WorkFaith Connection: Houston Employment Assistance For Motivated Jobseekers

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WorkFaith Connection: Houston Employment Assistance For Motivated Jobseekers

In this guide I will speak to you about a faith-based nonprofit that provides employment assistance to motivated jobseekers in Houston. That agency is called WorkFaith Connection.

WorkFaith works with you regardless of you background whether you are a jobseeker with limited work experience, you feel limited by a criminal record, or if you were recently laid off. They can help in any of those situations.

Continue reading to learn how this nonprofit can help you to find a job that fits your skill set and help you start earning a steady income.

History Of WorkFaith Connection

Originating in 2006, The WorkFaith Connection started out as a faith-centered training and coaching organization for people in Houston, Texas who require employment in the long run.

This organization specializes in assisting those who have been impacted by poverty, incarceration, addiction and homelessness.

The WorkFaith Connection launched the “Long-Term Employment Program” in 2019 to broaden and expand their reach for success with every worker. Students who participate in the Houston employment assistance program commit for one year. This Initiative integrates the contractor, the WorkFaith student, coaching programs, church affiliates, and the assistance programs together.

Employment Assistance Programs Offered

WorkFaith Houston helps you become employment-ready by offering the following job assistance programs.

WorkFaith Job Search Accelerator Program

The Accelerator helps unemployed, struggling individuals to find work.

It’s a 5-day job search program that provides support in the form of spiritual assistance and workforce drills required for success in the job market.

Group Coaching

The group coaching sessions lasts 90 minutes and focuses on market competitiveness.

This coaching program is aimed at helping individuals who are in a transitional phase professionally along with people searching for second-chances in life. The program includes assistance like:

  • Interview practice
  • Career counseling
  • Resume review
  • And more

Second Chance Coaching In Houston

The Second Chance Coaching Program helps jobseekers who have difficulties finding a job.

If you are motivated to work, this program can help you to become more a more desirable employee to hiring managers.

This second chance job program in Houston helps individuals with a criminal history, extended unemployment, substance abuse or frequent work changes, find stability in the workforce.

After completing their program, you will be more confident in your networking skills and able to work better on a team.

Transition Coaching

Individuals who are transitioning in their respective careers whether it’s a corporate downsizing, career shift, a recent lay off or time spent away from employment.

The Transition Coaching is designed specifically to focus on people who don’t have marketplace concerns due to any criminal activity, placing them in numerous courses and classes.

Houston WorkFaith Academy (Learn Soft Skills)

The Workfaith Academy is a workshop session spanning 90 minutes that helps individuals with soft skills needed in any work environment.

Soft skills are often overlooked, but are critical for the success of jobseeker. Examples of soft skills are: public speaking, interpersonal communication skills and conflict resolution.

Who Can Benefit From Working With WorkFaith Connection?

WorkFaith Connection offers its services to people who are looking for work or those who want to excel in the fields they’re already working in.

There are several programs designed specifically to cater for different individuals with varying circumstances. Here are the groups of people who are encouraged to enroll in WorkFaith Connection’s employment services:

  •  People with a criminal past, looking for a redeemed future with work.
  • Individuals with an ongoing stable career, looking for skill-enhancement.
  • Unemployed people with a dire need of work.
  • People who are in-between jobs needing help.


If barriers to employment such as a criminal past, lack of work experience or skills are limiting your job prospects, then WorkFaith Connection may be able to help you.

To learn more about this Houston employment assistance program visit the WorkFaith website or call them at 713.984.9611. You can also visit either one of their offices at 4555 Dacoma or at 2575 Reed Road.

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