I Didn’t Get My Food Stamps This Month. Now What?

i didnt get my food stamps this month

I Didn’t Get My Food Stamps This Month. Now What?

This article will guide you if you did not receive your SNAP benefits this month. There are several reasons why your EBT card has not been refilled with benefits, and we will go over each. In addition, this community resource guide will provide you with step-by-step instructions on what to do to have your food stamp benefits added to your EBT card. There is a lot to discuss regarding the topic of an empty food stamp card, so let’s dive in.

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Why Haven’t I Received My Food Stamps This Month (6 Possible Reasons) 

These are six common explanations for why you did not get your food stamp benefits this month.

  1. The food stamp deposit date changed.
  2. Holidays can impact the delivery of your food stamps.
  3. You missed the deadline to recertify your Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits.
  4. Not using your EBT card for months.
  5. Your food stamp balance is extremely high.
  6. Your account was closed out for rule violations.
Potential Issue Explanation What To Do?

The Food Stamp Deposit Schedule Changed

Food stamps are deposited on the same day each month, however, if your benefits have not arrived, the schedule may have changed. Each state has different deposit schedules. For instance, you could receive food stamps on the first of the month. Other food stamp schedules deposit your benefits on your EBT card according to your date of birth, your Social Security number, or last name. You will need to contact your state’s food stamp office to learn more about your food stamp schedule and to see if the date has changed.

Weekends And Holidays May Delay Your Food Stamps

If your food stamps typically arrive on the 4th, then the 4th of July holiday could delay your SNAP benefits. The same goes for deposit dates that fall on the weekend. If your SNAP deposit date is on a Saturday, you may not get your benefits until Monday. Again contact your state’s SNAP benefit office to see if weekends or holidays will impact the delivery of your food stamp benefits.

You Did Not Re-Certify Your Food Stamp Benefits

Another potential reason why you did not receive SNAP benefits this month is you missed your re-certification date. Depending on your state, the food stamp program requires you to rec-certify for benefits every 6 to 12 months. Missing this re-certification date can cause your food stamps not to be uploaded to your EBT card. If you missed your food stamp re-certification date, you’d need to call your state’s EBT customer service program as soon as possible. If you can contact them within 30 days of missing the recertification date, you may be able to resume receiving SNAP benefits on your EBT card.

You Have Not Used Your EBT Card In Months

This can also explain why your EBT card didn’t refill this month. Typically if you go 1 year without using your food stamp card, your benefits will be stopped. Before the food stamp program stops your benefits, they will send you a letter. Look through your mail to see if the SNAP program has sent you a letter inquiring about why you have not used food stamp benefits. You should also call the food stamp program if you have gone months without using your electronic benefit transfer card to let them know you are still interested in receiving food stamp benefits.

Your Food Stamp Balance Is Abnormally High

Saving is always good, however, if you have acquired a high balance of food stamps this could also lead to you not receiving SNAP benefits for the month. Contact the SNAP program if you have a particularly high level of food stamp benefits and want to explain why your balance is so high, to avoid losing your benefits.

Your SNAP Benefits Account Was Closed Out

If you broke the rules of the SNAP program by selling food stamps, letting someone outside of your SNAP household use your electronic benefit transfer card or any other violation, your account could be closed out. Contact the food stamp program if you feel that your EBT account was closed out by mistake. It should be noted that if SNAP decides to close out your food stamp account, they will send a letter explaining the reason why you are no longer receiving food stamp benefits on your card.

If you are asking yourself, “why didn’t my EBT card refill”? The answers above could help you to pinpoint the problem. Now that you have a better understanding of why your food stamps may not show up in your account let’s now talk about who do you call if you didn’t get your food stamps.

My SNAP Benefits Are Not On My Card. What Can I Do?

If you are wondering, “who do I call if I didn’t get my food stamp” the answer is simple. You will need to call your state’s health and human services department (or food stamp department) to learn why you didn’t receive benefits for this month.

Editor’s Note: The following instructions will help you if you are in Texas and didn’t get your food stamps this month. If you are in another state, contact your state’s health department to inquire about the issues.

If you were approved for food stamps but have no benefits on your EBT card, you will need to contact Texas Health and Human Services. You can dial them at 877.541.7905 or by calling 211. Here are the options that you will choose when calling Texas Health and Human Services regarding the food stamps that you did not receive. Choose the language. For English, you can choose 1. For Spanish, press 2. for other languages, press 0. State Benefits – Next, you will need to press the option for state benefits, which is option 2. You will know it’s the right option when they ask “do you need help with state benefits programs like SNAP, Medicaid, CHIP, TANF, ect”. Care With No Benefits – In this step you will need to press option 6, which is the corresponding button if you have an EBT card with no benefits on the card. Here is a list of options that you will be provided. Remember to press option 6 if your benefits are not on your electronic benefit transfer Card.

Option Number Description
1 To apply or check the status of SNAP, TANF, CHIP, or Medicaid. 
2 If you are a healthcare provider turning in an Emergency Medical Services Certification Form.
3 Need to pay a CHIP or Medicaid enrollment fee. 
4 Schedule a Texas Health Steps check-up for your child. 
5 Sign up for Texas Healthy Women’s Program
No option Need to report a lost or stolen Texas EBT card call 800.777.7328.
6 Received an approval letter for SNAP or TANF but there are no benefits on your EBT card. 
7 Need local resources like housing, financial assistance, mental health, low-cost doctors, and more. 
8 Receive a listing of local state phone numbers. 

Once you press 6 they will ask you to stay on the line and wait for a Texas Health and Human Services worker. They will also give you an estimate of how long your wait will be.

Who Do I Call If I Received An Approval Letter For SNAP But No Benefits Were On My EBT Card?

You will need to contact Texas Health and Human Services at 877.541.7905 to report that your EBT card has no benefits. If you live in another state, simply call your state’s food stamp department or the state health department, and they can help you to resolve the problem with your food stamp card.

If you live in another state besides Texas, you will find your state’s food stamp phone number here

Who Manages The Food Stamps Program? 

The SNAP or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program for each state is managed by the state health and human services department. This is who you would call if your EBT card did not refill this month.

After finding your state’s health and human services number, call the EBT customer service number. This number is designated for current food stamp recipients with issues with their SNAP benefits. 

Editor’s Note: You can also reach your state’s health and human services department by dialing the SNAP Hotline at 800.221.5689

Once you reach someone in your state, they will likely ask for your EBT number to access your food stamp account to learn why you have not received your SNAP benefits this month. 


If you are wondering why “I didn’t get my food stamps this month” there could be several reasons. Things like holidays, weekends, not recertifying for food stamps, or not using your EBT card in months could lead to you not getting your SNAP benefits one month. The best thing to do is contact your state health department or food assistance program to speak directly to someone. Call right away if you find out your EBT card does not have your monthly food stamps. If you wait too long, you may miss the deadline to address any concerns that may have arisen. If you are in Texas, you can contact the food stamp program by dialing 877.541.7905 or 211 to better understand why you didn’t receive SNAP benefits on your card this month. Similar Articles That May Interest You:

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