How To Use The University of Houston Social Worker Job Board To Find A Rewarding Career

university of houston social worker job board

UH Social Worker Job Board: Find Social Work Jobs In Houston With This Job Board

Are you looking for a job as a social worker in Houston?

The University of Houston has a job board that focuses exclusively on Houston’s social work opportunities.

This job board contains jobs in social services, social welfare, or social justice. It is updated every day.

What Is Social Work?

Social work, also known as social work, is a social work field that deals with social problems and welfare. Social workers are often able to help the most vulnerable people. The job of a social worker is usually to improve someone’s social situation. Social sciences are often studied in college by students before becoming social workers.

Why Houston Social Work Jobs Are  Important To The Community

Houston residents with low incomes need social work. This is because many of their social problems are addressed by social workers. Social work can assist with issues like education, mental health, and housing. These social issues can be addressed at both the individual and family levels by social work.

If you are having trouble navigating the community resources, a quick phone call to a Houston social worker will help you find solutions.

Editor’s Note: For social workers who need to connect clients with community resources, the Houston Case Managers website offers hundreds of simple-to-follow guides to connecting individuals to housing and employment in Houston.

University of Houston Social Work Job Board

The University of Houston’s social work job board provides social work jobs in Houston for college students and the general public. This website is maintained by the University of Houston Social Work department. It is regularly updated by Houston non-profits that are looking for qualified social workers.

This job board is ideal for students looking for internships and social workers seeking new jobs. It also provides a platform for social service organizations searching for social workers as well as employers looking for social work candidates.

Types Of Houston Social Worker Jobs Found On This Website

You can find the following types of social worker and Houston healthcare jobs on the UH Social Worker job board: 

  • Therapist
  • Case Manager
  • Qualified Mental Health Professional
  • Psychotherapist
  • School Therapist
  • Dialysis Master Social Worker
  • Wraparound Facilitator

Other Places To Find Social Work Jobs In Houston

These websites offer additional opportunities to search for social work careers.

  • Houston Healthcare Jobs focuses exclusively on Houston medical jobs. This website offers Houston healthcare jobs, as well as non-profit employment opportunities.
  • Another great place to search for Houston social work jobs is the United Way Job Bank.
  • Indeed a huge employment website on the internet. You can find work in this field there.
  • Craigslist is another option. Craigslist was where I found my first job at the Harris Center.

These websites allow you to explore the many aspects of social work that may interest you, or make you a better fit.


For those looking for social work jobs, the University Social Work job boards can be a great resource.

Daily jobs are posted to the UH social worker job board. You might also be interested in other career options related to social work. These include, United Way of Greater Houston, and Indeed.

We wish you the best in your search for a Houston social worker job!

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