ready to hire workers.

Career Coaching

SER actively holds the belief that each individual has unique skills and preferences. SER’s career coaching program provides you with the tools needed to package and present those unique skills to local employers.

The organization provides career coaching, jobs, work weeks planned in conjunction with SER’s long term goal for success, personal support at every stage of the process. Their counselors guide individuals through their entire SER journey from start to finish and provide personalized help throughout.

Houston Employment Search Program

SER Jobs is a Houston nonprofit organization that provides occupation counseling as well as temporary and part-time jobs to the community. SER’s community connections to employers allow them to provide you with leads on jobs that can use your skillset.

SER Jobs Houston offers a lot of help with job placement, whether members are searching for their first job opportunity or they have a career path in mind.

In addition, the employment search services at SER provide you with advice and guidance needed to look more employable to companies hiring in Houston.

Occupational Training In Houston

SER’s focus on occupational training offers members specialized knowledge pertaining to a variety of job opportunities in high-demand industries.

These Houston vocational training sessions provide members with chances to learn highly technical skills in fields in which they can flourish. Certifications include:

  • OSHA Forklift certification
  • Welding certifications
  • Electrician certifications

SER certificates are supported by nationally accredited authentication. In demand certifications can help you attain competitive, secure salaries and a sustainable career.

Financial Liberation

Once you find a job and establish a bank account, it is highly recommended that you work with SER Financial Coaches to help you save your money.

Financial Coaches offer financial planning tools and credit improving resources to help SER members improve their credit score and develop funds for future generations. 

Who Does SER Houston Help With Employment

To use SER’s services, you can apply for it using their website. Here are the people who are qualified for its services:

  • Ordinary Adults over the age of 18.
  • Individuals who have been associated with the criminal Justice system.
  • Teenagers and young adults from 16-24 seeking summer jobs, employment, work-oriented learning etc.
  • Military veterans looking for ways to get reintegrated back into society.


SER is a great resource for people who are seeking employment in Houston. Whether you have a resume or not, this employment agency in Harris County can help you every step of the way to become work ready.

For more information you can visit the SER Houston Jobs website, visit their East End office at 1710 Telephone Road, Houston, TX 77023, or call them at 713.773.6000.

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