How To Renew Your Texas Food Stamps

renew Texas food stamps

How To Renew Your Texas SNAP Benefits

This article will explain how to renew your Texas food stamps. The food stamp program, also known as SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) offers low-income households assistance paying for food each month. If you are on this program, it’s important that your benefits continue uninterrupted, since this would make it more difficult to provide food for your family. Continue reading to learn more about how and when to renew your food stamp benefits in Texas.

What Are SNAP Benefits?

SNAP is a federal- and state-funded food program that provides monthly benefits to qualifying households to purchase nutritious food. Households which meet the low-income guidelines may be eligible for SNAP; households with an elderly or disabled member, pregnant women, and large families are also categorically eligible.

Renewing Your Texas Food Stamps

You will need to renew your Texas SNAP benefits before the end of your certification period. The certification period simply means the amount of time that you receive Texas food stamps. For most households in Texas, the certification period will last for 6 months.

3 Ways To Renew Your Texas Food Stamps

There are 3 different ways to renew your SNAP benefits in Texas. Those are:

  1. Renew your food stamps online by visiting the Your Texas Benefits website.
  2. Visit a Texas food stamp office near you. These offices are also known as the Texas Health and Human Services office.
  3. Contact Texas Health and Human Services at 877.541.7905 to renew your Texas food stamps by phone.

How To Find A Texas Food Stamp Office

To locate the food stamp office in Texas near you, you can visit the Texas Health and Human Services website. They offer a search that you can use to see the food stamp office near your home.  We explain the process in our community resource guide titled How To Find A Texas Food Stamp Office Near You


In this article, we’ve shown you how to renew your Texas food stamps. This is a critical step if you want to keep receiving the benefits of an uninterrupted SNAP program. If you have questions about renewing your Texas SNAP benefits you can call them at 877.541.7905, visit the food stamp office near your, or visit the Texas Health and Human Services website for more information. Similar Articles That May Interest You:

6 thoughts on “How To Renew Your Texas Food Stamps


    4/19/22 please this is ms, meza, mariafelix meza for renew my food stamp , but not put my dautheer susan m. martinez becoust she no working and lived with african men more 30 yrs old and spend all my $ 500 dlls en wnt im spen few cople DLL$. EN FIESTA STORE EN FULTON ST. & QUITMAN ST FOR GET INFORMATIO ABOUT BALANCE , PLEASE HIM AND MY DOUTHER LIVED IN 615 fulton st they are not workink for years. lm moved for emergency . wiet for fixeing income is $.0 RIGHT KNOW THANK YOU LAST NUMBER MY FOOD CARD 233, THANK YOU AGAIN . MARIAFELIX MEZA 03/31/ 1959/

    • Nick Bryant Post authorReply

      Hi Miss Meza, if you need help applying for food stamps in Houston consider contacting agencies like the Houston food bank or other agencies. If you have food stamps and have a question about your benefits you’ll want to call the Texas EBT customer service number at 800-777-732 They can resolve any issues that you may have with your EVT card. 8. they can resolve any issues that you may have with your EBT card

  2. Lisa Victoria Reply

    I have tried for the past two weeks to reapply for my benefits, and I havent been able to log in. I have called 211 which no one answered, then spoke with someone who claim they reset my password but its still not working, Can i Please get help resetting my password so I can reapply.

    • Nick Bryant Post authorReply

      Hi Lisa, hope all is well.

      You will probably hate me for this but..try calling them again. You are going to have to get someone to reset that password, so you can renew your benefits on the My Texas Benefits app/website. Honestly, I don’t think this is something that they can do at a food stamp office. You can definitely try especially if a food stamp office is close to you.

      Just get comfortable place the call on hold and wait to speak to someone. When they do reset the password, maybe stay on hold with them to make sure you can reset it.

  3. Wanda Reply

    I sent in my renewal last month for my renewal june 1st and typically I have my card loaded on the 1st. In 10 years it’s never been interrupted. We depend on this to survive and after being on hold for almost 2 hours I was told they did not know when the renewal would be done because they are so behind on paperwork??? They send us alerts frequently, could they not have alerted us to let us know there is in fact an interruption in our snap benefits and we will need to find pantries? Should I file for emergency snap in the mean time? I can’t believe this is happening.

    • Nick Bryant Post authorReply

      Hi Wanda, sorry to hear there are delays w your renewal. Things are stressful enough with inflation!

      If you do not have food stamp benefits and you believe you meet the criteria for emergency food stamps in Texas it can’t hurt. I would try calling the number you called or the Lone Star Help Desk (since you had food stamps) to see if that could get you benefits sooner. That number is 800-777-7328. Also not sure how you are renewing your SNAP benefits but may see if you can renew online or through the Your Texas Benefits app. This could speed up the process if you tried renewing w a paper application.

      Bottom line is I would continue calling them…everyday if you have the time. The “squeaky wheel gets the oil” so call them until they can give you a timeframe or suitable options for getting food.

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